2011 In Pictures

I did this last year, and I had so much fun reading back through it that I decided to do it for 2011 — a little walk down memory lane, I guess you could say!

Jill just reminded me that I did a linky the last two years, so I’m adding one now. I love reading year-end recaps, and I will try to visit as many as I can. I hope you all visit each other too and spread the New Years Luv!

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Highlights from last January were most definitely my press trip to CAbi Scoop and my 3rd Blissdom Conference.

Jo-Lynne shopping at CAbi Scoop

Jill, Robin and Me at the Therapon Dinner

Shelly, Jordana and Me Partying It Up at Blissdom


February was the month of the new car.

My New Baby

I never did find rain boots, but I can’t resist posting this precious picture.


March is always a depressing month as far as I’m concerned, but thanks to Mel and her Delaware Beach Families blog, I enjoyed a lovely weekend getaway to Rehoboth Beach!

Mel and Me

Rehoboth Beach

And of course it was baseball season.


In April we planted our first vegetable garden and celebrated Easter.

Garden Girl

My Kids on Easter Sunday Morning

And I got to meet one of my heros, Robyn O’Brien.

Philly Mom Bloggers Have Lunch at Fork with Robyn O’Brien

AND I attended the Getting Gorgeous event in NYC.

Philly Social Media Moms at Getting Gorgeous

Jane and Jo-Lynne


May, of course, is the month of Mother’s Day.

And Memorial Day.

C at Hawk Mountain

Family Picture at Hawk Mountain Preserve


June was a busy month!! During the month of June, my daughter had her first (and maybe only) ballet recital. She decided not to take dance again this year, and I have mixed blessings. Dance isn’t exactly a hobby I pictured any of my kids embracing. Still, she made an awfully cute little ballerina if I do say so myself.

She also graduated from preschool.

Preschool Grad

Also in June, our family visited Historic Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell

And I went to my very first Type A Mom Conference. It was also my first trip to Asheville. I fell in love with this town, and I’m so bummed Type A Mom (or, um, Type A Parent) is moving to Charlotte.

See why I love Asheville?

The Biltmore Estate

Me with my long-time blogging buddy — Heather from Not A DIY Life

I also attended a press trip to Congress Hall with Cape May Resorts Group that pretty much tops all press trips forever and ever amen. I don’t BEGIN to know where to begin choosing pictures for this one!!

Congress Hall Lobby

Me with Liz and Kim at Beach Plum Farm


July is my birthday month. I turned 39 for the first time. (Expect many more 39th birthday announcements to come!) Our family took a weekend trip to the Hyatt Resort on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to celebrate. It was perfectly relaxing and wonderful. I even rode a whale.

Sunrise Over Maryland

Yeah, an inflatable whale. What were you thinking it was??

AND I met my dear friend Stephanie for the first time, although it felt like I’ve known her forever.

Colleen, Jo-Lynne and Stephanie


August was BlogHer, our annual Maine vacation, and the First Day of School. And, let’s not forget, the infamous Hurricane Irene.

Me with Laura and Megan at BlogHer San Diego

Green Lake, Maine

First Day of School

Oh! And a half-birthday party for my middle one.



In September, I ate cow tongue.

What!? Of course I took a picture!


It wouldn’t be October without the obligatory Halloween pictures, now, would it??

Not too scary, are they?

easy halloween butterfly costume

Even I joined in the fun!

And let’s not forget SNOWTOBER!

We also enjoyed a family weekend in Lancaster County.

Pennsylvania Countryside

Pool Fun at Willow Valley Resorts

And R turned SIX!

Make A Wish!


In November, my little boy turned 12.

“Little D”

And I ran my first 5K.


December, of course, brought all the wonder and magic that is Christmastime. And my Christmas baby turned nine.


And I think that about does it! Believe it or not, that’s not nearly half the pictures I wanted to post, but this is my weak attempt at moderation. Ha!

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