Coffee Talk 05.31.20

Greetings on this last day of May! And what a month it’s been. Honestly, I’m trying to forget most of it.

There still has been no internment for Paul’s dad, and I’m not sure when that will be. The memorial service is definitely months away, given that our county is still in the red phase, and the yellow phase (which we will hopefully enter this Friday) still prohibits large gatherings.

And I still get really sad when I think about Ozzy… which is pretty much all the time. I keep wondering if I could have done more to keep him, waited longer, worked on more options for my asthma. I wake up thinking about him every morning, and so many things throughout the day remind me of him.

This is my obsessive personality rearing its ugly head. I know I need to let it go, but I just can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t how it was supposed to work out.

I know, some of you are probably thinking: It’s just a dog… especially considering some of the more serious events happening in the world right now. But we were so excited about him and loved him so much already, and we had envisioned him being in our family for a long time.

We did get to visit him this week — C and I went over and spent a few minutes with him. He definitely remembered us, and it was really good to love on him and see him happy in his new home. R wasn’t quite ready yet, although now she’s asking when she can go.

Then, of course, there is so much going on out there. 

It’s incredibly upsetting to see the events that are unfolding around the country right now, and I feel so helpless to do anything about it.

In a way, it was almost bound to happen. Everyone is so on edge from the virus and the lockdowns, and we are so polarized politically. When I’m out and about, even though there’s a lot less traffic on the roads, people are driving erratically. People are slowly reaching a breaking point, and I’ve been saying it’s all going to come to a head at some point. And well, here we are.

I don’t care to debate hot button issues in public forums… unless, of course, it involves mom jeans or skirted bathing suits, so please do not use my comment section as a place to rant or pontificate. Let’s just agree to try to come together as human beings, listen to each other and try to see things from another’s perspective. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go.

On a lighter note, my dad is visiting this weekend, and that’s been fun. We spent most of yesterday in the pool. I have a hilarious picture of him on our swan float, but I doubt he would appreciate me sharing that here… although it is so very tempting.

I also got some good pictures of R and Paul playing basketball, and there’s a great one of C sipping her drink on the swan. My girls don’t appreciate me putting their bathing suit pictures on the blog or social media, so there are very few pictures of our pool fun that I an actually share here, but they will go into our family album.

Instead, I’ll share this one of me lounging poolside.

I swear, I did get in the water. There are just no pictures to prove it. There is, however, sunburn on my back to prove it. I thought I was being careful, but I guess I should have applied sunscreen sooner.

It’s another beautiful day here, and it will probably look much like yesterday, although my goal is to eat less and wear more sunscreen.

Yesterday, C made cinnamon rolls and homemade pizza, and today she’s planning to make two pies, and she was discussing biscuits as well. I expanded my eating window (interment fasting lingo) so I could enjoy both meals with the family, and I ended up snacking a lot throughout the day.

It was worth it, but I’m feeling pretty gross this morning, so I’m planning to go for a walk and get back on my regular eating schedule. I also need to get back off the gluten; it definitely is not my friend, but it’s hard when a certain someone is always serving up something delicious.

Anyway that’s about it for me.

I hope you get some time today to relax or spend time with people who lift you up and make you happy. Stay well, and stay safe.

Spring/Summer Outfits

A Stylish New Way to Wear a V-Neck Cardigan

Before I launch my summer style series on Monday, I wanted to share one last SPRING outfit with you!

Depending on where you live, you may be able to wear something like this into the summer, but this looks definitely has more of a spring vibe, in my opinion.

One of the newer trends is wearing a v-neck cardigan buttoned up, so it basically looks like a v-neck sweater, but the buttons add an element of interest. You can obviously wear this cardigan unbuttoned over a tank or cami for another look, so it’s a great way to make your wardrobe go farther. I should have showed it that way too, I guess!

Anyway, for this post, I paired this floral v-neck cardigan with dark wash jeans. I really like how this floral pattern almost looks like a starburst design.

This sweater probably runs true to size, but I’m wearing the medium for a more relaxed fit. It’s also 60% off today with code FRESH, bringing it down to just $23.80 in cart.

These jeans are the rag & bone Cate, and I picked them up on sale on the rag & bone website.

This is the Dahlia wash, but you can find this Cate style in other washes as well. Many are on sale at Nordstrom right now. It generally has a 9.5″ rise and 27″ inseam, so they’re an inch or two shorter than most ankle-length jeans, but an inch or two longer than a typical crop.

I love this length on me, personally, because it allows me to wear a shoe with a higher vamp and still show some skin in the ankle area, which tends to be more slimming than letting your jeans touch the top of your shoe.

These jeans have a legging fit, and the material is 42% cotton 29% lyocell 15% modal 12% polyester 2% elastane, so they’re thinner than traditional denim, and they have quite a bit of stretch. They’re TTS, or size down if in between; I’m wearing my usual 28.

I’m also a fan of the trademark rag & bone pockets. They tend to be very flattering to the rear view.

I wore my white leather Everlane loafer mules to keep the look classy but modern. These are one of my favorite shoe purchases of the spring, and I’ll wear them all summer long. They’re so comfortable, and the quality is really good.

These mules come in tons of other colors, if white isn’t your thing, but I think a white shoe is so fresh and fun for summer, and I really like how they contrast with the dark denim.

If that price tag is a bit steep for you, this pair at Target is really cute, and DSW has this pair. I love the woven texture for summer.

I carried a white bag, and I added a pendant necklace to the neckline.

I also meant to wear silver hoop earrings, but I left the house for this photo shoot without any of my jewelry, and I didn’t even have earrings in! I would have added a simple bracelet as well, like maybe this mixed metal bangle.

Look at how light my hair is getting on the ends… I really need the salons to open up. I haven’t had a cut or color in 3 months. 💇🏻‍♀️

Outfit Details:

jeans // cardigan // mules // necklace // bag

For the Pinners…

A Stylish New Way to Wear a V-Neck Cardigan

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photos: Alison Cornell

Spring/Summer Outfits

Try-On Haul: Leopard Skirt, White Shorts & Spring Tops

Greetings, and happy Friday! This will be my last Friday Try-On Haul for a while, because I’ll be starting 22 Days of Summer Fashion next week, and I’ll be posting new outfits every weekday.

I’ll use Saturdays to catch up on Try-On Hauls, What I Wore lately posts, and my June Favorites.

Meanwhile, today I’ve got 3 ways to wear a leopard skirt, some more shorts to show you, and a couple of cute spring tops. Oh, and those UGG wedge sandals came in the mail as well.

Try-On Haul: Leopard Skirt, White Shorts & Spring Tops

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with a slight hourglass shape. I usually wear a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

Keasmto Leopard Midi Skirt

These leopard midi skirts have been trending, and I’ve had a few requests for one. I found this one on Amazon for under $30!

I didn’t want to spend a lot because these are kind of trendy — not leopard print in and of itself, but the satin midi slip skirt cut on the bias in this particular leopard pattern — so I was thrilled with this find.

This skirt is pretty good for the price point, but a higher quality garment might fit better. This one puckers a bit across the belly and above my rear end, so I prefer it with a topper like a denim jacket.

It says it runs true to size, but I found it to run very small. I ordered the medium, and it just fits. When I wear it for real, I’ll also wear my shaping shorts.

First, I styled this skirt with a graphic tee and sandals. I’m not sure I love the sandals with it. I’d prefer sneakers, but I wanted to share a few options, and I used sneakers in my next look.

This tee is old, but my sandals are available in a few sizes at Zappo’s. Unfortunately, the price just jumped up. They were 50% off yesterday. I love them; they’re excellent quality and very comfortable, but they’re best for narrow feet.

I knotted the tee because a front-tuck looked sloppy and I didn’t want added bulk under the waistband. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it, haha! It’s definitely a more current look, but I’m not sure how practical it is. I don’t want it riding up and showing my muffin top.

Next, I kept the tee, but added a denim jacket. This look is okay, but it’s a bit heavy with these sandals. I think a chunkier sandal might look better.

In fact, I just ordered these, and I think they’d be perfect. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, and I finally took the plunge.

Another big trend du jour is pairing these satin midi skirts with sneakers, so I switched to my P448 sneakers.

My exact style is sold out, but I love this pair, and it would look really good with the skirt since it has the black tab on the heel.

This look is very trendy and a little outside my comfort zone, but it’s fun for something different. I definitely like how the jacket covers the top of the skirt, where it doesn’t fit perfectly.

Then I put together a look that’s more like what I would be likely to actually wear. I’d wear this out to dinner with Paul or my girlfriends on a warm summer night.

This is the Ann Taylor mixed jersey tank, and in this case, I did front tuck it.

My Steve Madden sandals are selling out, but these are similar, and I added a gold crescent necklace. Another option would be to add a denim jacket and wear those Ann Taylor sandals I just ordered.

VERDICT: Keeping! For $28, why not? I hope I actually get to wear it somewhere.

KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts

I’m still ordering white shorts because I was planning to do a Best of White Shorts post soon… maybe tomorrow, although is it too soon after this Try-On Haul? I also have one last spring outfit I want to share, that’s a little heavy for my summer series. Maybe I should put it up to a vote.

Anyway, I ordered these because I thought the released hems were kind of fun, and the price is right.

These shorts are on the thinner side, but not really see-through. They have a 4 1/2″ inseam and 9 1/4″ front rise, and the leg opening is really good — not too wide, as so many shorts are on me.

They’re made of 98% cotton, 2% spandex, so they should have a good amount of shape retention.

The rear view is pretty good — the pockets are spaced a little far apart, but they’re centered vertically, and they’re a nice medium size.

I like this length a lot, and the released hem hangs straight without flaring or doing anything weird. I feel like they’re flattering for a shorter but not shorty-short.

also wearing: Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee with gold Steve Madden Vivien Sandals

VERDCT: Undecided. I have a lot of white shorts already, but I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pair that fits these specifications.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Cuffed White Shorts (7″)

I got two pairs of Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution shorts in the mail this week. They make a 7″ and a 9″ — but those measurements are confusing because those are their un-cuffed measurements, and they come cuffed. I usually prefer a cuffed short because the extra fabric makes them a little thicker so they fit my legs better.

These have a 7″ regular un-cuffed inseam and a 9 1/2″ front rise. I first tried them on with the narrow cuff the way they came in the mail, and the inseam is about 5 1/2″.

I don’t care for how wide they are, and the material is on the thinner side, but it’s stretchy and soft and comfortable. They’re made of 51% cotton, 24% lyocell, 22% polyester, 3% spandex.

They also have that nice, stretchy waistband on the inside, like all W&W Ab-Solution pants and shorts do.

The rear view is okay — still wide at the hem, but the pockets are centered horizontally and vertically, and they’re a nice size. The fabric wrinkles a bit, but I guess it’s not a deal breaker.

Since they seemed a little long and wide, I rolled them again so they’re cuffed 3x, and I think they look much better.

Oh, by the way, these shorts run true to size; I have them in the 6. They may stretch out some with wear, but I don’t care for my white shorts too tight, so I’m keeping this size.

also wearing: Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee (size S) with gold Steve Madden Vivien Sandals

Yesterday, I wore them with this black top, and I decided to try one more thing. I unrolled them completely and cuffed them twice, but with a wider cuff, and I like them even better now.

When I took them off and measured, the inseam is 4  or 4 1/4″, which makes sense. I tend to like that length best on me. I’m tempted to sew them so they stay this way.

also wearing: Everlane The Pima Micro Rib Cap-Sleeve Tee (size M) and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping! I’m actually styling these shorts 5 ways over on my IG Story later today — I hope you’ll check it out!

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution White Denim Shorts (9″)

This is the 9″ pair, and I was surprised by how much I like them. The hardest thing with longer shorts is finding a pair that isn’t too wide for my spindly legs, and these are perfect.

Remember, the 9″ is the un-cuffed measurement, so these are more like 7″ with the cuff.

Again, they’re on the thinner side, but it’s not a deal breaker.

They look good from the back too.

These are also a cotton/polyester/rayon/spandex blend, and they run true to size. I’m wearing the 6.

also wearing: Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck (size S) and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping. While I still prefer shorter inseam, it will be nice to have a longer pair of shorts on occasion.

Paige Jax Denim Bermuda Shorts

Now, these are a true Bermuda short, with 10″ cuffed inseam and 9 1/2″ front rise. The cuffs are stitched so they stay in place and look nice and crisp.

These shorts are made of a thick 98% cotton, 2% spandex, and they aren’t see-through at all.

Unfortunately, I ordered the 29, and they’re a little big on me. I usually find Paige denim to run small, which is why I ordered the 29. You may say they look like they fit right in these pictures, and I see that too, but they feel loose on. I think a size 28 will fit even better, and they’re meant to be snug.

They have the perfect rear pocket placement — see how the pockets are centered better horizontally than some of the others I’ve tried?

And I love their size too. I don’t care for super large back pockets, and Paige pockets are generally smaller than most — one reason I’ve liked this brand for so long.

I love how these shorts fit close to the leg all the way to the hem. I just checked the website, and they have a 17 1/2″ leg opening, which is a lot narrower than the Wit & Wisdom pairs above. That explains why I like the fit so much.

I think I’ll like it even better in the size 28, so I’ve got them on order. I’ll report back!

also wearing: LOFT garden floral henley tee (size S) with TB Miller sandals in Makeup

VERDICT: Returned; ordered the 28.

7 For All Mankind Cutoff Denim Shorts

I’m gravitating more towards cuffed shorts these days because they look more refined and classy than a cut-off, but I still love a good cut-off for casual wear. I like how the ragged hems on these contrast the clean, polished white wash.

These shorts have a 2 3/4″ inseam and 9″ front rise, which I know sounds really short, but they sit on my hips, I don’t think they look that short.

They’re made of 97% cotton, 3% spandex; so they have a good amount of stretch, and they’re really soft and comfortable.

I’m not sold on the rear view – the pockets are doing that slanted thing so many do, and they do wrinkle funny. Plus, my thighs aren’t as smooth as they used to be. #keepingitreal

I do like how they fit nice and straight and skim the body without flaring at the hem. I dunno… I’m undecided on these. They’re TTS; I’m wearing the 28.

also wearing: LOFT Wildflower Fitted Scoop Neck Tee and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Not sure yet… tempted to keep, but at that price, probably won’t get the cost per wear out of them.

Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Shorts

These shorts are a nice medium blue wash with some subtle distressing and a raw cuffed hem, and the inseam is 8 1/2″ unrolled, 7″ rolled. They have a 9″ front rise, and the fabric is a nice, sturdy 99% cotton, 1% spandex.

The rise feels quite low to me, but I like the fit otherwise. They’re a little wide through the leg, but not too bad, and the 7″ inseam hits right at mid-thigh. These are the same length as the Wit & Wisdom 9″ ones when cuffed twice.

I like the pocket placement, they’re centered nicely on both cheeks. And the leg opening is a little wide, but not a deal breaker. This length is definitely a nice option to have.

I like the overall vibe of these a lot. For a lower priced short, the wash is really good, and the distressed details keep them casual without looking too try-hard. I wish the rise was an inch higher, but again, probably not a deal breaker.

also wearing: LOFT Striped Dolman V-Neck Tee (size S) and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Undecided. I need to take inventory of the shorts I’ve kept and see if I think I need them.

UGG Zoe II Metallic Wedge Sandal

I’ve had my eye on these for months, and I finally decided to try them. They’re super cute on and have a lot of support, but they didn’t fit my feet quite right. I do like the aesthetic quite a lot though.

They have a 2 1/2″ heel with a 1″ platform, so the heel drop is just 1″. The ankle strap is adjustable, but there’s also a back zip closure for easy on-and-off. These are great for those who needs some support because they have a memory-foam footbed and good arch support.

The gold leather on the cork platform wedge is a nice combination, and so versatile. These sandals will look great with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.

VERDICT: Returning; they’re a little big on me, but I definitely recommend trying them if you have a higher arch or thicker feet. Length-wise, they’re true to size; these are my usual 8.

LOFT Wildflower Fitted Scoop Neck Tee

This tee was a fun surprise. I was drawn to the colors and the scoop neck, but I don’t think I realized it would be quite this short and fitted, and I really like it because it does not need a front-tuck, YAY!

Also, LOFT is doing 60% off this weekend, so this tee comes down to just $11.80.

Here’s a view from the back, so you can see how it fits the body all the way around, and these are also the 7″ Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Cuffed White Shorts.

It skims the body nicely without clinging, and the fabric is not your typical t-shirt material. It’s a little thinner and smoother and feels nice against the skin.

I could tell it had some modal in it by the way it felt on, so when I checked the fabric content, sure enough, it’s 60% cotton, 40% modal.

I’m in the small, and I’d say this top is true to size, but you may want to size up if you tend to run in between sizes. Before my weight loss, I probably would have wanted the medium.

also wearing: 7 For All Mankind Cutoff Denim Shorts and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping!

LOFT Dolman Petal Sleeve Top

This top is quite unfortunate, but that’s the point of these Try-On Hauls — to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I feel like this really needs no commentary, but it’s clearly too wide and too short to do anything for me… and I’m not entirely sure who it would do anything for.

And with a front-tuck, just to show you an option, but it’s really too short to need a front-tuck.

also wearing: Paige Jax Denim Bermuda Shorts with Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Makeup

VERDICT: Returning, duh.

White House Black Market Lace-Up Tank

I was drawn to the thick straps and lace-up detail on this top, but I feared the ivory would be too thin, and it’s really okay. I mean, there is a bit of show-through, but not enough to make me uncomfortable.

It does have a shirttail hem, which isn’t usually my fave, but I don’t mind it on this one. You can see here how it looks from behind.

I really like how the armholes are cut on this top — there is no gaping, and my bra doesn’t show at all, no matter how I turn or maneuver my arms.

Here’s how it looks untucked, although I would probably always front-tuck it. I think this would be cute layered under a lightweight moto jacket, or denim jacket if I was wearing a color on the bottom.

also wearing: KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts and and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Keeping! I also have the black

Metallic Jacquard Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

I almost didn’t share this because I want to style it for 22 Days of Summer Fashion, and sometimes I like to save things and keep them a bit of a surprise. But I like this so much, and I think it’s cute with these shorts, so I decided to go ahead and share these pictures. I’ll style it for more of a dinner-out look for the dedicated post.

I think this top is so fun. I’m not big on off-the-shoulder styles because they’re such a pain to wear, but sometimes it’s worth a little discomfort to look cute, am I right?

It’s lightweight and blousy, and it has two layers, so there’s no show-through or anything.

I love the bold yellow for a change, and I think the palm print is so pretty. Obviously, this top is begging to be taken on vacation somewhere tropical.

You can also wear it on the shoulders, if you want. I don’t like this as much as off-the-shoulder, but it certainly works.

Also, I think I Just convinced myself to keep these shorts.

also wearing: KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts and and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Keeping!

And, that’s a wrap! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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Spring/Summer Outfits

What I Wore Lately Vol. 13

It’s been a crazy few weeks around here, and I have to admit, posting these pictures brings back memories of days I’d rather forget. But, the show must go on.

The show must go on
The show must go on
Inside my heart is breaking
My makeup may be flaking
But my smile, still, stays on…

Sorry, I was channeling my inner Freddie Mercury there for a second. I can’t say “the show must go on” without humming that tune.

This is the last one of these outfit roundups I’ll be doing for a while. Next month, Cyndi and I are doing 22 Days of Summer Fashion, so I’ll be posting an outfit every weekday, and my try-on hauls will move to Saturdays.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been wearing for the past couple of weeks.

What I Wore Lately

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with a slight hourglass shape. I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe unless otherwise noted.

This first look is what I wore to my allergist appointment, back when I had high hopes of being able to keep Ozzy. These jeans are 67% off, by the way.

I think these side shots are helpful, especially with cardigans. I really like the length of this one. Of course, it’s sold out.

I also get some questions from time to time about how I put my hair up — it’s just a ponytail. I have kind of a flat head, lol, so I try to place it right in the middle.

top // cardigan (stripe option) // jeans (67% off) // mules (size up half) // similar earrings

Next is what I wore for my photoshoot with Main Line Today, a local magazine that does a fashion feature each month. I’ll be featured in the July issue, so that is super exciting!

I wanted to wear something that I feel represents my style, so I picked this floral blouse with my go-to white jeans and snake print embossed wedge slides.

And I have good news for those who wanted this blouse! I just found it fully stocked at Macy’s, AND on sale through 5/31! It comes down to $47.40 with code MEMDAY. It runs TTS; I have the small.

blouse // jeans // slides // earrings // necklace // bracelet

After the photo shoot, I changed into a tank and shorts for the rest of the afternoon. It was one of our first 70-degree days, which may not sound that warm to some of you, but compared to the weather we’ve had this spring, it feels like summertime to me.

I’ve shared these sandals several times. They’re fully stocked and 39% off at Nordstrom, and they come in a bunch of colors; this is the New Natural Leather.

tank // shorts // sandals // earrings // necklace

And then this was the day we saw Paul’s dad for the last time. It probably sounds a little irreverent to take an outfit picture on my way out the door, but it’s such a habit for me at this point.

This henley linen tee is back in stock and marked down to $18.

top // jeans (40% off) // similar slides // earrings // necklace // bracelet

This was a few days later. A family member stopped through briefly after visiting Paul’s mom, so I took a little extra time with accessories. These days, I’ll take any excuse I can get!

I first put together the grey top and light wash jeans, and then these shoes caught my eye. I like mixing grey with tan; it’s rather unexpected, and the silver studs tie in the grey top.

Then I added this bracelet because it also combines silver with earth tones. These are small details, but that’s how to level up a simple outfit.

top // jeans (67% off) // sandals (39% off) // earrings // bracelet

I’m not sure when this next picture was. For some reason I put the wrong date on it. I must have gone somewhere, since I had sunglasses on my head — probably to the grocery store.

I love this tee, it is soooo soft. Size up, though; I have the medium.

t-shirt (size up) // cardigan // jeans // espadrilles // earrings // sunnies

I wore this to PT, after a photo shoot with Alison. She’s been coming here to the house, and we shoot outside where it’s easy to social distance.

I LOVE this Zella quick dry tee; you can see more of it in this Try-On Haul.

top // similar hoodie // leggings // sneakers

This was a Sunday afternoon at home, and I probably ended up out by the pool. This is my go-to outfit when I want to get some sun but don’t want to put on a bathing suit.

Does it help to see multiple angles, or is it too redundant? Anyway, here’s the side view.

I’m really glad I decided to keep these Birks. They took a bit of breaking in, but they’re very comfortable and have some support, which I need.

stripe tank (similar) // shorts // Birks // similar earrings // necklace

I took this picture on my way to go take Ozzy to his new home. I’m not really sure how I mustered a smile, but I was trying to be strong for R.

grey tee // jeans // sneaks // similar earrings // necklace

This was the next day. It was drab and rainy, and I stayed in bed as long as I could to avoid facing the day.

Eventually, I had to get up and work on returns. I didn’t take time with hair or makeup or even contacts, but I threw on real clothes and some jewelry in an attempt to feel somewhat normal.

I decided to keep these Rag & Bone jeans, as I’ve been wanting a darker wash in a 27″ inseam, and I like the finished hem for a change. They’re still on sale, but inventory is getting depleted. They’re TTS; I’m wearing the 28.

tee // cardigan // jeans // Birks // similar earrings // necklace // specs

The next day, we all tried to rally. R emerged from her room and asked to go to Target to get some pool floats, and we all showered and put ourselves together and tried to make a fun outing out of it.

I took a shower and did my hair and makeup, and then I tried this garden henley tee a few ways. I ended up pretty much back to where I started, but it was a nice distraction to play around with an outfit.

First, I tried it with my mid-wash Farrahs and TB ballet flats.

Since there’s blush in the top, I thought the shoes worked well with the look.

These flats are on sale, and I like them, but they do require some breaking in. I recommend sizing up half; I have the 8.5.

I’m not sure why I wasn’t loving that denim wash with the top — it looks fine to me in these pix. But I decided to try it with black jeans, so I pulled out these straight crops.

I debated my shoe choice, and first tried these gold slides.

They don’t thrill me, for some reason, so I tried these sandals, even though I knew I wouldn’t want to wear them in the rain. At this point, I was just trying to figure out what shoe styles work with the pants.

I think I like the dressier look of the strappy sandals on the cork footbed, but I wasn’t sold on the outfit. Maybe it needs a heel.

Next, I tried a silver wedge and a denim jacket. Clearly I wasn’t going to wear this to Target, but maybe there’s a date night in my future.

I like the jacket with the outfit, but I’m not sure about the shoes. I think the black crop jeans look like floods with these wedges.

I’m not sure if it’s the heel or the fact that the shoes are light so there is low contrast between the shoes and my skin, but after all that, I think the black strappy sandals are my best bet.

They anchor the look without being clunky, and they don’t create as much space between the end of the pants and the floor.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to try them with the denim jacket.

At that point, I needed to finish up and get going, so I went back to the jeans and blush flat combo.

I thought maybe I’d like the floral print better with a darker wash, and I do. Also, this time I went for my Minnie travel flats instead of the patent ballet flats because they’re more comfortable.

top // jeans // flats // similar earrings // necklace

Sunday started out chilly and overcast once again, but it burned off and turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon. In fact, the same thing happened on Saturday. Both days, I ended up in my swimsuit.

This suit is from last year, so I can’t link it, but it’s the Prima Donna brand. I love their tankinis because they have a built-in bra, and they offer support and coverage without looking matronly. In fact, I just ordered this one.

My pareo is back this year and on sale. It’s the easiest thing to throw on over my suit and take off and on when I want to sunbathe. Yes, I sunbathe. #dontjudgeme

similar swimsuit // pareo // sandals

I spent most of Monday in this dress over my bathing suit. We hosted friends for dinner out on the deck, and I just kept this on because I thought we might end up swimming, but we didn’t.

similar swimsuit // dress // sandals

And that brings us to yesterday. I wore three different outfits, does this sound familiar?

It was chilly and foggy in the morning, and I had a PT appointment, so I threw on my Vuori joggers and matching hoodie.

I sized up in the joggers, but the hoodie is TTS. I also love this Athleta tee. It’s beyond soft, as they say, and it has a flattering neckline and such a nice drape.

jacket // joggers (size up) // tee // sneakers

I got back home and worked for a while, and then I decided to take a break and spend some time in the pool. I wore my other Prima Donna swimsuit and trusty pareo.

Prima Donna swimsuits // pareo // sandals // sunnies

After that, I took a quick shower and threw on my favorite jean shorts and this comfy tee to work for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately, both are sold out.

tee // shorts // Birks // necklace

And that’s a wrap!

It seems like summer is FINALLY here. I think we skipped right over spring, and that’s fine by me. I’m so over the spring of 2020, I can’t even tell you. Bring on summer!

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MDW Steals + What I’m Buying

Greetings on this Memorial Day Monday! I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend.

On Saturday, I rounded up what I consider to be the best of the MDW sales, and I’ve made a few updates, so feel free to reference that before you shop.

Today I’m sharing some of the best steals and deals that I’ve come across in my own shopping endeavors, and what I’m buying in preparation for 22 Days of Summer Fashion, which starts next Monday!

Yes, Cyndi and I are bring back our seasonal fashion collabs! At least, the summer one. I think Cyndi said it best when she said we are both craving some normalcy right now, and 22 Days of Summer Fashion feels normal to us. It’s been nice to have a break, but I’m looking forward to posting more outfits.

If you’re new here, 22 Days of Summer Fashion is a style challenge where Cyndi Spivey and I each style a new summer outfit every weekday during the month of June. If you have any requests — events you have coming up, or clothing items you’d like us to style, let me know!

MDW Steals

It can be overwhelming to weed through all the sales, so I decided to highlight a few of the best deals I came across as I was shopping this morning.

Sorel Ella Crisscross Toe-Ring Sandals

Shoes & Sandals

I fell down the rabbit hole at Sorel.com. They have such good quality, comfortable shoes, and they’re up to 40% off! I’ve added them to Saturday’s MDW Sales roundup. Here are those, plus a ton more great shoe buys I found this weekend.

Tops & Bottoms

LOFT has updated their promo for today and tomorrow. You can take an extra 70% off 4+ sale styles, 60% off 3 sale styles, or 50% off 1 or 2 items with code SUMMER. Free shipping on orders $49+, and free returns on all orders.

Plus, White House Black Market is doing 40% off, Talbots has a big summer savings event going on, Ann Taylor is doing 60% off full price styles and an extra 70% off sale styles, Vince is doing 25% off, and there are so many more. I rounded up my top picks below.

Beauty & Accessories

Elemis has Buy Two, Get One Free with code MEMORIALDAY, and Colleen Rothschild has some special Memorial Day Deals + 15% off everything else with code HONOR15. I like both of these skincare brands a lot. I also found my go-to curling wand set at QVC for $50 off!

Two of my favorite handbag brands are doing big events — Tory Burch has 25% off select styles with code TOGETHER, and R Minkoff has up to 65% off select styles.

What I’m Buying This Weekend

I’m using the stellar sales this weekend to prepare for 22 Days of Summer Fashion. Below are some of the things I’ve ordered to try.

Before we fire up the grill or head out to our favorite picnic spot, let’s all take a moment on this Memorial Day to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom to do so. I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing Memorial Day!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!


COFFEE TALK 05.24.20 ☕️

Good morning. I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, unconventional though it may be.

Ours has been pretty gloomy so far, but we did get a short reprieve yesterday afternoon, when the sun decided to shine for a bit. We took full advantage and spent a few hours in our backyard pool. It’s grey and foggy again this morning, but it should clear up later today and be nice for the rest of the weekend.

We don’t have any grand plans for the day beyond a Zoom church service this morning, but I’m sure we’ll end up in the backyard again. I’ve got a book I’ve been trying to read, but I haven’t been able to get into it yet. I’m planning to pull that out again and give it another go.

Some of you are in places where churches are opening up. What does that look like?

I mentioned in last week’s Coffee Talk that it’s been a rough few weeks for our family for several reasons, and I talked about losing Paul’s dad rather suddenly, although he had been declining for some time.

In addition to that, it became evident about three weeks ago that I’m allergic to our new puppy, which brought a different type of grief into our household.

I consulted with our allergist and tried several medications and made changes to our environment in attempts to keep him, but nothing was working. A few sniffles are one thing, but asthma is entirely another, especially with a novel coronavirus raging all around us. (And yes, I was tested for COVID-19, just to be sure that wasn’t the culprit.)

I’ve been through this before — many years ago, with a cat. I kept him longer than I should have, and I ended up with multiple bronchial infections. I could see this situation going in the same direction, and we finally came to the conclusion that for the sake of my health, we would need to find a new home for Ozzy.

Needless to say, this has been devastating to R, who was his primary care giver. She worked so hard to get him sleeping through the night and obeying commands, and she spent all of her waking hours watching him and caring for him. She was completely and hopelessly in love — we all were.

The only type of dog I’ve had allergies to in the past were pugs. I hadn’t even considered that a goldendoodle would be an issue, and we envisioned him being part of our family for many years.

The point of getting a puppy during this quarantine was to brighten our days, not make the situation even more grim, and this whole turn of events has been an incredible disappointment for all of us.

It’s absolutely gut-wrenching to weigh your own health and quality of life against the happiness of your children and well-being of a beloved pet. We debated keeping him for a while longer to give us more time with him, but delaying the inevitable was only making our home life more sad and stressful.

Several people offered to take him when they heard of our predicament, but one couple seemed to be the perfect fit. She’s retired, and they recently lost their golden retriever of 15 years. They have a large yard and plenty of time to spend with a puppy, and they only live 20 minutes away and invited us to visit him anytime.

All that to say, R and I took Ozzy to his new home on Thursday.

It was the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a parent. It’s one thing to give up your own pet when he’s making you sick; it’s entirely another to ask your child to give up hers.

C is trying to be strong for us, but she misses him too. She had already taught him some tricks, and she was looking forward to spending more time with him after her school year is over in a couple of weeks. The house just feels deflated and empty without him.

Now that we are on the other side and the worst couple days are behind us, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but man, those were some excruciating days.

Besides missing our sweet puppy, I was racked with guilt and second-thoughts, and R was utterly heart-broken. Despite that, she was very mature about it all. Not once has she blamed me or taken out any of her grief on the rest of us.

After spending most of Thursday and Friday in bed, she finally perked up a bit yesterday. We went to Target to get some new pool floats, and she enjoyed hanging out in the pool with Paul and C and playing with sidewalk chalk without being on puppy duty. It was a balm to my frazzled nerves to see her laughing and smiling again.

Ozzy was a large part of our life, but for a relatively short period of time. While we’re still sad, and we certainly miss him, we’re already adjusting back to our old normal.

Please know, this is not a decision we took lightly by any means. I have been physically ill over it — and I’m not talking about the asthma.

I really wasn’t ready to talk about it yet, but it’s hard to prattle on about the weather and a few more weeks on stay-at-home orders with all this going on behind the scenes.

And of course, this was all happening the same time Paul’s dad got sick, so it’s just been one big emotional roller coaster around here.

Fortunately, every day gets a little bit easier, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

I’m eager to return to some of our normal activities, but it looks like that will still be awhile around here.

Our county is supposed to move to the yellow phase of reopening by June 5th, but our yellow phase doesn’t look a whole lot different than our red phase.

When a county moves to the yellow phase in Pennsylvania, the stay-at-home order is lifted, but gatherings are limited to 25 people, with social distancing measures in place. This means small graduation parties will be allowed, which is nice.

The yellow phase also allows some businesses previously classified as non-life sustaining to reopen — manufacturers, pet groomers, and small retailers being the most notable. However, restaurants and bars remain open for takeout and delivery only; and gyms, salons, malls, and movie theaters are to remain closed.

I’m most excited about the dog groomers being allowed to operate. Given a choice, I think I’d pick that over my own hair salon opening. Our Savannah is beyond overdue.

C occasionally trims her face and cuts out the worst of her knots, but we stopped short of ordering clippers and giving her a complete haircut, and she is in desperate need. At this point, we could mop the floor with her.

The other thing we are watching closely is the guidelines for summer camps. Evidently day camps may open in the yellow phase, but overnight camps don’t open until we move to green. This directly affects D’s summer plans, and we’re holding out hope for his overnight camp to open so he can be a counselor again this year.

Right before we were shut down, he had also lined up a job at the YMCA, helping with the kids’ camps and sports programs. The overnight camp is only for a few weeks, and they were willing to work around that. I encouraged him to reach out to his contact at the Y and see if his job is still available, but he hasn’t done that yet.

Beyond that, the other benefit of moving to the yellow phase will be feeling more free to hang out with friends. This is the time of year when I enjoy entertaining the most, and we need that distraction now more than ever.  I’d also like to have a small 8th grade graduation pool party for R. Right now she’s not feeling much like socializing, but hopefully she will by then.

And that brings us right back to where we started, doesn’t it?

All I can say is, 2020 is a year for the record books and one I do not care to repeat. I will happily bid adieu to the month of May, and I have high hopes for June and July.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend, and let us not forget the real reason for the holiday.

Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Spring/Summer Outfits

Try-On Haul + Best Of The Memorial Day Sales 2020

Happy Friday, friends. I apologize for getting this out so late today, but we’ve had a lot going on around here. It’s time for another Try-On Haul! It’s a bit of a mish-mosh this week. I’m also rounding up the best Memorial Day Weekend sales for you at the end of this post.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with a slight hourglass shape. I wear a 28 in jeans, a 6 in pants and shorts, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and a size 8 shoe.

Memorial Day Weekend Try-On Haul

LOFT is running a big sale this weekend, shocker! I know, they’re always running a sale, but this one is one of the best I’ve seen. Rewards Loyalty Members get 60% off plus free shipping and free returns with code ALLIN.

If you’re not a Rewards member, you get 50% off with code FRIEND. It’s free to join the Rewards program, so there’s really no reason not to.

LOFT Ribbed Cap Sleeve Sweater $49.50 + 60% off

I’m a sucker for a summer sweater, I think because they tend to be more fitted than the boxy t-shirts and flowy tops that are so ubiquitous this time of year. This one has a stretchy ribbed texture, narrow v-neck, and cap sleeves.

It also has a shallow v-neck in the back as well. It fits snug to the body, and the length is on the shorter side at 23″.

I love how it fits so snugly around the armholes, and the cap sleeves hug the shoulders and don’t gape at all. I’m wearing the small, and while I don’t mind the body-con fit, it might look a little better if I sized up to a medium.

Unfortunately, sizes are limited, but it also comes in ivory, and there are a few petite sizes available as well.

I absolutely love this outfit all together. This time of year, when we wear so much white and bright colors, the olive and black is fun for a change.

Slim Pocket Skinny Crop Jeans in Washed Black $79.50 + 60% off

These jeans took weeks to come in, and by the time they did, they were sold out. At the time of this posting, they’ve been restocked in one size, so keep an eye on them if you want them. They may get more restocks.

These are probably the best pair of LOFT jeans I’ve ever tried. They feel fantastic on, the fit is on point, and the washed black wash and released hems creates the perfect casual-cool + edgy vibe.

They have a 11 1/4″ rise (I actually don’t think it’s that high, but I haven’t measured) with 26 1/2″ inseam; and the fabric is 80% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Spandex.

LOFT Textured Stripe Pocket Sheath Dress $90 + 60% off

This sheath gives me all the Jackie O vibes, but I just wish it was a little longer.

I know it’s supposed to fit this way, but I feel like my legs look long and gangly when a dress hits me this high up on the thigh — especially since it has a slight A-line shape to it. (It’s 34 3/8″ from top back neck to hem, measured from a size 8/M.)

The patch pockets are a really nice detail, and I love the tweed-inspired texture and the square neckline. Also kudos to LOFT for bra-friendly straps.

It has an exposed zipper up the back, and it fits really well through the waist and around the arms.

The material is 91% Cotton, 8% Acrylic, 1% Other Fibers; and it’s fully lined with 100% Polyester. This dress is machine washable, and it runs TTS; I’m wearing the 6. It also comes in petite and plus sizes.

VERDICT: Returning, but I think it would be really cute on someone a little bit shorter.

LOFT Foulard Smocked Trim Shell $54.50 + 60% off

This top has a smocked trim and cap sleeves, so it’s bra-friendly. The v-neck is flattering but not too low-cut, and it has a longer flowy fit. (It says it’s 25″ long, but it seems longer to me.)

The material is 100% Polyester, and it’s machine washable. Here’s a view from the back.

I love the small scale navy and white print for spring and summer, and there’s a hint of red in there as well — it’s just begging to be paired with white bottoms.

I would typically wear this with white jeans and wedge sandals to church or out to eat, but I paired it with shorts and nude slides for an elevated Memorial Day look. All you need is red nail polish and a few accessories, and you’re good to go!

I have this top in a small, and it’s quite voluminous. If you have a smaller chest, you may want to size down. It also comes in petite and plus sizes.

VERDICT: Keeping! Also wearing my white WHBM 5″ Denim Shorts (TTS or size down if in between; I have the 6.)

LOFT Garden Henley Linen Tee $39.50 + 60% off

This is another top that’s low inventory, but lately LOFT has been doing some major restocking, so I figured it’s worth sharing. It seems like they save up their returns, and then restock a bunch at once, so tops that appear to be sold out have suddenly become restocked in all sizes.

It’s basically the same top as the solid that I have in both pink and black, and I love the fit. It has cap sleeves and a modest v-neck with the henley button placket, and it has a straight hemline and is about 25″ long.

This garden floral print is so pretty too. The pink/blue/yellow color scheme really pops on the black background. Here’s a look at the back.

I threw a white jean jacket on top to show how I might wear this outfit if I was going out in it, but I’d probably switch to jeans that aren’t quite as distressed.

Around the house and for casual errands, I like how these Paige jeans take it down a notch, but unfortunately, they’re no longer on sale.

VERDICT: Keeping! Also wearing my Paige Hoxton Transcend Vintage High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans (TTS) and Tory Burch Eddie Patent Ballet Flats (on sale for $139; size up half.)

LOFT Shimmer Striped 3/4 Sleeve Sweater $49.50 + 60% off

This lightweight spring sweater has 3/4-length sleeves and a slouchy silhouette with just a touch of shimmer, and the pastel stripes are so nice for spring.

I like how the rounded neck isn’t super high, so it elongates the neck for a slimming effect, and while I’m not typically a fan of drop shoulders, they work well with the slouchy silhouette.

It is slightly longer in the back than in the front, and again, while not always my favorite, it seems to work well with the cut of this sweater.

The Madewell crop skinnies (40% off and TTS) in the first two pictures are a stark white, and this sweater has more of an ivory stripe, so I tried it with my Everlane high rise skinnies in the stone, and I like this pairing much better.

The fabric is 49% Polyester, 47% Linen, 4% Other Fibers; and it’s machine washable. It runs TTS or maybe a little big; I’m wearing the small.

VERDICT: Returning, but only because I don’t really need it. I think this would be a great piece for those of you getting out and about. If I was going to be going places with air conditioning in the next few weeks/months, I’d definitely keep it, but we’ll probably be at home for a while longer. #pandemicproblems

LOFT Floral V-Neck Mixed Media Shell $49.50 + 60% off

LOFT always does several of these tops every year, and it’s a nice one for wearing alone or layering. In fact, I have a red one from earlier in the season.

I love the floral print and the color palette on this one, and it goes perfectly with my sage green jeans. (They’re TTS or size down if in between; and they’re also 60% off.)

It has a flowy fit, so I always front-tuck it.

Here’s a back view.

It has wide, bra-friendly straps, a modest v-neck, and it fits nicely around the arms.

I’ll top it off with a white jean jacket (30% off; size up) when I’m actually going places later this summer, but for now I’ll probably wear it with shorts or jeans on days when I want to feel a little more dressed up.

My silver wedges are from last season, but there are a few left at Nordstrom Rack.

VERDICT: Keeping!

LOFT Shimmer Sweater Tank $49.50 + 60% off

Another summer sweater, this sweater tank has a great fit around the arms, and through the body. It’s made of the same stretchy, ribbed sweater fabric as the olive one above, and it also comes in gold.

The material is 54% Nylon, 46% Acrylic; and it’s machine washable. I’d say it’s true to size, but you could size up if you wanted a looser fit. (I’m in the small.)

I like how it’s cut in the back too — a modest scoop neck, but not low enough to worry about bra straps showing.

This makes a nice layering piece — I threw a jean jacket on top to complete this look, although I don’t love this color denim with these sage green jeans. Maybe a darker blue would look better.

FYI, this jean jacket is on sale again — 40% off and fully stocked! I guess they weren’t discontinuing it, as I previously thought. It’s TTS; I have the small.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Lou & Grey Signature Softblend Drawstring Skirt // SOLD OUT

Well, I’m bummed this sold out, but I was going to tell you that I’m not keeping it because it’s getting too warm here in PA to wear the matching sweatshirt.

I suppose I could wear a tank top with it to hang out at home, but I just don’t see myself doing that.

Still, it’s super cute on, and the same amazingly soft fabric as the sweatshirt and sweatpants that I already have. I’ll keep an eye out for something similar.

VERDICT: Returning. Also wearing my Vince Blair snakeskin embossed slip-on sneakers, and they’re on sale at Saks.

L’Agence Nadia High Rise Crop Straight Jeans $99.98 $255

I tried these jeans in the size 29 a few weeks ago, but I thought they were too big, so I returned them. When I saw them for 60% off at Nordstrom, I snagged the 28. Unfortunately, the 28 is too snug, so I think I should have stuck with the 29. #ohwell

For anyone who missed these the first time, these jeans are made in the USA of a heavyweight stretch denim (98% cotton/2% spandex.) They have a 10″ rise with a 25″ inseam and a 15″ leg opening, so they’re a cropped style, and they have a bit of a flare to the leg.

They’re a crisp, clean white with a polished appearance. The fabric is thick and not see-through, but with a comfortable amount of stretch, and they have a finished hem.

The rear pockets sit a bit high, and I’m not a fan of how slanted they are, but they’re a nice size, and the pants fit well through the hips and thighs, except that they’re a little small on me in the 28.

They do have a little bit of show-through, but it’s not a deal breaker. Unfortunately, the 28 is too small on me, and I returned the 29. These are still the 28.

And for comparison, here I am in the 29.

Verdict: Returning. I don’t think I like them enough to re-order the 29; I didn’t love the fit from the rear.

FYI, the inventory at Nordstrom is getting depleted, but there are a few sizes left at the 60% off price. There are more sizes at Shopbop, but unfortunately, the Shopbop sale is just 15% off orders of $300+ and 25% off orders of $600+.

Laurence Keyhole Tank in Betty Dot $38

This u-neck tank is made in the USA of 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Modal. I thought the Betty Dot was such a cute print, but it also comes in a stripe and a solid coral.

It’s a longer style with a little bit of swing to it, which unfortunately reminds me of a maternity top.

The center back keyhole button ruching is a fun detail, but it’s a tad snug across the back when I do the front-tuck.

VERDICT: Returning. I can do better.

AGOLDE Exclusive Sophie Crop $188

These jeans are made in the USA of 93% Organic Cotton, 5% Recycled Polyester, 2% Elastane.

I really like this darker wash. They have just the right amount of whiskering, and they’re super soft with a good amount of stretch.

I was drawn to the 26″ inseam, thinking I need a darker pair of skinny crops, and I like how the leg opening is slightly wider than a typical skinny at 11″.

All that said, I haven’t reached for these yet, so I’m thinking I probably don’t need them. Plus, I decided to keep the Rag & Bone Cate that I shared in a Try-On Haul a couple weeks ago, and they’re very similar.

VERDICT: Returning. Be aware that Armour Vert has a 30 day return policy, if ordering.

Chelsea28 Mixed Media Twist Front Top $65

I thought this might be a fun top to throw on with jeans and sandals for running around town, or to dress up with accessories and heels for a night out… if I ever get one of those again.

I like the v-neck and button-down front with twist detail at the hem. It has a really nice drape, and it’s made of 65% modal, 35% polyester. It has some nice detail on the back yoke as well.

I would say this top runs big, but I wouldn’t want it any shorter, so I guess the small is the right size.

VERDICT: Keeping! Also wearing my Paige crop skinnies and P448 sneaks. FYI, Nordstrom is price matching with someone, and a bunch of the P448 sneakers are on sale.

Caslon Dolman Sleeve Cotton Blend Pullover $49

I thought this was a fun pullover, with the wide neckline and dolman sleeves.

I like the inside out seams, and I’m typically a fan of a banded waist, but this one is rather tight and also longer than my ideal, at 28″.

I knew that when ordering, but I was curious if it would work, since you can place it where you want it, but I think it just adds extra bulk in an area where I don’t need it.

It’s made of 80% cotton, 20% modal, and you can machine wash and tumble dry.

VERDICT: Returning; I don’t feel like it’s very flattering, or very comfortable, for that matter.

Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee $44

Now, this top I love. The color is quite vibrant, I know, but I rather like it for a change. My closet is full of neutrals right now. It also comes in a pretty light pink.

I really like how it hangs straight and skims the body, and it looks good both tucked and front tucked.

It’s 100% linen with a subtle slub texture, and the ribbon trim around the neckline is a nice touch. It runs TTS; I have the small.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Caslon Knit Tank Dress $49

I’m shocked by how much I like this dress. Usually long dresses without much structure make me look like I’m wearing a sack, but this one has just a bit of shaping through the waist, and the dramatic shirttail hem seems to help as well.

The back view is cute too. This dress is 60% cotton, 40% modal; and you can machine wash it and hang it to dry.

I’m most likely to wear this as a coverup around the pool, but it’s perfect for that, and I don’t have anything that serves that purpose, so it’s definitely a keeper.

VERDICT: Keeping. Also wearing the Steve Madden Viven sandals featured below.

Caslon Linen Jogger Pants $59

I thought these linen pants were a fun play on the jogger trend, but I’m not a fan of how they fit. Linen can be kind of stiff, and the drawstring waistband doesn’t flatter my waist at all.

I styled it with a white tee and denim jacket and black leather espadrilles, to see if I like it any better with some structure on top, and I do, but not enough to warrant keeping them.

They have a 26″ inseam and 11″ front rise, and they also come in petites. These fit true to size, or size down if in between. I’m wearing the small.

VERDICT: Returning. I just couldn’t get excited about these, but I think some of you will really like them.

Steve Madden Vivien Slides $80.95 + 60% off

These slides caught my eye because they have just the tiniest bit of a wedge a subtly contoured footbed. I also love the woven strap design, and the matte gold is a nice neutral.

They have a leather upper on a man-made sole, and the “heel” is approximately 0.5″.

These shoes are very comfortable to walk in and stay on my foot really well. I ordered the 7.5 because I often need to size down in slides because of my flat feet, but they just BARELY fit. I probably could have gotten away with an 8, so I’d say they’re true to size.

In addition to this gold, they also come in leopard, black, brown, and white.

Unfortunately, sizes are limited on all but the white ones, but I actually really like the white, especially since it’s grounded on a brown footbed and sole. Use code SPRING60to get 60% off.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Banana Republic Button-Fly Denim Pencil Skirt $47.00 $79.50

I’m always on the lookout for a good denim skirt, and I love the vintage-inspired button fly and classic knee-length (23″) of this skirt. The wash is a versatile medium blue with very subtle whiskering for a well-loved look.

The material is 80% cotton, 13% polyester, 5% recycled cotton, 2% elastane, so it has great shape retention and just enough stretch to make it comfortable.

I’m a bit torn on the rear view; the pockets are rather large, and they don’t do much for shaping my shovel-butt, haha! But then most denim skirts don’t, and there is nothing offensive about the rear-view; it just isn’t fabulous.

While it fits, it is snug, so you may want to size up if in between. I’ll keep the 6 because I expect it will stretch some with wear, and I don’t want it too wide through the thighs.

All in all, this is a solid choice for a classic denim skirt, especially at the current sale price.

VERDICT: Keeping with tags on; waiting to see if I’ll find a reason to wear it.

Mother The Tomcat Bermuda Shorts $218

I purchased these when they were on sale, and they’re still a splurge, but I was curious to try them because I like my Mother jeans so much. I thought the Bermuda length might be fun for a change.

They’re made in the USA, and the fabric is 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane. They have a 10 3/4″ Rise, 11″ Inseam, 14 3/4″ Leg Opening.

The rear view is pretty good, but the pockets are placed rather far apart, which I feel makes my hips look even wider than they already are.

Otherwise, the workmanship is top notch. I love the light wash and the subtle whiskering and fading, and the fabric is thick but not stiff.

These are the size 28, and I could hardly get them buttoned and zipped, so I recommend sizing up one if ordering. That said, I’m not sure these would be as flattering on the thighs if I sized up; these are the kind of shorts that would look sloppy if too wide. I guess I’d need to try and see, but I’ll wait for another sale before re-ordering.

VERDICT: Returning, but I’ll keep an eye on them for another sale. FYI, a few smaller sizes are on sale at Revolve. Also wearing my AllSaints Emelyn Tonic Tee and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals (45% off!)

Zella Ava Quick-Dry Tee $45

This is just a basic workout tee, but it’s pretty much the unicorn of perfect workout tees. It’s harder than you would expect to find workout tops that aren’t skintight or strappy or see-through or seriously oversized.

It skims the body without clinging, and the v-neck is flattering without sacrificing modesty. I also like the seaming detail on the arm for a little extra something.

This top has a straight hem with slide slits, and it’s cut a little longer in the back for extra bum-coverage, which is nice.

The material is 74% polyester, 18% lyocell, 8% spandex; so it’s moisture-wicking and keeps you cool and dry even during a sweaty workout. I wear tees like this to run/walk and for my strength training workouts.

I chose the bright orange so I can be easily seen on the road, but it also comes in black, blue, and a neon green. This tee runs TTS; I have the small.

VERDICT: Keeping. Also wearing Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Crop Run Leggings and Nike sneakers.


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ANTRHOPOLOGIE // 25% off all clothing, shoes, and accessories for Anthro Perks members.

BANANA REPUBLIC // Up to $75 off everything; prices as marked.

BODEN // 30% off with code F9M5.

GAP // 50% off everything, plus summer daily deals.

HANKY PANKY // Save up to 60% off at their Semi-Annual Sale!

KENDRA SCOTT // 20% off + new markdowns up to 50% off.

LOFT // Free shipping and free returns + 60% off for Loft Reward Members, or 50% off for non-members with code FRIEND. Shop my Loft Favorites HERE.

NORDSTROM // Tons of markdowns + price matching. Shop my Nordstrom Favorites HERE.

RAG & BONE // Site-wide sale; prices as marked. Save big on premium denim and elevated tees. Also Made in the USA masks.

SHOPBOP // Save up to 25% off items labeled “Key Style” with code JUST4U.

TALBOTS // $19.99 tops, $29.99 bottoms, and $39.99 dresses and jackets. See my Talbots Favorites HERE.

TORY BURCH // 25% off select styles with code TOGETHER.

WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET // 40% off your entire purchase. I love their shorts this year, and they always do a great job with work wear and date night tops and pants. And occasion dresses too, for that matter.


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Shop Your Closet: Memorial Day Style Inspiration 🇺🇸

I blinked, and suddenly it’s Memorial Day weekend. How about that?

Now that many states are opening up and small gatherings are happening, I’m assuming a lot of you have fun plans, even if it’s on a smaller scale than usual.

I don’t usually plan my Memorial Day outfit too far in advance, but I usually shop my closet and wear something a little bit festive… or, at least, with a nod to patriotism. I’m not sure festive is the right word to describe a Memorial Day outfit.

While Memorial Day is most certainly a time to commemorate and remember those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, it’s also the weekend we consider the kick-off to summer. Many of us gather for backyard barbecues and picnics, attend parades, or head to the beach for fireworks and bonfires.

Outfits for these events are generally casual, so I shopped my closet and put together a look that’s classy and pulled together but still comfortable and casual for the holiday weekend festivities.

I usually wear some combination of red, white, and blue. Usually I pick two of those colors and just add the third color sparingly; I feel like that’s classier than trying to make all three colors equally represented.

This striped dolman v-neck tee isn’t new to any of you regulars, but when I took a look at my closet, it seemed like the most obvious hero piece.

The navy and white stripes (it also comes in a red and white stripe — another good option!) have a patriotic vibe without being too literal, and it pairs easily with white or blue denim. This top runs TTS; I have the small.

I decided to go with white shorts. If it’s chilly, I can wear it with white jeans, but I think it’s going to be warm enough for shorts this Memorial Day. Go figure!

After an unseasonably chilly May, our weather is warming up just in time for the kick-off to summer, so yay for that!

These shorts are from White House Black Market, and they’re currently 40% off! They’re made of rather thin (but not see-through) and stretchy white denim, and they have a 5″ inseam. The sewn cuffs keep the look elevated and chic.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Shorts

They run TTS, or size down if in between; mine are a size 6.

I didn’t have any red accessories, although red nail polish would be perfect with this look. Unfortunately I didn’t think that far ahead for this photo shoot, but I plan to paint them before Monday rolls around. Instead, I grabbed a Phillies tumbler and filled it with a berry drink. Hey, it works in a pinch!

My sandals are a light metallic that works well with either gold or sliver jewelry, and I added a delicate layered necklace and a two-tone bangle. Oversized sunnies complete the look!

Outfit Details:

striped top // white shorts // sandals // necklace // bracelet // sunnies

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photos: Alison Cornell


May Favorites 2020

It’s time for my May Favorites — some of the makeup and wardrobe items I’m particularly loving right now. These are my must-haves for spring!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

I can’t believe today is May 20th. This month has flown for me, despite the extension of our stay home orders. It’s been unseasonably cold for the most part, but we’re finally getting some warmer temperatures, and I’ve been able to break out some of my spring and summer clothes this past week.

May Favorites

also wearing: Tory Burch court sneakers

one // These are my favorite shorts right now, and I’m so bummed they’ve already sold out. I don’t know if it’s because they’re having issues with their supply chains due to COVID, or if they just weren’t planning to keep these in their summer lineup, but it’s a bummer because they’re really good, and the price is right.

Old Navy has a similar style here and here, and Banana has these.

two // This is my go-to lip liner. It goes on soft and smooth, and you can build out your lips if you want the appearance of a little more fullness. Pillow Talk is such a good neutral color, and I use it under all of my lipsticks and glosses.

I wanted to call attention to it this month because I’ve started pairing it with the MAC Lipglass in All Things Magical and bypassing the lipstick step. It’s the perfect neutral lip for summer. (See #ten below.)

three // I can’t believe this JLS reader fave is still fully stocked, and it comes down to $10.80 + free ship with code ALLIN. A lot of ladies have purchased the red one and love that color as well.

I would say it’s true to size, but some say it runs big and needed to size down. You can leave it out or front tuck it, depending on your body type and the proportions of the rest of your outfit.

also wearing: Sam Edelman slides

four // I’m loving these white crop straight jeans with some moderate distressing for an ultra-casual vibe. Size up if ordering; I have the 29.

five // These are my favorite summer sandals right now. They’re so comfortable and easy to walk in, plus the stud details are on trend.

I like silver studs on the medium natural leather but they also come in several other colors, and some of them have gold studs.

six // I’ve had a lot of bags and dark circles to cover up lately, and never have I been more thankful for this concealer, lol!!! It goes on smoothly and blends in easily and has great coverage. I use color #4.

seven // I’ve found myself wearing this Kendra Scott cuff a lot lately. I love the mixed metals and the feminine filigree design, plus it’s substantial enough to make a statement and doesn’t require any stacking or mixing and matching.

eight // My go-to self-tanning lotion for years, this product goes on smoothly and evenly and lasts several days or up to a week if you keep up with it.

I usually apply it two or three days in a row and then start going every 2 or 3 days to keep it up. It does have a mild scent, but I don’t find it unpleasant. See my tips for applying self tanner like a pro.

also wearing: P448 sneakers

nine // These jeans are spendy, but they have an amazing fit and feel — like I’ve been wearing them for years, right out of the box. The wash and distressed details are perfection.

I got mine on sale, but unfortunately they’re back to full price at the moment. I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know when they go on sale again.

also wearing: J.Crew roll-cuff linen tee

ten // This is the best picture I could find of the MAC Lipglass in All Things Magical over top of the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner.

eleven // Finally, this linen henley has been super popular among JLS readers, and I’ve been wearing mine every chance I get. As of this morning, this pretty pink has been restocked in all sizes!

It’s 60% off plus free shipping with code ALLIN, bringing it down to $13.80. It runs true to size; I have the small.

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When To Splurge & When To Save When Building Your Wardrobe

I talk a lot about the importance of investing in good quality basics to form the foundation to your wardrobe and then adding less expensive trendy pieces each season to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date, so I thought it might be fun to talk about things I do and don’t splurge on.

When To Splurge & When To Save When Building Your Wardrobe

First let me say that I don’t take splurge purchases lightly, and I don’t think you should either. Whether your budget is $100 for the month or $1000, you are making an investment in your wardrobe, and your splurge items should be things you are confident you will use a lot and/or for many years.

Sometimes I come across a splurge item that I just KNOW I will use a ton, and I make a spontaneous purchase, but I generally take more time and consideration when making my splurge purchases, and I do my best to find them on sale.

LOFT floral blouse (save) // AG Jeans (splurge, but on sale) // Stuart Weitzman sandals (splurge, but on sale) // Victoria Emerson bracelet (save)

Higher quality pieces generally fit better and last longer; plus they have better construction, finer finishes, more unique details, and they’re made of more luxurious fabrics than their cheaper counterparts. Oftentimes the laborers who make the products are treated better and paid more, as well.

That said, it isn’t always necessary to buy the highest quality in every wardrobe category. Most of us can’t afford to do that, plus mixing high and low fashion is a great way to convey your personal style.

Let’s start with the wardrobe items I DO splurge on.

Wardrobe Items I DO Splurge On (and Why)

Classic Shoes & Handbags

Tory Burch Hobo // Veja Esplar Sneakers

The best thing about shoes and handbags is, you don’t outgrow them when you gain or lose weight or get pregnant. I’m always nervous to spend a lot on a sheath dress, for example, because I know it may not fit next year. But shoes and bags don’t care if you ate too much mac-and-cheese at dinner last night, and they will be your faithful wardrobe companions through thick and thin.

Seriously, though. A pair of good quality shoes generally is far more comfortable and flattering than cheaper pair, and they wear so much better, but definitely consider cost per wear when deciding how much you’re willing to spend.

Stuart Weitzman Sandals

I’m also a big fan of a quality handbag — at least for the bags I carry a lot. Cheaper bags lose their shape, get dinged up faster, get loose threads, and tend to have garish looking hardware; plus they can actually add to the frump factor as we get older.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Fight the Frump: Update Your Handbag

When selecting a bag I’m going to carry a lot, I look for genuine leather (or suede), good quality construction, and elegant details.

Tory Burch crossbody

That said, sometimes I want to try a new trend, and I don’t want to invest a lot. Perhaps I need a pair of shoes or a clutch for one event, but I’m not sure I’ll ever wear them again. In those instances, I’ll totally cheap out and go for the bargain buy, so definitely take into account how much use these items will get.

Kohl's SO Taffy Wedge Sandals
Kohl’s SO Taffy Wedge Sandals

Remember, you can always take advantage of second-hand stores, eBay, and thredUP if you are on a limited budget but want a quality bag. Shoes are a little harder to buy used, but there are often good sales if you’re patient.

A Great Fitting Pair of Jeans

AG jeans // leopard flats // Tory Burch shoulder bag

Y’all know that I have a love affair with premium denim, and I have quite a collection, but I do wear them every day and love the fit and feel of better denim. Plus, I appreciate the workmanship that goes into the finishing details like wash and whiskering.

I am not suggesting everyone have a closet full of $200 jeans; I realize that’s not practical for most people. That said, I think every woman should have at least one pair of jeans that fits impeccably and makes her feel like a million bucks. It will definitely take some trial and error, but if you wear jeans much at all, it’s worth the effort.

Cashmere Sweaters

Everlane cashmere

Another classic wardrobe piece that I’m willing to spend on is a good cashmere sweater — and not all cashmere is created equal. Did you know that there are three grades of cashmere?

More expensive sweaters also have more intricate design elements, some are hand-knit, and smaller designers often produce their products in the USA, so you are helping to support the local economy and fair wages for workers… just a few things to consider when buying designer brands of anything.

All that to say, sometimes I’m willing to pay for those features, and sometimes I opt for the less expensive versions, but I think it’s important to know what you’re paying for. This article is also interesting if you want to know more about where cashmere comes from and why there is such a disparity in pricing.

Wool or Leather Coats

Ralph Lauren Wool Reefer

Once again, I pick and choose which coats I splurge on and which ones I don’t, but generally I like to have at least one really nice quality wool or wool blend coat in my closet for winter, and I also love a good leather jacket. Most “wool coats” are wool blends, but it is on my wish list to purchase one quality 100% wool coat at some point. It will definitely be a piece I plan to have for 10-15 years.

Meanwhile, it is fun to have several different coats in your winter wardrobe as more of an accessory, and I don’t see the need to pay a lot for every one of them, so I pick and choose.

Designer & Fine Jewelry

David Yurman bracelet & ring

I love having a variety of costume jewelry to change up my outfits, and I cycle those in and out of my wardrobe every couple of years, but I’ve also gathered a small collection of fine jewelry and designer pieces over the years that I plan to have forever and pass on to my girls.

These are sterling silver or 14K gold pieces with or without gemstones, and usually they are gifts from my husband. I would also include designer accessories such as a Burberry scarf in this category.

If you’re looking to add some designer pieces to your collection, my favorite jewelry designer is David Yurman, and I also like John Hardy and Lagos (a Philadelphia designer!) They all have their own unique distinguishing features that make their designs recognizable and set them apart.

Maui Jim sunnies

I would also put sunglasses on my splurge list, but I know a lot of people don’t trust themselves to keep up with them and prefer to save on these. It’s definitely a personal decision — in fact, all of these are.

Wardrobe Items I Do NOT Splurge On (and Why)

Is it a copout to say everything else? Haha!

Again, I realize a “non-splurge” price means different things to different people. Some probably think my entire wardrobe is made up of splurge items, but when it comes to tops to go with my jeans, dresses (which I don’t wear very often), and fashion jewelry, I don’t want to spend a lot because I don’t keep them long enough or wear them often enough to justify the expense of a higher quality item.

Caslon Print Tassel Ruana

The ruana pictured above is the perfect example of a trendy item I don’t want to pay a lot for, but it’s fun to have in my closet for a season or two. At $29, it won’t break the bank, and it allows me to experiment with a trend with minimal investment. Also, the tee I’m wearing is only $18. For that price, I won’t mind replacing it if it gets stained or worn out.

The shorts and sandals are more of a mid-range price point for me, and I would say a lot of my clothes and shoes fall that category. They may be a splurge for some and a save for others — it all depends on personal budget and how we scale our wardrobe purchases.

LOFT linen henley

I love LOFT for cute tops, especially in spring and summer. They often run good sales, and while they won’t last forever, I definitely get my cost per wear out of them after a season or two. (Shop my current LOFT Favorites HERE!)

This post is more about what I do and less about advice. We all have different priorities and budgets and will have different splurge-and-save lists. I think it’s important to know what yours are, though. If you’ve never really thought about it before, maybe you want to make your own list.

When To Rent

Don’t forget about rental possibilities. If you attend a lot of formal events with the same groups of people and don’t want to repeat dresses, consider utilizing services like Rent The Runway. You can also rent jewelry and handbags.

In Closing

I also want to point out that “splurge items” don’t necessarily have to break the bank. I tend to subscribe to the school of thought that you get what you pay for, but that’s not always true.

You can find hidden gems if you’re patient and discerning and know how to distinguish quality pieces. I know a lot of people who score amazing finds at thrift stores and off-price retailers like T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s, and I often shop Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth to find discounts on designer cashmere sweaters and premium denim. You can search online by designer, size, price, etc. — a really nice feature if you have trusted designers you know and love.

And of course the big box retailers run great sales every so often that are worth checking out. I do my best to alert you to those!

I hope this post was helpful, or at least fun! Feel free to share your personal splurge-and-save list in the comments!

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Spring/Summer Outfits

The Best White Jeans Spring 2020

I’ve reviewed quite a few pairs of white jeans this spring, but they’re scattered throughout several of my Try-On Hauls, so I’m rounding up the best white jeans for spring 2020 here in one dedicated post.

The 7 Best White Jeans Spring 2020

#1. Madewell 10-Inch High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans

These high-waist skinny crop jeans are my top pick for white crop skinny jeans this spring. They have a 26 1/2″ inseam with an 11″ front rise and an exposed-button fly.

They’re 90% cotton, 8% polyester, 2% elastane, so they have a good amount of stretch with great shape retention, and there is zero show-through.

In addition to all that, the fit is superb. They’re fitted, but not skin-tight, and the 26 1/2″ inseam is the perfect crop length on my 5’5″ frame (a couple inches above the ankle.) They run TTS; I have the 28.

The rear view checks out as well — the pocket placement is almost perfect, perhaps a little high, but they do settle in after wearing for a while.

I’ve worn these jeans so much this spring that it’s hard to narrow down my photos, but here’s a few ways I styled them recently… with a pastel blue top and snake print wedge slides.

And with a floral blouse and nude block heeled sandals.

I’ve also dressed them down with a stripe t-shirt and loafers

and a linen tee and flat sandals.

#2. LEVI’S 724 High Rise Straight Crop

These cropped, straight-cut jeans are made of a thick stretch denim (97% cotton/3% elastane) with one destroyed knee and a subtle distressing at the hem. You can find them at ShopbopNordstrom, and Revolve.

They also have an impressive no-show factor, but they’re more of a straight crop style, with a 25 1/4″ inseam, 9 1/2″ rise, and 12″ leg opening. They run small, which is typical for Levi’s; I have the 29.

The back view checks out too — the pockets are a nice size, a little far apart, but it’s not a deal breaker. They fit close to the body, and the length is perfect for a cropped fit.

These jeans have more of a causal vibe, due to the raw hem and blown-out knee. Here, I styled them with a casual linen tee and metallic slides.

But you can still dress them up if you want to go for that juxtaposition between rugged and polished, as I did here with this floral blouse and strappy sandals.

#3. Everlane The High-Rise Skinny Jean in Bone

These jeans are more off-white, but they’re a solid choice for an under-$100 pair of white skinny jeans. They come in ankle (26.5″ inseam), regular (28.5″ inseam), and tall (30.5″ inseam), and I ordered the ankle length for more of a cropped fit.

The fabric on these is very thick, but it does have some give to it, and they aren’t see-through at all. The premium 11 oz Japanese denim is 98% cotton, 2% elastane.

These rear pockets are higher than I like, but they’re placed well otherwise, and they’re a good medium size. I also like how the jeans fit my legs — not as snug as some of my other skinnies.

The rise is 11″, which is quite high for me, so I’ll usually wear these with a top that I can leave untucked, but here’s a picture with a front-tuck to give you an idea of how the rise looks.

These are a nice, classic style with no distressing at all, so you can easily dress them up or down. I like the 11″ leg opening — it’s slightly wider than most skinnies, so it helps offset my wider hips.

#4. 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Raw Hem Ankle Jeans

These jeans have a straight crop fit with raw-edge hem, and the fabric is a thinner, stretchy material — 94% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 1% Spandex. They have a 9″ rise with a 27″ inseam and a 12″ leg opening, and you can get them for 40% off at 7 For All Mankind. (They’re also at Shopbop and Zappo’s.)

I just got these, so I haven’t played around with them much, but I might cut off an inch to bring them up to more of a crop style.

The pocket placement is pretty good, although the pockets are on the larger side and they don’t seem to quite match. That could just be this particular pair, though.

The 27″ inseam is right between ankle and cropped on me, which makes it a little awkward. I will have to try them with different shoes, though, to be sure. If you’re taller than my 5’5″, you might really like these for a crop straight style.

I styled them here with a floral blouse and wedge sandals, but you can certainly dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers or flat sandals.

#5. LOFT Chewed Hem Slim Pocket Skinny Crop Jeans

These jeans are the most affordable of the lot, and they’re currently 50% off with code SUNNY! They’re on the thinner side, but it’s not a deal breaker.

They have slimming front pockets that hold you in and a skinny crop fit with a 10 1/4″ rise and 26 1/2″ inseam. The material is 98% cotton, 2% spandex, so they have just enough stretch to keep them comfortable.

I like the chewed hems for a modern, carefree vibe, but you could always cut them off for a clean raw hem if you prefer.

This red blouse and the black floral above are both sold out, unfortunately. I’m wearing gold Miller sandals with the black top, and Stuart Weitzman block heel sandals with the red.

#6. Madewell 10-Inch High Waist Skinny Jeans

Dressy Summer Kimono Outfit for Work or Church featuring LOFT Fern Kimono, Madewell 9" Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White, and Marc Fisher LTD Orla Sandals in Blush Leather

If you’re looking for a classic white ankle-length skinny jean, these are very similar to the crop pair with the exposed-button fly in #1, but they have a 28″ inseam with an 10″ front rise and a zip fly.

They’re the same fabulous no show-through 90% cotton, 8% polyester, 2% elastane fabric that holds up beautifully to washing and wearing. (I always hang my jeans to dry.)

These jeans are the perfect ankle length on my 5’5″ frame, and they run TTS; these pictures are from last year when I was wearing a size 29.

Boden Linen Voop Tee in Ultramarine with Madewell 9" Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White and Sam Edelman Regis Platform Wedge Sandals

I’ve worn these jeans a ton over the past year, and they’ve held up great. Again, I have a lot of outfits to choose from, but here’s one more of my favorites — with a taupe cashmere sweater and snake print pumps for church on a mild winter day.


These jeans are a crop flare, and the fabric is thin and very stretchy — 50% cotton/41% lyocell/7% polyester/2% polyurethane.

I’m not really a fan of this silhouette on me personally, but since it’s trending, I wanted to include a pair in this roundup, and these are the best I’ve found. They’re currently 30% off at Saks.

These jeans have a 10″ rise with a 26.5″ inseam and a 15″ leg opening, they fit true to size; I’m in the 28. The fabric is a little on the thin side, which I’ve found tends to be the case with AG white denim, but it’s very comfortable, and the fit is good.

The rear view is pretty good too — at least in the derriere. The pockets are a nice size and centered perfectly. I just wish they had a more subtle flare, but some of you may like that.

Also, the raw hem makes them super easy to alter at home if you want them a little shorter. (See how I cut my jeans, if you’re wondering what I mean!)

If you’re looking for a comfortable white crop flare and don’t mind if they’re on the thin side, these are a solid option. I styled them here with a black linen henley and white slides (similar here).

I hope this post was helpful! If you have a great pair of white skinny jeans, let us know about them in the comments.

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Coffee Talk 05.17.20

Somehow, I blinked, and it’s halfway through May! Does anyone else feel that way?

I expected these past few months of isolation and social distancing to feel like they were crawling by at a snail’s pace, but they’ve gone by pretty fast, all things considered. I guess it’s true that time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

This has been a rough few weeks for our family for several reasons, the main one being, we lost Paul’s father on Friday. He’s been declining for some time, but this was rather unexpected.

A week or so ago, he got sick (not COVID-related) and never recovered. He passed away peacefully on Friday, surrounded by his family.

Of course, there can be no proper service for him right away, so it all feels rather surreal. We’ve been able to see Paul’s mother, but there can be no big group gathering for some time, and that just seems so wrong.

He worked hard and lived a quiet life, and he was a leader in the community and his church. He loved his wife and raised three good men who are loyal husbands and loving fathers, and a daughter who is a devoted wife and mom and a special aunt to my kids. He deserves his moment of recognition and remembrance, and we should all be together, reminiscing and telling funny Sam stories, laughing through tears.

Instead, we’re all hunkered down in our own homes, working through our emotions independently, making big decisions via email and group texts. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that his wife and kids were able to be with him during his last days, when so many who have lost loved ones during the past few months can’t say the same.

When I shared his obituary on Facebook, I wrote that I couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law. That may sound trite, but it’s true.

Paul’s parents were at many of our kids’ ball games and concerts over the years, and we spent a lot of holidays together… so many memories. This picture is from Mother’s Day 2015, and it’s one of my favorites.

Gramps, as my kids called him, could fix almost anything. For years, he made intricate Christmas ornaments for each of us that we will treasure forever. He was an avid sports fan, but he also appreciated music and theater, and he was well-traveled. He enjoyed golfing and bowling, and he could play a mean game of cards. He was full of facts and figures and could do complex math equations in his head, and he was always ready with a dry one-liner. But most importantly, he was always there for his family.

I married into the family 25 years ago this summer, and I’m grateful we had him for so many years. One day, when the worst of this COVID crisis is over, we will all gather and celebrate his life and share our memories. I’m looking forward to that.

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