Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 08.31.15

I know I said last Wednesday that it was my last Daily Mom Style post for a while, but I thought I’d throw up one final post today with the last of my summer outfits.

Fashion Over 40 Summer Outfit Ideas

There’s nothing really new or exciting here, but I know most of us are in the same boat — shopping our closets, getting a little tired of the same old things, and biding our time till we can put fall outfits together, so hopefully this will give you a little end-of-summer fashion inspiration.

Even though I’m starting my fall fashion series tomorrow, I’ll still be wearing summer clothes for a while longer. I still pretty much abide by the Labor Day rule — I’ll put away my summeriest summer clothes next week and then slowly transition over to my fall wardrobe throughout the month of September.

I wore this outfit last week to run a few mundane errands and shuttle the kids to and fro. Continue reading “Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 08.31.15”


Saturday Morning #CoffeeTalk

Good morning, friends! It’s been such a beautiful week here in Philly. I can’t believe it’s August. The weather has been absolute perfection — warm but not hot, sunny, low humidity. It’s awesome.

This is a picture I captured sitting on my front porch one evening this week while my husband and daughter were throwing a frisbee. I mean. Look at that sky!

pink sky at night

So I’m back to running. I cannot EVEN believe I’m saying that. I really thought I was going to have to give it up for good, and I had actually reached the point where I was finally okay with that. I credit my new doctor. He pretty much ordered me to get back out there.

There are no words that adequately describe the joy I get from running, and I’m so grateful for another chance. I hope this isn’t some cruel tease, but I really do feel like I might be able to sustain it if I’m careful. I’ve been following a recovery training plan, and I’m still going to PT a couple times a week. I swear, I feel like PT is a permanent part of my life. (Of course, it has been for the past 2 years!) This new physical therapist does a lot of manipulation and hands-on therapy, and he’s working hard on increasing my joint mobility along with hip and core strength, which he says is key if I want to keep running. I feel like we’re definitely getting somewhere.

I’m up to running 7 minutes and walking 2. I alternate that 3 times, with a 5-minute walk on either end. It feels AMAZING! I’m also using my FitBit again and trying to get 10,000 steps in every day. I’m not quite there yet, but close, and I haven’t had any significant set-backs this time, so I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that I’ll make a full recovery. I will probably have to baby my feet as long as I insist on running, but that’s okay. Most runners have to baby something, I suppose.

I know that I may not be able to keep it up forever, but as long as I can, I will. I’m content with not running super long distances. I just want to be able to get out there 4 or 5 times a week and run 3 to 5 miles at a time. Six miles is probably tops for me. Anything over that got pretty tough, and I didn’t really enjoy those long runs anyway. I don’t care if I never run another half marathon. It was rewarding, and I’m glad I did it, but I think it’s a one and done.

I DO want to get back to the 5K community races, though. I loved the energy and camaraderie, and I’ve missed them. As soon as I can run 3 miles without walking, I’m going to sign up for one. Maybe a Turkey Trot? I love a good Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. LOL!!!

Okay, enough on that. But can you tell that I’m excited!?!

In other news, our school district starts back on Monday. I always have such mixed feelings about that. The kids are bored, and I’m stressed that they’re watching too much TV and YouTube, so I’ll be glad to get back to a routine and have them learning and doing rather than watching and consuming.

But summer…

I do love summer, and I’m not ready for it to end. So yeah. I’m mixed. Continue reading “Saturday Morning #CoffeeTalk”


Preparing for a Teenage Driver

Thanks to my partnership with Discount Tire, I’m sharing tips to keep our teen drivers safe.

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

This is a year of big transitions in our house. I shared in a recent post that my 12-year-old will be starting middle school this fall, but my fear and trepidation associated with having a daughter in middle school is quickly brought into perspective when I think of my 16-year-old man-child behind the wheel of a motored vehicle.

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver
Yes, my son turns 16 in November, and that means it will soon be my job to teach him to drive.

I am SO not ready for this.

Is any parent ever ready for this? I highly doubt it.

I’ve already been trying to prepare my son for the road when we’re driving together around town. If I’m the only adult in the car, he sits in the front seat, and I try to explain the traffic rules and the reasoning for some of the decisions I make behind the wheel. He seems receptive, so we’ll see how long that lasts. I think right now, he’s still curious enough to listen to me.

I also went ahead and picked up the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual the last time I was at the DMV so he can start familiarizing himself with the rules of the road. I figure the more he knows before he gets behind the wheel of the car, the safer we will all be.

He will be taking Driver’s Ed in public school this fall, so that will be good too. It’s nice to know that I’m not entirely on my own in this daunting endeavor!

Teaching kids car maintenance and safety tips is important as well. Continue reading “Preparing for a Teenage Driver”

Fall/Winter Fashion

How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

Is It Okay To Wear White Jeans After Labor Day?

If I could have a dollar for every time I get this question… 🤪

Yes, it is TOTALLY OKAY to wear white jeans/pants/shoes after Labor Day.

However, there is knack to doing it right.

The key is to be sure it looks intentional — not like you forgot to put your summer clothes away. Here’s my take on this fun, modern trend… updated for 2020!

The “no white after Labor Day” rule is no more, and today we can feel free to rock the white well into the cooler months. Personally I love this trend. Wearing white jeans after Labor Day is a great way to look modern and hip without having to buy anything new.

Of course, there are a few tips and tricks to wearing white appropriately after Labor Day. You just have to style them with cold weather shoes, heavier fabrics, and seasonal colors. Here’s how.

7 Ways To Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

#1. Pair white jeans with warm neutrals like tan and cognac. Note how the boots and scarf make it a fall outfit.

how to wear white jeans for fall

camel sweater // white jeans // plaid scarves // similar OTK boots

Here’s another look I did for the holidays with a leopard print sweater, knee-high suede boots, and a cozy jacket on top.

white jeans outfit for winter

leopard sweater // white jeans // similar boots // faux fur coat

#2. I also love white jeans paired with grey. For fall, wear your go-to grey tee and white jeans with booties and a denim jacket.

A stylish way to wear white jeans after Labor Day

white jeans // grey t-shirt // denim jacket // taupe booties

When the weather turns cold, swap out the t-shirt for a grey sweater and add a scarf. The colors in this scarf makes this an undeniably fall outfit.

How to style white jeans after Labor Day

white jeans // grey sweater // denim jacket // snake print booties // plaid scarves

I also like this look with a charcoal grey sweater, white jeans, and cognac booties.

white jeans for fall

grey pullovers // white jeans // satchel // cognac booties

And this one incorporates a grey cardigan over a light pink tee.

Pink and Grey Outfit for Fall with White Skinny Jeans

white jeans // grey cardigans // light pink tee // grey booties

#3. You can even do white on white if the sweater is somewhat heavy and you wear booties or boots on the bottom.

Wear your white jeans after Labor Day with chunky knits in shades of neutrals.

white jeans // ivory cowl neck sweater // taupe boots // tote // sunnies

#4. Break out your military jacket and wear it with white jeans over a neutral tee or sweater. Pair it with booties or boots.

Yes, you can wear white jeans after Labor Day!

white jeans // grey t-shirt // taupe booties // military jackets

#5. Pair your white jeans with a fall color like rust or olive green, and throw a denim jacket on top. Wear ankle boots in a neutral color.

How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

rust scoop neck tee (also at Zappo’s) // white jeans // jean jacket // taupe booties

#6. For a bold winter look, pair your white jeans with a heavy sweater in bright jewel tones.

wear your white jeans after labor day and all winter long with cozy sweaters and boots

white jeans // pink sweaters // grey booties

Or a fair isle sweater in bold colors is also gorgeous with white jeans.

How to Style a Fair Isle Sweater Outfit with White Jeans for Winter

white jeans // fair isle sweater // grey booties

#7. And for winter, I love to pair my white jeans with a chunky knit in a gorgeous pastel.

How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day and All Winter Long!

lavender sweaters // white jeans // taupe booties

There’s no need to pack those white jeans away with your summer frocks. You can totally rock those white jeans into fall and even winter! See even more ways to white jeans after Labor Day!

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BTS with P.S. from Aeropostale

School starts on Monday. MONDAY, y’all. Where did summer go? I know, can I be any more cliche? But really.

My kids are starting to get anxious to go back — at least, this one is. R keeps saying she misses her friends and she can’t wait to start school next week.

BTS with P.S. from Aeropostale

P.S. from Aeropostale filled up our VIP Gift Card again, so we placed an order for a few pieces to round out her back to school wardrobe.

Aren’t these Cheetah Print Jeggings too cute for words!? She doesn’t like denim, so she wears knit ponte jeggings ALL the time. I was so glad to see some printed options in addition to the solid colors they usually carry.

When she saw this Fashionably Late Fido Graphic T, she had to have that too — for obvious reasons!  Continue reading “BTS with P.S. from Aeropostale”


My Favorite Over-40 Fashion Blogs

People often ask me where I get my fashion inspiration. I subscribe to InStyle Magazine, and I love to peruse Pinterest for ideas, but my favorite place to get practical, wearable fashion inspiration is from the other over-40 fashion bloggers that I’ve befriended in recent years.

Best Over 40 Fashion Blogs

I figure if I like these blogs, you will probably like these blogs, so I decided to make a list of my favorite over-40 fashion bloggers. These are women who I think have great style and know how to make the current trends work in a way that is practical and age appropriate for regular women like you and me! I hope you find some fresh style inspiration here. Continue reading “My Favorite Over-40 Fashion Blogs”


Shopping at QVC with Easy Pay Every Day

This post is sponsored by QVC. Opinions are my own.

Little known fact about me — I worked at QVC for about six months back in the late nineties. Yes, the QVC headquarters is located just a few towns over from me, and I temped in the facilities department for a few months, helping them put together a database to organize the employees’ workstations during one of their big expansions. After that gig was up, I moved around from department to department, temping for various secretaries as they took their summer vacations. I enjoyed working there, and I was kind of bummed when they ran out of projects for me. It’s a fun, positive place to work.

Fast forward 15 years, and I’m working with QVC again in a very different capacity! Today I want to tell you about Easy Pay Every Day.

Easy Pay Every Day at QVC

This is perfect for back-to-school season, when purchases have a way of piling up on the old credit card. If you shop at QVC with your QCard®, you can get your high schooler a new laptop, stock up on fall clothes for the whole family, and maybe even splurge on a little something-something for yourself, and spread the payment out over 3 months. Pretty sweet, yes?!?

Here’s everything you need to know about Easy Pay Every Day:

  • Enjoy 3 Easy Payments on anything you buy with your QCard®, excluding Gift Cards.
  • Select this option at checkout, and spread your payment over three monthly installments.
  • All items. All the time. No minimum price point. No extra charge.
  • Get what you love. Pay over time.

QVC carries just about any product imaginable, from fashion and beauty to home to electronics. I was excited to see how many brand names I recognized when I was perusing their site. Just take a look at these classic ankle boots with Orthaheel technology from Vionic.
Continue reading “Shopping at QVC with Easy Pay Every Day”


Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 08.26.15

Happy Wednesday, friends! This will be my last “Daily Mom Style” post for a while. I am going to be starting 26 Days of Fall Outfits next week, and I’ll be posting daily outfit posts for the month of September.

Summer Outfit Ideas for Women Over 40

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Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been wearing this week! Even though it still feels like the dead of summer, I find myself already gravitating to some of my pants and transition clothing. Continue reading “Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style 08.26.15”


6 Beauty Products You MUST Try Right Now

I’ve been wanting to write this post for an age. I have actually been wanting to write a post on each of these products, but I can never seem to find the time. I don’t know what it is about beauty topics. It’s like I have a mental block about posting them. I think it’s because I want to have gorgeous creative photography to go along with them, and I just don’t really have the eye for it. If you follow any beauty bloggers on Instagram, you know what I mean. This is my best attempt.

Beauty Buzz: My favorite new beauty products 2015

That’s my daughter’s bedroom throw rug. I really need to get some props so I don’t have to pilfer my 9-year-old’s stuff!

So let’s just get down to brass tacks. Because what you really want is the information, right?

These are some of my recent beauty product discoveries that I think you should know about. Continue reading “6 Beauty Products You MUST Try Right Now”


Greetings from the Chic Hotel Monaco in Downtown Baltimore!

I’m writing from my room this morning at Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco in downtown Baltimore. My husband and I were invited to visit this unique boutique hotel that is housed in the historic former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad headquarters, and I’m so grateful to my mom for coming up to keep the kids so we could get away for a night. I guess we got our romantic 20th anniversary getaway after all!

hotel monaco front awning

This hotel is super cool. I love how they managed to blend the signature Kimpton upscale contemporary style and design with the original historic architecture in this amazing building. I think I took 250 pictures because there’s so much I want to capture. This is the first level where you enter the hotel.

Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Check out the elevators.


Then you look up to see Tiffany stained-glass windows and this cascading marble staircase. It just blew me away. I seriously took about 50 shots of this area alone. Continue reading “Greetings from the Chic Hotel Monaco in Downtown Baltimore!”

Fall/Winter Fashion

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast

In preparation for my 26 Days of Fall Fashion series coming up next month, I’ve been scouring the web to see what’s on trend this season and how to wear the current styles in a way that’s age appropriate and practical for us moms on the go. I thought it might be fun to write a post about the latest trends, and then in my future posts, I can show you how to wear them. These are the fall trends I’m most excited about.

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast: You will want to add these 6 wearable fall 2015 trends to your wardrobe this year!

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast: Trends You Will Want to Wear

1. Flared Jeans

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Flared Jeans

Yes, flares are officially making a comeback. I know some of you are saying, ‘I never stopped wearing them. I guess I’ll be in style again.’ Well, if that’s you, you’re in luck. Skinny jeans will still be popular, never fear, but flares will be taking center stage. The flares of 2015 will have a higher rise than the ones we were wearing 5-10 years ago (hallelujah!) and we will probably see some other slight changes, but I still plan to wear a pair I have sitting in the back of my closet. I never got rid of them because I loved them so much.

My only complaint about flares is that you need to be conscious of length and often need more than one pair to accommodate the different heel heights in your shoe wardrobe, but I’ll take that small inconvenience because I think flares are super flattering, especially with a heel. I will write another post about the proper length and how to create the right proportions to wear them well. Continue reading “2015 Fall Fashion Forecast”