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15 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Don’t shoot the messenger, but our American Thanksgiving is exactly two weeks away!

While what to wear for Turkey Day isn’t nearly as important as what’s on the menu, it’s still worth putting some thought into, so today I’m rounding up 15 Thanksgiving outfit ideas for your style inspiration.

Thanksgiving outfits are a funny thing. People have all different kinds of requirements and all different types of dress codes. Some of you dress up and go out to eat, some of you are in the kitchen, some make the rounds of various family groups throughout the day, some of you stay at home in pajamas… and on it goes.

Plus, depending on your area of the country, it could be anywhere from 10 degrees to 98 on Thanksgiving Day.

So yeah, one Thanksgiving Day outfit isn’t going to make you all happy. Heck, a roundup of 15 Thanksgiving Day outfits probably won’t make everybody happy, but I’m going to give it a shot!

15 Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

Here are 15 Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas for your style inspiration, and some ideas for tweaking them to suit your particular needs.

If you like to be casual and comfortable…

#1. cotton pullover with blue jeans and leopard flats // I get a lot of requests for sweaters with no wool, and this one is 100% cotton and comes in a bunch of fun colors, although I think this mustard color is great for Thanksgiving. It’s also an extra 50% off today with code FLASH.

You could make this look dressier with black jeans and leopard pumps — see this post for inspiration.

yellow sweater // blue jeans  (option) // leopard flats

#2. ivory sweater + blue jeans + animal print flats // My sweater is sold out, but any ivory sweater with blue jeans and animal print flats will work. Swap out the flats for animal print booties, if you want more of an edgy vibe.

ivory sweater // jeans // shoes (option)

#3. rust sweater with light wash jeans and ballet flats (or sneakers) // This rust color is a huge trend for fall, and it looks really good paired with blue jeans, grey jeans, black jeans… you name it!

rust sweater options here and here // cigarette leg jeans // tan suede ballet flats (or nude) // earrings

#4. printed blouse with a lightweight cardigan, jeans, and flats // This is pretty much the perfect Thanksgiving outfit formula because it works no matter what your role is in the day.

If it’s hot, or you need to be working in the kitchen, you can wear the blouse alone (just be sure not to get those ties caught in the oven!) If you’re chilly, you can add your cardigan. Swap the ballet flats for heels if you want to look dressier, or you can wear a more supportive shoe if you’ll be standing in the kitchen all day.

floral shell // similar cardigan // blue jeans  (option) // ballet flats

#5. graphic tee with a cardigan and jeans // This is a more casual take on the outfit above, with a graphic tee instead of a blouse.

NYC tee // cardigan (option) // jeans // loafers

#6. thermal v-neck tunic with jeans and loafer mules // This top is nice for those who don’t want the bulk or warmth of a sweater, and this terra cotta color is so pretty for fall. It also comes in a slew of other color options as well.

thermal tunic // off-black jeans // similar mules // tote // necklace

If you like to be a little more dressed up…

#7. leopard cardigan over black blouse with black pants or jeans and black heels // This outfit is super chic and will work for anything from visiting your in-laws to going to dinner at the club. (Swap the jeans for pants if need be.)

leopard cardigan (50% off) // black tank // black jeans (pants option) // similar pumps

#8. sweater dress with knee-high boots // If you’re going out to a restaurant, or even if you’re a houseguest and want to look extra nice, a sweater dress is a great option. Best of all, it allows you to eat as much as you want in supreme comfort!

You can add tights if you need warmth, and ankle boots are an alternative if you want a more trendy look.

sweater dress (wearing rich russet) // taupe boots

#9. printed blouse with ankle skinny pants // This blouse is so cute for fall, and you can throw a cardigan on top if it’s chilly, and the sleeveless style is perfect if you’re going to be cooking and hosting and you know you’ll get overheated.

leopard print blouse (long sleeve options) // black pants // sandals (or pumps)

If you prefer something in between…

#10. ivory turtleneck with blue jeans and cognac booties // This is a classic color combo that I am clearly fond of, but it’s such a nice color palette for fall. The leopard bag turns it up a notch, but it’s not really necessary. You could do a leopard scarf instead, on top of an ivory crewneck or v-neck top.

similar sweaters (another option) // blue jeans  (option) // bootie options // leopard clutch (option) // pearl earrings

#11. evergreen sweater with black jeans and black boots // This sweater is from last year, but this one at J.Crew Factory is almost the same color, just with balloon sleeves and a more traditional turtleneck, and it’s 50% off right now. Another option is this one from Madewell, and it’s 25% off.

evergreen sweater (option) // black jeans // black boots // leopard clutch (option)

#12. ivory sweater with olive jeans and cognac boots // I love this color combo for fall, and it’s perfect for a Thanksgiving Day gathering, perhaps if you’re a guest? I know you wouldn’t stand in the kitchen all day in these boots.

similar sweater (option for less) // olive jeans // similar boots // layer necklace

#13. camo tee with ivory cardigan, blue jeans, and taupe ankle boots // This is a great outfit option for those of you who need to be in the kitchen, or those who are hot-natured and don’t want to be committed to long sleeves all day. You don’t need the sweater to make a cute outfit, so you can take it off if you need to.

These booties are very comfortable, but if you’re in the kitchen, you may want to swap them out for comfortable flats, even fashion sneakers.

camo tee // similar cigarette jeans // similar ivory cardigan // neutral wedge booties

#14. stripe cardigan in fall colors with grey jeans and neutral booties // Unfortunately this sweater is selling out, but there are some other similar options around, or perhaps you have one in your closet.

cardigan // tank // similar grey jeans (budget option) // booties (tortilla suede)

#15. off-white sweater with white jeans and taupe boots // I love this monochromatic outfit in shades of white and beige, especially for a holiday outfit.

Granted, I would only wear this if I was going to be a houseguest for Thanksgiving Day and knew I wouldn’t be put to work in the kitchen, but it’s a very chic look for Turkey Day!

cowl neck sweater (option) // white skinny jeans // taupe boots (option) // tote

Here’s a similar option with a camel sweater. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to wear this bulky of a scarf indoors, but you might have a lighter one.

camel sweater // white jeans // leopard scarf (option) // taupe boots (option) /

If you don’t plan to leave your house all day…

BONUS OUTFIT: comfy joggers, cozy pullover // No shame in being comfy, especially if you’re at home with your family all day.

pullover // joggers // slippers

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25 thoughts on “15 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

  1. Lots of great outfits, from casual to dressy! I’m happy that J Crew roll neck sweater is 50% off.

    I’ll be in the kitchen making sides. Our son is bringing smoked turkey. I think this will be my outfit.

    Fall Favorites T Shirt at Target (Jr. size; I sized up to Med.):


    Gap chinos in washed black (these go on sale; I paid $29):


  2. I messed up on sending my first post.
    Thanks for pulling together so many great Thanksgiving outfits, from casual to dressy!
    And I’m pleased the pretty J Crew roll neck sweater is 50% off.

    I’ll be in the kitchen making sides for the smoked turkey our son is bringing. I’m wearing a casual fall tee.

    Fall Favorites T Shirt at Target (Jr. size; I sized up to Med.):

  3. Love all the looks! The casual joggers outfit is one I end up wearing by the end of a huge feast 😉
    Big thank you to all of our veterans for their sacrifices. Its Remembrance Day in Canada. Bundling up warm for the outdoor memorial service. Its -15C or 5 F. Give me strength! Hot chocolate afterwards will be on order. Happy birthday to your son David!

  4. So many great outfits!  Our family is casual, and lots of these would be perfect.  Yes, a big thank you to all our Veterans and families.  I am so grateful.

  5. Perfect timing! I love the outfits. I wish I could wear joggers but not til I get home! Lol.

    I was wondering you can recommend flats with support? Or maybe lace up boots…

  6. I have a question – for looks like #8, the sweater dress with taupe boots, how do I wear that look when I want my legs covered? Do I wear tights to match the dress? I have so many knee length dresses like that one, I have brown and black knee high boots, but I want my legs covered. If I can wear black tights and black boots, it’s fine, but with colors that don’t look good with black, I’m at a loss. I find myself changing clothes 5 or 6 times before church trying to be comfortable, appropriate and not look ridiculous! Should I just get over it and show my flabby knees?

    1. LOL!!! I feel your pain. It really is a conundrum. With that specific outfit, I just didn’t feel like any tights quite worked, so I went bare. But I know that’s not always practical.

      Sometimes you can wear a contrasting color — I see that a lot on the Boden website. It takes a certain panache to pull that off, though. https://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/womens-dresses#nav

      It’s a tough one, for sure. Maybe someone else can chime in with some advice.

    2. Great question on what to wear on your legs when wearing boots that aren’t black. I simply gave up trying. I guess, depending on the dress, I can give a color a try. I looked at the Boden  link – thanks Jo-Lynne. Some look doable (I’ll have to dig up my inner panache), others look a bit elfen-like to me. 
      Wonderfully helpful post, Jo-Lynne.  I’m helping to cook at my daughter’s on Turkey Day.  I like to look nice but I need to be practical. You certainly provided plenty of inspiration here. Thank you. 

    3. Hi Jo-Lynn
      In response to Elizabeth’s tights dilemma….
      I live in Northern Ontario, Canada so I truly understand this dilemma. Bare legs are not an option in winter unless you want frost bitten knees which are not attractive nor comfortable ha-ha. There are all kinds of great tights out there that are warm yet fashionable. Black, of course are my go to but I also have light gray and tan that go with everything. Navy is another wonderful staple or burgundy, depending on your wardrobe colours. Or go wild and try patterns. It’s fashion it’s supposed to be fun. Stay warm!

  7. Do you were post fashion without wearing  jeans? I’m asking because I would like to see other outfits without jeans. I like you chose of tops, but I don’t wear jeans.

  8. What a fun post! And I loved the bonus outfit. I have the thermal cardigan in black and it’s handy around the holidays over pjs or with comfy sweats in the morning if you have guests. That’s my Black Friday outfit for sure. I wear it to shop from my couch!

  9. Sigh…I wish it were cold enough here for just one of those adorable fall outfits. Are there any fashion bloggers in the south that have your fashion sense?! I’m talking really, really south…as in South Florida 🌴☀️🥵

  10. I’ve been seeing some fair Isle sweaters coming on the scene. Used to love them back in the day. Do you think they’re a trend that could be around a while?

  11. Great ideas!  Since we will be traveling to our nephews for a few days, I have been thinking about what I’m going to wear.  Since our little great great nieces and nephew will be there,Jim actually thinking about wearing one of my Christmas tees with a cardigan and jeans.  We know it will be very casual.  I hope the photo shoot went well.

  12. I like this article a lot. Kind of like my own personal Pep talk. I really like how you keep things simple but classy. I came here from your weekend round up that gets sent to my email. I also checked out your beauty products that you are loving right now and I like how you keep things easy. Have a great day

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