Fruit & Flowers Shift Dress for Summer

Friends, I can hardly believe it, but today Cyndi and I are wrapping up 22 Days of Summer Fashion! For my final look in the series, I’m styling a floral shift dress from Talbots.

I saw this dress on the website, and the cheerful color palette caught my eye.

I really love the fabric on this dress. It has a subtle texture and a nice weight to it, and the dress is fully lined.

The straps are wide enough to be bra-friendly, and the cut is simple and classic.

I’m typically more of a sheath girl, but it looked like it might have some shape through the waist, so I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did.

It has more structure than a typical sheath, and it’s also a little longer. I’m actually wearing the 8 petite in these pictures, although I could probably use the 6 petite.

I also ordered the 6 regular, and it was a little big all over. All that to say, this dress runs a little big, so you may want to size down, and if in between petite and regular sizes, go with the petite.

I also ordered the sandals that are pictured with the dress on the website. I thought they were the perfect pairing, and I don’t have anything quite like these.

They’re very comfortable, with a memory foam footbed and soft leather straps. They don’t rub anywhere, and the buckle adjusts to fit the foot.

And I also grabbed these pearl hoops.

I know, I can hardly take credit for “styling” this dress when I copied the entire look right off the website, but I just thought everything worked together so nicely!

Finally, I added this mixed metal bangle. It’s a nice piece that goes with so many looks, from dressy to casual.

And I carried my woven straw clutch. Unfortunately it sold out, but I also really like this straw minaudière and this stripe straw clutch.

This outfit is perfect for causal summer events and gatherings you might have coming up.

You could also dress it up with a wedge sandal, if you want, or throw a jean jacket or cardigan on top if it gets chilly. Actually, this linen dress cardigan at Ann Taylor is on sale.

With a dress like this that is so bright and busy, it’s best to keep the shoes and accessories simple and neutral so they don’t compete and allow the dress to shine. But you want them to have that same easy breezy summer feel.

The metallic flat sandals, straw clutch, and simple jewelry all work together to support the dress without overwhelming it.

I hope you enjoyed 22 Days of Summer Fashion! Tomorrow I’ll post a recap for those who like to have that resource, and then it will be back to my regularly scheduled programming, but never fear. There is plenty more summer outfit inspo to come!

Outfit Details:

floral shift // metallic sandals // pearl hoop earrings // mixed metal bangle // similar clutch or minaudière // sunnies (option)

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell


How to Pair Navy and Denim

Hello Monday! Today let’s talk about how to pair navy and denim.

I tend to pair my navy tops with white bottoms, especially in the summertime, but wearing navy with denim can create a low profile look that is effortlessly chic.


This split neck mixed media top is from LOFT, and it’s currently 40% off with code HBDUSA. It has lots of pretty details like the shirred split neck and shirred back yoke, cap sleeves, and a crinkly texture in the front. (The back is a soft woven fabric.)

It runs true to size, and also comes in petite and plus sizes. I have my usual small.

When pairing navy with denim, I usually go for some contrast… although every once in a while, I do pair navy with a darker denim for a more formal feel.

In this case, I chose these Kut from the Kloth boyfriend shorts in a medium blue wash. You can get them at Evereve and, and they’re TTS. I have the 6.

They have a relaxed fit and a cuffed raw hem with some subtle distressing, which keeps the look low-key and casual.

A Stylish Way to Wear Navy and Denim

As with any simple outfit, accessories are key to making it look intentional, and I like to incorporate some juxtaposition to keep it interesting. My jewelry and sandals keep the look neutral while adding a touch of glam to the otherwise casual look.

These fringed earrings give the look a bit of a boho vibe, and I like how the white and gold pops against the navy top and my dark hair.

I also wore these stretch bracelets in shades of white and gold, and I finished the look with metallic flat sandals.

The raffia wrapped buckle is a fun detail, and they are very comfortable with a memory foam footbed — perfect for wearing when you’re entertaining friends or will be on your feet a bit.

In fact, this is exactly the sort of outfit I like to wear when having friends over in the summertime. I wore a similar outfit last night to host a small going away party in our backyard.

Pairing navy and denim can seem boring, but when you’re intentional about the color combination and accessorizing, it can be a great way to create a low-key look that is relaxed yet stylish.

How to Pair Navy and Denim

Outfit Details:

navy top // jean shorts (also at  Evereve) // sandals // earrings // bracelets

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

For the Pinners

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Coffee Talk 06.28.20

Greetings! I was up with the birds this morning, how about you?

(That’s one of my mom’s favorite expressions. She probably got it from her mom. Isn’t it funny how those things come back to you?!?)

I keep waking up earlier and earlier, I guess because the sun keeps coming up earlier and earlier. Once the sunlight is streaming through my bedroom windows, I’m pretty much done. I can’t sleep any longer.

It doesn’t even feel early, it’s been so bright lately. And then I get downstairs, start making my coffee, and look at the clock… and it’s like 5:15. Ooops!

That’s good though. It just gives me more time to get stuff done.

We’ve been enjoying going Green this weekend, here in southeastern PA. (That’s how our governor is doing our phases of reopening — Red, Yellow, Green. 🚦)

So far, I’ve had my microblading touchup appointment and a mani/pedi, and we’re hosting a small gathering (outside) this evening as a farewell to our very good friends who are moving out of state in a few weeks.

I’m very aware of what is going on in other states, and I know how quickly we can turn all of our hard work around. I’m trying to be very careful and take all precautions, but we were on lockdown longer than pretty much anywhere else in the country, so I’m definitely going to enjoy this newfound freedom while I can.

Let’s see… what else?

I had some tests done this week, as we’re still trying to diagnose where my hip pain is coming from. (I always call it hip pain, but honestly, it’s under my bum. Is there a nice word for that area?)

I never heard it called your bum until I went to college in New England. Does anyone else say that?

Anyway, we’ll go with it for now.

I got the x-ray results back, but not the MRI. There appears to be some trace retrolisthesis going on, which I had to google. I guess it’s when one of your vertebrae has slipped backward.

My PT looked at the results and said it looks mild, but it definitely can explain my symptoms, and it appears she was right when she said the labral hip tear may not be what is causing my pain.

She’s been working on my back for weeks, and I would say there is some mild improvement in my symptoms, but they’re still there. I’m still only walking a mile or two at a time, and running is pretty much out of the question.

I have been working out with my trainer again, which makes me nervous, but I have to do something. I can’t become an invalid at age 47.

Oh, speaking of 47… I was included in a roundup of over-50 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram this week.  😂

I don’t know whether to be flattered to be included, or insulted that someone assumed I’m over 50. LOL!!!

No, seriously, if the dear soul is reading this, rest assured, I’m going with the former. I’m flattered, and pleased to be included in the company of such lovely ladies.

ANYWHO. The other test I had was bloodwork to see about my hypothyroid situation. I’ve been on a small dose of Armour Thyroid for the past couple of months because my TSH levels were elevated.

(They always are, and I’ve been on and off meds for years. I don’t have any symptoms that I can pinpoint, and honestly, when I go on the meds is when my hair starts thinning, so I would rather not be on it at all. But my doctor thinks the thyroid condition may be related to some other unpleasant issues I’ve been having, so I’m back on it again.)

If my numbers are still too high, she will increase my dosage. I was hoping IF would help with the thyroid, but there was no change as of early March.

Yes, I’m still intermittent fasting. In fact, I just got Gin’s newest book — Fast, Feast, Repeat.

It is much better organized than her first book, Delay Don’t Deny, which I always hesitate to recommend because I found it a little disjointed.

Now I know that it was self-published, and she wrote it fairly quickly, having no idea it would become so popular. It was a lot of her personal story, whereas her newer book is intended to be more of a resource.

Plus, there has been a lot of science to come out about IF since then, so Fast, Feast, Repeat has more of that as well. I highly recommend it if you’ve been curious about IF, or if you’ve tried it and felt like it didn’t work for you. Or even if you’re doing IF and want more knowledge about it.

I also highly recommend Dr. Fung’s The Obesity Code. (You don’t have to be obese to benefit from the information in the book.)

It’s very enlightening as to why we gain weight, and why most diets only work for a time. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the yo-yo of weight loss/gain/loss/gain, you need to read this book. That’s my PSA for the day.

Actually, I have two. The other is fashion-related.

The next Adore Your Wardrobe Course starts on Wednesday, and Kelly has added one final bonus to sweeten the deal. When you enroll for the July session, you get access to her Buying Guides By Body Type.

These guides contain 13 curated outfits, plus three remixes for all four seasons that are specific to body types. It’s a $75 value, and it’s only available to students who sign up for the July session.

I found her courses so helpful for learning how to dress my individual body type. If that’s something you struggle with, I highly recommend them — all of them. (I’ve only done the first two, but I’m sure the third is amazing as well.)

Okay, that’s it for me! I’m off to take a walk before it gets too hot.

I hope you have a spectacular Sunday!


June Favorites 2020

Good morning on this last Saturday in June! This month sure did fly for me. Anyone else?

I’m slipping my June Favorites in here under the wire. This is a collection of new finds and old favorites I’m particularly loving right now.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen

I picked a bunch this month, so let’s dive right in!

June Favorites

one // These jeans are a different look for me, but once I started wearing them, I really love them for casual summer days.

The denim is super soft, and the chewed up hems keep them uber casual. They’re spendy, but they’re currently 25% off at Nordstrom. (They run TTS; I have the 28.)

If you like the look but not the price tag, consider this pair from Everlane, and just cut off the hems. See how I do my own DIY raw hems.

In the above picture, I’m also wearing the Rag & Bone Vee Tee and Birk Madrid.

two // These Birks are another new favorite find this season. I find myself wearing them almost every day at some point. They’re sort of my summer slippers.

I was able to score them when on sale, but they’re so supportive and comfortable, I would have paid full price.

The color I have (Old Rose Nubuck) is mostly gone, but there are a bunch of new colors out now that are really fun too, or there’s always a classic neutral like brown or black.

three // I ordered this necklace on a whim, and I love it! It’s a little bigger than my typical pendant, but still delicate.

The price is right, and I think it looks more expensive than it is.

Also, I’m wearing this tank, which is (no joke) only $4.99. It’s final sale, but it fits the same as their other Whisper Cotton Tanks; I have the small.

four // Never thought I’d love a skort, but here I am! This one is so comfortable, plus flattering, and also quite versatile. It can be dressed up or down.

It’s TTS; I have the 6 regular, and it also comes in tall sizes if you want a longer length. It also comes in 3 other really pretty colors.

(Also wearing this tank.)

five // These utility shorts are such a nice alternative to denim, and they are still fully stocked! The taupe color is super versatile, and I really like the utility details.

They’re also on sale for $49. They run a little big; I sized down to a 4.

(Also wearing this top.)

six // This wrap is so so so soft, you guys. I wear it almost every morning over my pajamas, but it can certainly be worn with jeans, or to and from yoga class.

It comes in a ton of colors, and while it’s pricey, you will definitely get your cost per wear out of it. It runs true to size, with a generous fit. I have the small.

seven // This tank was fully stocked when I bought it, but it’s already selling out. It’s really cute, very soft and stretchy, and the cut is great.

It gives you enough coverage to be modest but it will still keep you cool and comfy on hot days. It runs TTS; I have the small.

(Also wearing these shorts and these sandals… super comfy sandals. The bag sold out.)

eight // This COOLA Piña Colada organic sunscreen spray is my go-to body sunscreen.

I love the scent, and it’s organic, so free of so many of the harmful chemicals in drugstore sunscreens. Plus it goes on easily and doesn’t leave any nasty residue.

The picture is of this travel kit, which I also love.

nine // Y’all! Ann Taylor is running a sale this weekend: Loyalty Members get 50% off full price styles, and non-menbers get 40% off.

This floral top is so cute. I would say it runs a little small. I’m wearing a small, but if you’re in between sizes, you may want to size up for a little more wiggle room.

Also, these sailor shorts are restocked in all sizes, petite as well, and also on sale. They’re TTS; I have the 6. See more in THIS POST.

ten // This is another casual tank I’ve been loving this summer. So easy to throw on with jean shorts, and also looks good with a skort.

This tank comes in a ton of colors, and some are on sale. This Estruscan Clay is $17.50.  It’s TTS; I have the small.

eleven // These are one of my favorite pairs of white shorts. They’re a 4″ inseam, so on the shorter side. The cuffed raw hem is casual, but not juvenile.

They run TTS; I have the 28. (I’m also wearing this LOFT top, which is 40% off, and these metallic sandals.)

twelve // These are my favorite fashion face masks, although sometimes I find it easier to breathe in the paper ones. But these are really cute, and they stay on well.

They have them for men and kids as well, and they recently introduced another pack with summer patterns.

thirteen // I’ve been using this Philosophy water cream day and night this summer. It’s lightweight and goes on really cool and smooth. It soaks in quickly but keeps your skin hydrated but not oily.

fourteen // This Everlane tee is so cute on. I like the body con fit for a change, and the feminine cut around the neck and shoulders and arms.

It’s soft and stretchy and comfortable, but I do recommend sizing up one from your normal. I’m wearing the medium.

(Also wearing my Miller sandals in my regular size 8, and this denim pencil skirt, but it sold out.)

fifteen // I’ve been using this Essie Gel Couture in #40 when I don’t have professional gel on my nails.

It’s supposed to last a little longer than regular nail polish, and I guess it does, but mainly I just like the color. It’s the perfect year-round neutral, and it’s also really shiny and easy to apply.

sixteen // I love Soma pajamas, and these are just $29.99. I’m actually wearing them right now!

They are sooo soft and comfortable. I know I say that about every other item in this list, but that’s what I get excited about these days!

This pattern was fully stocked as of a couple days ago, but now there are only sizes XS, S, and M available. So act fast if you like them! There are a few other short sleeve pj sets on sale as well.

And that’s a wrap! I’m off this morning to get my first mani/pedi in 4 months… I am SO excited!!!

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The Leith Ruched Tank Dress Styled

Happy Friday, friends! This popular Leith ruched tank dress is on sale and currently available in 8 colors, so I thought I’d share a couple of ways I like to style it.

This dress has ruching on one side and a tulip hemline. It’s definitely a body-con fit, so I recommend sizing up. I’m wearing the medium.

The nicest thing about wearing a dress is you’re one and done, so I try not to overthink it. The easiest and most obvious way to style it is as a stand-alone outfit.

My dress is charcoal color, so I decided to wear black strappy flat sandals. A silver metallic would also be nice with this.

Because the dress is fairly simple, it needs some accessories.

I wore a silver necklace, a pair of casual hoop earrings, and a layered look bracelet. I also added my favorite sunnies.

You can also take this dress down a notch by throwing a denim jacket over it and wearing it with sneakers.

This denim jacket is an old stand-by. I love the fit and the comfort level. It has a really nice shape to it and is so flattering.

Here’s a better look at that bracelet. It’s an old favorite from Stella & Dot, and happily, it still in stock!

I love the combination of gray leather, silver chain, neutral beads, and labradorite.

These shoes are my P448 Johns. My exact pattern is no longer carried, but there are a lot of other fun styles, and several are 25% off right now at Nordstrom.

I wore these a ton in the winter and spring, but I tend to forget about them now that it’s summer. They’re very comfortable, and I love the fun details. I’m so tempted to get another pair while they’re on sale. I’ve had my eye on the White/Silver Python for some time now.

A similar style for less is the Steve Madden Rezza sneaker. I like these a lot, and they’re also leather.

I love this casual look for running errands, or if/when we ever get to go back to the mall.

A denim jacket is nice have when you’re going to be in and out of air conditioning, but of course I can remove it when I don’t need it, and the outfit still looks complete.

You can also see this dress styled with a long cardigan… from back in 2017! Yes, this dress has been around for a LONG time.

Outfit Details:

ruched tank dress // denim jacket // sandals // similar sneakers // bracelet // sunnies // earringsnecklace (sold out)

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell


Two Stylish Ways to Wear White Shorts

White shorts are a summer staple, and this year, with so many events being held outside, I find myself gravitating to my white shorts more than ever. I actually have more white shorts in my closet right now than I do jean shorts!

Today I’m styling two casual outfits with a pair of white twill shorts from Nordstrom.

These shorts are Caslon, one of my favorite Nordstrom Made brands, and they come in five color ways.

They have a classic fit with front slant pockets and back welt pockets, and they’re a nice, versatile mid-thigh length that is pretty much universally flattering. The regular inseam is 5 1/2″, and of course you could cuff them if you want them shorter.

We talked on Monday about the pleasing juxtaposition of pairing a long sleeved top with shorts, and I can’t get enough of it right now.

This striped sweater has exposed seams, a wide scoop neck, and 3/4 sleeves with cuffs that are stitched so they stay in place.

I love how it’s super slouchy and has a great drape. You could definitely size up for more of an oversized fit, but I’m wearing my usual size small.

It’s also very thin, to the point of being a little see-through, but I actually like that about it. It keeps it summery and gives it a casual-cool vibe.

I wore this Halogen camisole underneath, and I think it adds interest to see the under layer. You could also do a bralette, if you’re comfortable with that.

I decided to go with brown sandals and handbag to keep the look casual and offset the cool tones in the sweater and shorts.

This leather hobo is made of a soft, pebbled leather, and it’s a great price.

Since it’s Nordstrom made, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck because you aren’t paying extra for a designer label. Plus, it’s on sale on top of that! I’ve been very pleased with the Nordstrom made handbags I’ve had.

This rich pecan color is super versatile, and it also comes in black and white.

My sandals are also by Caslon, and I love the sleek crossover straps and toe ring.

They’re the perfect minimalistic slip-on-and go style, and they’re very easy to walk in because the straps are set back closer to the ankle.

They have some light padding in the footbed, and the leather straps are comfortable and don’t rub or blister. They run true to size; I’m wearing the 8.

I accessorized with brushed gold teardrop earrings and a casual pearl necklace. I love how the pearl resembles a seashell.

Both have sold out, but Halogen makes a lot of pretty fashion jewelry. This molten disc pendant and these resin drop earrings would also be really pretty with this look.

All in all, I think this look is the epitome of beachy chic.

Okay, so I just made that up, but I totally think beachy chic should be a thing.

I am clearly not at the beach, but if I was, I would be wearing this out to dinner every night.

Meanwhile, this is the perfect outfit for cool summer nights in the backyard with a mojito in hand, and I will definitely be bringing it along for my Maine vacation in a few weeks.

If you live an area where cool and summer are an oxymoron, I have an outfit for you too.

I styled these same shorts with a colorful tank top for a casual look that’s perfect for warm vacation destinations or just hanging out at home during these dog days of summer.

This cheerful strped ribbed tank is from the Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific collaboration.

It’s soft and stretchy, and the contrasting trim around the neck and armholes is a nice detail.

The straps are nice and wide so there’s no issue with exposed bra straps, and the v-neckline is flattering but not too low. It’s a classic 25″ length, which works well for most women.

I’m actually hoping it shrinks up a bit in the wash, but I left it untucked with these shorts and just bunched it a little to shorten it to suit my short-waisted frame.

Both pieces run true to size. I’m wearing a small in the top, and these shorts are a size 6.

I thought this straw hobo was really fun for summer too, but unfortunately it sold out right after I purchased it. I’ll keep watching for restocks and let you know if it pops up again. Another great option is this straw tote.

I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit almost every day this summer. Since I spend most of my days at home, and it’s been quite warm here in Philly, this look makes me feel cool and comfortable but put together.

As always, you can rely on Nordstrom for free shipping and returns, or if you need something right away, they offer curbside pickup and BOPUS (buy online, pick up in store) at most locations.

Plus, there are tons of benefits to being a The Nordy Club, especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale quickly approaching! I’ll have more info on that for you very soon.

Outfit Details:

white shorts // stripe sweater // stripe tank // sandals // leather hobo // straw tote option

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell


A Casual Drawstring Dress for Summer

Happy hump day, friends. Welcome back to 22 Days of Summer Fashion, a stylish collaboration with Cyndi Spivey! Today I’m styling a tweedknit drawstring dress from LOFT.

It’s been going in and out of stock, so I wanted to get this out to you while there is still a good selection of sizes left. It’s also 40% off with code SUNNY.

This dress is another good alternative to shorts for casual events, running errands, or just hanging out at home.

I love a dress with an elasticized drawstring waist because it helps shape the waist area, and it stays in place. Plus, you can set it where you want it to get the proper proportions.

This one is Lou & Grey for LOFT, and it’s made of a nubby textured fabric in a creamy ivory that’s reminds me of vanilla ice cream.

I personally think vanilla ice cream is severely underrated. What about you?

People get all excited about different flavors with all sorts of mix-ins, but there’s nothing quite like a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. Plus, it’s the perfect accompaniment to fruit pies and crisps.

But I digress… back to this dress!

The dolman cuffed sleeves are a nice touch, and it also has a slightly rounded hemline. The skirt fits straight without flaring or clinging, and best of all, it has pockets!

This dress measures 37″ from shoulder to hem, so it falls a few inches above the knee on my 5’5″ frame. It runs true to size; I’m wearing the small, for reference.

I paired it with these snake print thong sandals. These are the Gigi by Sam Edelman, and they’re one of his most popular styles. They’ve been around for years.

The snake print picks up the beige tones from the dress and brings a nice texture and pattern to the look. I also like this style for a less expensive option.

If you’re not a fan of snake, brown or gold sandals would also look great with this dress.

FYI, I recommend sizing up half in these sandals. I’m wearing the 8 1/2, and they just fit.

Because this dress is rather plain, I wanted to jazz it up with some fun accessories. I added a Victoria Emerson boho cuff and a pair of acrylic hoop earrings.

Unfortunately both styles are sold out, but Victoria Emerson has tons of other great pieces. This Bilboa cuff is similar to mine.

As for the earrings, I’ve actually had good luck on Amazon. I love this pair of tortoiseshell hoops, and they’re under $10!

I also carried that straw hobo that I shared on Monday. It’s also sold out, but you can shop a lot more straw bags at Nordstrom, and I also love this Brighton one at Zappo’s, but it’s more expensive.

My Rag & Bone sunnies have a brown base to their tortoiseshell frames, so they seemed like the perfect choice. This pair is similar and on sale, and this pair is a similar style for under $100.

This outfit is perfect for casual get togethers with friends, dining out, or whatever else you might be up to this summer. It would also be great for travel days because the dress is stretchy and and comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle.

Outfit Details:

dress // sandals // bag // sunnies (option) // similar earrings // similar bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

For the Pinners…

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photos: Alison Cornell


Floral Ruffle Neck Shell Two Ways

Greetings, friends, and welcome back to 22 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m partnering with Ann Taylor to style this floral ruffle neck shell two ways.

I absolutely adore this top! It’s such a fresh and pretty floral pattern for summer, and it has the perfect fitted-but-not-tight silhouette.

The v-neckline is flattering but modest, the straps are wide enough to be bra-friendly, and it’s cut nice and high under the arms. Plus, the ruffle detail around the neckline is so feminine and pretty.

This top is 100% linen, so be sure to wash on the delicate cycle and lay flat to dry, but that makes it super lightweight and breathable — perfect for the hottest summer days.

The 24” length is great too, so you can tuck it in or leave it out. It runs true to size; I’m wearing my usual size small.

Now that most of our dining is happening al fresco, I’ve been looking for some dressier shorts.

It’s too hot to wear my go-to white jeans if we’re dining out in the middle of the day, so these linen/rayon sailor shorts are the perfect solution.

The button-front pockets give off a nautical vibe, and they’re dressier than my typical denim or chino shorts. Plus, they’re lightweight and breathable. They’re also fully lined, so there’s no show-through.

These shorts have a 4″ inseam, and they run true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 6.

Unfortunately, sizes have already been depleted, but I’m hoping they restock. I’ll keep an eye out for you!

To keep the outfit comfortable yet classy, I opted for a flat sandal. These sandals have a padded footbed and adjustable ankle strap, and they’re such a fun neutral.

I love how the cork adds texture to the outfit, and the gold detail on the heel is an extra special touch. These are TTS; I have the 8.

This outfit is perfect for dining out, get-togethers with friends, or anytime you want a leveled-up summer look that will keep you cool and comfortable.

I went with a front-tuck to keep my proportions in check, and also to show off the buttons on the shorts; but in the next look, I’ll show this top untucked as well.

For my second look, I swapped out the shorts for these white frayed hem skinny crop jeans.

When I’m going to be outside in the evening or indoors in the A/C, white jeans are generally my go-to choice of bottoms, although you do run the risk of looking like everyone else in your dinner party.

If I’m meeting friends, I usually check to see what they’re wearing. Yes, I am that friend!

The frayed hem on these jeans is right on-trend, and these are the perfect crop length with a 26″ inseam.

I also swapped out my flat sandals for these gold embossed leather block heel sandals.

The croc-embossed leather adds texture and shine to the look, and the 2 1/4″ heel gives you a little extra height while keeping them walkable. Plus, I love the cylindrical shape for added interest.

They also have the square toe that is trending right now.

I accessorized both looks with this straw clutch and a gold embossed cuff bracelet that repeats the texture in the sandals..

A straw bag is a great summer neutral that goes with everything, but unfortunately it just sold out. I’ll keep an eye on it for restocks.

I also wore these pearl and shell drop earrings. I like how they’re understated, but also unique.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good close-up of them, but at least you can get a good idea of their size. I was actually was expecting them to be larger, but I like them fine. You can see their up-close details better on the website.

With my dark hair, I like earrings that are light colored and have enough shine to be visible, especially when they’re on a smaller scale, and these are perfect.

I decided to leave the top untucked with this second look, although it would work either way. Because of the 24″ length, I still get that desirable 2:1 ratio, even with the crop jeans.

Also, the gold sandals are low contrast against my skin, so that helps elongate the lower body and make me look longer and leaner. #yesplease

Outfit Details:

ruffle neck shell // sailor shorts // cork sandals // frayed hem jeans // gold sandals // earrings // bracelet // straw clutch

Be sure to check out Ann Taylor for all their newest summer arrivals, and then hop on over and visit Cyndi to see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell


Sweater and Shorts Outfit for Summer

Good morning, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day. Today I’m styling a sweater and shorts outfit for summer.

I wanted to get this post up asap because this tie-front sweater is 70% off, and it’s starting to sell out. Sometimes LOFT restocks, but there are no guarantees.

Pairing long sleeves with shorts is one way to create juxtaposition — an unexpected combination that helps keep outfits interesting.

Now, I know I will get comments from those of you living in super hot climates. Yes, a summer sweater is a thing! LOL!!! We get a lot of cool evenings here in the northeast, plus sometimes the A/C is blasting, and you want a little extra coverage.

This sweater is such a gorgeous shade of coral. I also like the slouchy silhouette, extra wide neckline, and tie front detail.

They were generous with the sleeve length, and it has a slightly rolled hem at the waist and sleeves — all subtle details that add interest to this simple look.

Plus, depending on where you live, you can potentially wear it three seasons of the year.

If orange isn’t your thing, it also comes in a versatile off-white that they call Fresh Linen. It runs true to size, or size down if in between. I’m wearing the small.

These are the Lucky Brand Garston sandals, and this platinum color is from last year, but they’re still available in lots of other colors.

They have a molded footbed, and the straps are a super soft and flexible leather, so these sandals are very comfortable.

I often wear them here at home when I know I’m going to be doing a lot of standing and I want support. They’re also great for occasions when you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

You can find these sandals at Nordstrom and Zappo’s, and I recommend sizing up half. I’m wearing the 8 1/2.

These shorts are from Gap, and they sold out early in the season and haven’t been restocked. If you’re a 28 Tall, you’re in luck!

Otherwise, J.Crew has a couple of similar pairs here and here. And the Kut from the Kloth boyfriend shorts from Evereve are a great longer option, with a 7″ inseam. See more of those in this post.

I kept my accessories simple with hammered silvertone hoops and my favorite Yurman link bracelet. My earrings are sold out, but Chico’s has lots of pretty casual jewelry at affordable prices, if you want to browse.

This bag also sold out soon after I ordered it, but I love a straw bag for summer, and the hobo style is one of my favorites. The slouchy silhouette gives it a bit of a boho vibe. See more straw bags at Nordstrom.

I love the sweater and shorts combo, but you can also see this sweater with both white and blue jeans in yesterday’s Try-On Haul if you want to check out more styling options.

Outfit Details:

sweater // shorts (longer option) // sandals // bag // earrings // bracelet // sunnies

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell


Summer Try-On Haul: LOFT, Old Navy, Talbots, Ann Taylor & Nordstrom

Happy Father’s Day! I’m BACK with that Try-On Haul I promised. I’ve got a bunch of fun summer styles from LOFT, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Talbots, and more!

Sorry I wasn’t able to get this post up yesterday, but these always take longer than I expect them to. Time management is not my strong suit.

This is a long one, so let’s dive right in.

Try-On Haul: LOFT, Old Navy, Talbots, Ann Taylor & Nordstrom

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with a slight hourglass shape. My usual sizes are 6/28 in pants/jeans, small in tops, and a 6 in dresses. I’ll try to mention the sizes of each piece and how they run, but if I forget any, feel free to ask in the comments.

Trunk Club Unboxing

I got a Trunk Club delivery this week, and there is so much goodness in here. I’m having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to send back, but I’m sure y’all will help me decide!

If you’re not familiar, Trunk Club is a styling service owned and sourced by Nordstrom. You’re assigned a personal stylist, and then you fill out information on your sizes, budget, style preferences, needs, etc. There’s a $25 styling fee, which goes toward your purchase (and it’s waived for Nordstrom Cardmembers.)

You set up how often you want to get a delivery, and if you have any special requests, and then you get a box delivered to your doorstep! You get to try on everything in your own home, and you only pay for what you keep. My stylist also puts together outfit ideas based on what’s in my box and what I’ve already purchased, which is really cool too.

Trunk Club gets better the longer you use it because you get to know your stylist, and she learns your style and sizing.

Even though I shop for a living, my stylist always finds me some cute things I never noticed, and gets me to try things I wouldn’t have ordered on my own.

So here’s what came in this month’s box!

Splendid Riva Sandwash Jersey Tank Dress

I fell in love with this the second I pulled it out of the box. It is the most luscious fabric, oh my word! Splendid is known for their soft fabrics, but this is a whole other level.

It’s their signature Sandwash fabric, a modal/polyester blend.

I also really like this style. It’s just so carefree and easy.

I know it’s not super flattering, but that’s not the point. It’s supposed to be loose and comfortable.

Oh, and it has pockets too!

Unfortunately it is cut a little low under the arms and in the chest… not too bad, but if I could have the straps taken up an inch, it would fit even better.

I’ll probably pair it with a metallic sandal, not these brown ones, but I happened to have them on, and they work.

The Trunk Club price is $66.60 — that’s 55% off! That works out well for me, but unfortunately, it’s sold out at Nordstrom and full price at So not such good news for you.

VERDICT: I’m tempted to keep it and have it altered. I don’t have a lot of casual dresses like this. In fact, I’m thinking it might be perfect for wearing to our Father’s Day lunch out this afternoon. What do you think?

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tank

This tank isn’t new to me. Madewell has carried it for several seasons, but when I tried it in the past, I didn’t love it. They must have tweaked it because this one is perfection!

The fabric is 100% cotton, and it’s rinsed with a special enzyme wash for extra softness. The length is 25 1/2″ so I gave it a front-tuck.

It has a relaxed fit but not voluminous fit and a really nice drape, and it also fits nicely around the arms, which can be an issue for me.

This tank also comes in white and grey, and it runs TTS; I’m wearing the small.

You can also find it at Zappo’s (with their free, fast shipping) but the best price right now is at They’re running a deal — choose any 3 Whisper Cotton Tees or Tanks for $45, and they have some fun striped versions. Also, shipping is free for Madewell Insiders, and there is no fee to join.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Caslon Linen Jogger Pants

These pants are a nice alternative to shorts, and they come in 5 colors. They’re 100% linen, so very breathable and soft. The inseam is 26″.

They’re kind of cute, but I’m just not a huge fan of an elastic waist on me. They sit so far below my actual waist, right where I have a bit of a muffin top, and it seems to exaggerate that.

I was actually considering keeping them, but the rear view was the deal breaker. I feel like they make me look wider back there than I already am, and those pocket flaps are too high or something.

But they’re cool and comfortable, and they have a nice cut to the legs. I think a lot of you would like them.

VERDICT: Returning… I think? I may need to try them on again before I decide for sure.

Cole Haan Anica Sandal

These sandals are SO comfortable. Padded footbed with soft leather straps, lining, and sole. They’re adjustable so very stable to walk in… I didn’t want to take them off. (Just pay no nevermind to my janky pedicure.)

There’s no arch support to speak of but otherwise, these are AMAZING for finicky feet. And cute too!

Some other colors are 30% off at Nordstrom, and you can find a few other styles on a deeper discount at Nordstrom Rack. Also, Zappo’s has a ton, and some are on sale as well.

They run TTS; I’m in the 8.

VERDICT: Keeping!

AG The Ex-Boyfriend Slim Jeans

These jeans feel like a slice of heaven here on earth. They are soooo soft and comfortable, and they’re also one of AG’s most long-running popular styles.

The boyfriend jean never really goes out of style, and these almost read a more of a straight crop, which is totally trending right now.

That said, I’ve never felt like this is the best look for me. Boyfriend jeans tend to be cut a little wider in the thighs than a straight jean, and I like my jeans to be more fitted in the thighs.

Plus, AG does go on sale from time to time, so I have to really love them and want them right now to pay full price.

They do look cute with this eyelet tee, though, and also with the strappy sandals.

Here’s how they look with a more fitted tee. I like them this way even better.

Because they have a relaxed fit through the thighs, they look better with a top that doesn’t also have extra volume.

VERDICT: Returning… They’re cute and casual, and I like them, but I know I can get them on sale if I wait.

Rails Amelia Tie Sleeve Blouse

I wanted to love this top. The material is so cute, and the quality is really good. I love the cuff ties on the sleeves and the way it’s fitted around the bust and through the waist. Unfortunately, it’s too small for me. I would need the medium.

Here’s a look at the back. It’s definitely on the shorter side and really needs a higher waist pant, but I think it would be really cute in the medium.

Also, my stylist pictured it with white shorts in her outfit ideas. I think I would like it a lot with white shorts.

My Trunk Club price is $94.80, which is 40% off. Unfortunately, it’s sold out at Nordstrom, but there’s one size Large on sale at Shopbop.

I also found it fully stocked, but not on sale, at Revolve. If you aren’t familiar, Revolve does free shipping and free returns, and I’ve always had very good experiences ordering from them.

VERDICT: Returning

Caslon Eyelet Detail T-Shirt

This top is expensive for what it is, but I really like the eyelet detail, and I realized when trying this on that I don’t have any elevated white tops that aren’t basic t-shirts or graphic tees.

The material is 60% cotton, 40% modal, so it has a nice drape and feel to it, and it has a slub cotton texture that adds interest and gives it that “cool factor” that offsets the feminine eyelet.

Here’s a look a the back.

Yoiks! The jeans really do nothing for my backside, do they?

This top has a boxy fit, and the length is 24 1/2″ so I felt like it needed a bit of a front tuck. I think it would look better with a higher rise jean, but it works okay with these.

VERDICT: Keeping! I do think it’s a bit overpriced, but I don’t have anything like it, and it’s no longer available on the Nordstrom website so I can’t hold out for a sale.

Caslon Shirred V-Neck Tee

Unfortunately, this tee seems to be sold out as well. It appears that Nordstrom uses Trunk Club to get rid of older styles that are too low inventory to keep on their site… but often that means you get a really good price.

I remember trying this tee on in store a while ago… probably last summer. It did nothing for me at the time because I was 5-10 lbs over my happy weight.

Even now, it fits snugly and I’m sucking my gut in to take these pictures. I don’t think I’d be comfortable in it on a regular basis, although it’s a really cute style. I love the shape of the v-neck and the cut of the sleeves.

It looks cute from the back…

I don’t know. Maybe it’s not too tight. Again, a higher rise jean might work better and look smoother, especially from the front.

The side view isn’t bad either, so maybe I should keep it. I’ll have to try it again and sit in it and see what I think.

I feel like I need the medium, but that doesn’t appear to be available anymore, so….

VERDICT: Undecided. What do you think?

Tory Burch Emmy Sandals $198

So many shoes, so little time… I love these. The minimalist design is so classy and the color is nice too.

They’re comfortable enough. There is some padding in the footbed, but my foot does slide around a bit when I walk. The Cole Haan (above) are way more practical.

They run TTS, and they also come in gold and black.

VERDICT: I’m so tempted to keep these, but my sandal situation is out of control at the moment. I decided to keep the Cole Haan instead because they’re more practical, and I do have to be careful with my finicky feet. But if these go on sale in the future, I may have to snag them.

Rebecca Taylor Scarlet Floral Sleeveless Linen Dress $222.75 $495

Now, this one IS still available at Nordstrom for the sale price. And this dress is AMAZING. I am so in love. The quality is impeccable as well… as it should be for that price.

Even on sale, it would be a splurge, but if I had the occasion to wear it, I’d keep it in a heartbeat. This is perfect if you have a summer wedding coming up.

The seaming, and everything is just meticulous.

It’s fully lined, and made of a heavy linen with embroidered floral pattern.

I love the ruffles, the cut of the neck, everything. Perfection.

It’s hard to see here, but the way the zipper is covered is so nice.

Details like that are what set higher quality garments like this one apart from their cheaper counterparts.

My only caveat is that I would need to have the straps shortened if I were to keep it.This is the size 8, and while I have some wiggle room, I think it’s supposed to fit this way…. although looking at the back view, I maybe could size down.

It’s a little long under the arms and in the neckline, so I’d need to have the straps taken up a bit to make it a more perfect fit.

Okay, sorry for so many pictures. Clearly I love this dress!

It pains me to return it, but hopefully someone reading needs it and will grab it because it’s gorgeous, and an amazing price for this brand.

also wearing: similar Tory Burch sandals (mine are an older style)

VERDICT: Returning… sniff sniff. I just can’t justify the price with no appropriate occasions on my calendar.

Talbots Loungewear

Okay, that’s it for Trunk Club! I also ordered a few pieces of loungewear from Talbots.

If you’re in the market for loungewear, these pieces are high quality and classic. They should last for years.

These pieces are 67% Modal, 29% Polyester, 4% Spandex, and the washing instructions indicate you should lay them out to dry.

All of these pieces come in petite, plus, and plus petite sizes; and I found them to run smaller than typical of Talbots.

I’m wearing a small in all of them, and they just fit. I don’t think you should size up, necessarily, but if you are accustomed to Talbots running big, these are more true to size.

Unfortunately, they are not on sale at the moment, but Talbots runs frequent sales so I’d definitely hold out till you can get them at a discount. I’ll keep an eye out for you!

Talbots Lightweight Jersey Open Cardigan

I really like the design of this cardigan. They were generous with the length of the arms, and the stand collar and traditional shoulder seams are flattering.

It has a shirttail hem that I also like a lot.

While I like my tees to have a straight hem, I think a shirttail hem on a cardigan is typically more flattering because it adds some curves rather than being so boxy.

Talbots Lightweight Jersey Lounge Pants

Here’s a close-up of the pants.

They have a 28″ inseam with a slit hem, and they’re slightly tapered. They have a slim fit, but they’re not a legging fit by any means. Very nice!

I also like the slightly heathered look to the fabric.

Talbots Stripe Lounge Tank

This tank has a rather boxy fit, and it’s longer than some, but for pajamas, I like that okay. I hate it when my tops ride up when I’m sleeping.

It fits nicely around the arms and over the bra.

I like how the stripes coordinate with the pants and cardigan but create some contrast.

These pieces are perfect for vacationing with extended family or when you have houseguests, and you want to be able to wear pajamas or loungewear in the early mornings or evenings, but you want to feel covered up.

VERDICT: I did get these when they were on a 40% off sale, so I’m keeping them.

Talbots Gia Rattan Buckle Sandals $79.50

Okay, so these clearly aren’t loungewear, but they’re from Talbots, so I’ll throw them in here.

I ordered these sandals on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. They’re extremely comfortable, and they are adjustable so you can get a snug fit.

I think the rattan buckle detail is so cute, and metallic sandals are super versatile. These were also 40% off when I ordered them, but they’re not on sale right now, so definitely wait if you’re interested in ordering.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Old Navy Try-Ons

Old Navy Loose Linen-Blend Henley

I’ve already styled this top on the blog in the green, but I took these pictures so I figured I’d share here too.

The material is 52% linen and 48% polyester, and it’s soft and flowy and very breathable.

It comes in a bunch of solids and patterns, and it runs true to size. I have the small.

I styled it with blue jean shorts for the blog, so here you can see how good it looks with white too.

Here it is in the black floral.

I feel like the solid is a little more modern. I’m not 100% sold on the black and white floral, although I do like the two stripe prints and the grey marl quite a bit.

VERDICT: Keeping the green.

also wearing: Madewell 10-inch crop skinny jeans ($89.50 + 35% off) with Steve Madden Vivien sandals

Old Navy Wide-Leg Linen-Blend Pants $32 + 25% off

I get a lot of requests for wide leg pants in the summertime, and this right here is why I never wear them.

I thought this stripe print was so pretty, so I figured I’d give them a try, but as usual, they make me look about 10 pounds heavier than I really am.

These are particularly unfortunate from behind.

Granted, they would look better with a more form-fitting top, and I probably should have thrown on a white tank for the sake of this post, but the elastic waist just does not work for me.

I don’t know if it’s because I have wider hips and thinner legs, or because I’m short-waisted, or a combination of both, but I’ve never found this look to be flattering on me.

VERDICT: returning

LOFT Try-Ons

LOFT has a lot of new summer styles out, and a lot of them are great for the July 4th holiday, so I placed an order and paid for overnight shipping so I could get them out to you asap.

I also noticed, they didn’t have models wearing a lot of the new styles, so it’s harder to tell what they will look like in person by looking at the website. Hopefully my try-on haul will help!

They’re running a promo this weekend: Rewards Loyalty Members get 50% off tops and 40% off everything else, with free standard shipping and free returns with code ALLIN.

I will add, standard shipping is taking weeks, so if you want anything soon, opt for the Store Pickup option, or consider paying rush shipping. If you place a larger order, it may be worth it.

LOFT Beach Floral Wrap Midi Dress

I’m hitting it out of the ballpark with dresses this week!

This one is a really soft jersey knit, and it has a faux tie wrap detail that’s really cute — and it hides a multitude of sins.

Oooops… looks like I got my strap twisted, but it should cover the bra straps perfectly.

Here’s a close-up of the tie detail. I would need to have the straps taken up about an inch if I were to keep this dress.

I think this fabric is really cute too. Definitely worth keeping and having the straps shortened! I think I’d like it better with a flat sandal, though.

also wearing: similar Tory Burch sandals (mine are an older style) & LOFT coin charm necklace

VERDICT: Keeping!

LOFT Tie Front Sweater

It’s kind of late in the season to be buying sweaters, but we do get some mild summer days here in Philly and nights can get chilly, and I absolutely love this color.

This sweater is very thin and breathable, and I love the tie waist detail. It runs TTS; I have the small.

FYI, these jeans are on sale plus 35% off, which brings them down to $58.17 in cart! They’re true to size, nice and thick and soft, and they also come in petite and tall sizes.

also wearing: Madewell 10-inch crop skinny jeans ($89.50 + 35% off) with Sam Edelman Gigi sandals

Here’s the sweater with light wash jeans. I think the coral and light wash denim is so pretty together.

VERDICT: Keeping!

also wearing: Paige Hoxton vintage crop skinny jeans (TTS; 30% off) with Steve Madden Vivien sandals

LOFT Catch Me By The Sea Tee

I thought this tee was going to be sooo cute, but it’s very thin, and also short and boxy. If you order it, I would recommend sizing up. (I’m in the small.)

I do like the colors and the sentiment. It’s kind of an elevated graphic tee with all kinds of summer vibes. The cuffed sleeves are cute too.

VERDICT: Returning; I don’t mind that it’s thin, especially at 50% off, but it’s too small.

LOFT Lacy Pocket Pull On Shorts

I’ve had a lot of requests for more more comfortable non-denim shorts, so I ordered these, and they’re really cute.

They don’t fit too wide, like so many shorts do, and they’re a nice length. I also like the lace detail on the pocket.

I don’t usually like elastic waist pants and shorts, but these actually look really good.

These are super comfortable, and also a lot cooler than denim.

also wearing: Caslon Oskar Flat Slide Sandals (TTS)

VERDICT: Keeping! I was surprised that I actually like these. Definitely a nice option to have when I’m not feeling like denim.

LOFT Hoodie Top

I had high hopes for this top, and I love the material — it’s soft and cool and comfortable. But I don’t love the hi-low hem, and the 21″ front length is very short.

This shows you the back of the hoodie as well as the back of the shorts… I swear, I actually steamed them before this try-on sesh, but I guess I missed a big wrinkle.

I dunno… maybe it’s cute. I just wish it had a straight hem. It feels really nice against the skin.

I would say this hoodie runs true to size; I’m in the small. It also comes in orange, for those who are a fan of that.

also wearing: Caslon Oskar Flat Slide Sandals (TTS)

VERDICT: Returning.

Lou & Grey Star Sweater

This was a big disappointment. I was planning to shoot a look for the 4th with this sweater and jean shorts. It is sooo short. It’s also not soft at all.

It has raglan sleeves, and the sleeve length is generous. Plus I like the rolled neck.

It fits kind of tight in the waist, and it has what they’re calling an elliptical hem — it’s the same as the hoodie above. Whatever they call it, I’m not a fan, and I hope this trend passes quickly.

VERDICT: Returning. But if you haven’t seen these shorts, they are so good!

They’re at Evereve and Kut from the Kloth, and they run true to size. I have the 6.

also wearing: Caslon Oskar Flat Slide Sandals (TTS)

LOFT Sunset Sweater

This sweater is a little better than the last one, but it still runs very small for LOFT. I would need a medium to be comfortable in it.

I like the 3/4 sleeves and the 24 1/4″ length, but I need more wiggle room in the waist.

Also, it’s 55% linen, 45% polyester, so I’m assuming it will shrink some in the wash.

It’s pretty, though, and the design is really cute. It’s a little thin, but that’s not a deal breaker.

While I like it with denim, I think it would also be really cute with blush or coral jeans.

VERDICT: Returning; I may order the medium.

LOFT Crinkle Off The Shoulder Top

Okay, now this top, I love! I just wish I felt more comfortable rocking the off-the-shoulder tops in my daily life. I always feel like they look a little try-hard.

When I pulled this out of the box, I thought it was going to be way too small and short, but it actually fits perfectly.

It is short, though, so you have to be okay with that. It’s only 18″ long, but it comes in tall (as well as petite) sizes. Oh, and it also comes in white.

It cannot be worn on the shoulders, so that’s not an option.

I’m also wearing these earrings, and they’re really fun.

I think this whole look is super cute for July 4th. All I need is a red mani/pedi, and I’m good to go!

also wearing: J.Crew Denim Short in White (TTS) anddTalbots Gia Rattan Buckle Sandals

LOFT Split Neck Mixed Media Top

I feel like the off-the-shoulder top is more flattering, but this one is waaaaay more in my comfort zone.

This one also has a bit of a crinkle texture, at least on the front. The back is a soft woven knit.

It’s 24″ long with a shirred split neck and a relaxed fit.

It’s a little too long to leave untucked with these shorts, but it has a great drape and front-tucks nicely.

Here’s a closer look at the neckline.

This top is just easy! I love it.

also wearing: J.Crew Denim Short in White (TTS) anddTalbots Gia Rattan Buckle Sandals

VERDICT: Keeping!

Ann Taylor Shirtdress Try-Ons

It’s the home stretch, you guys! I have one last item to show you — this adorable shirtdress. But this is another piece that comes with the disclaimer… wait for a sale.

Ann Taylor Covered Button Pocket Shirtdress $139

I ordered this dress in the black and green, and the black is a size 4. (The green is a size 6.) DEFINITELY size down in this. The 4 is plenty big on me.

I like how it’s cut under the arms, but it will require a strapless bra because of the halter styling.

The fabric is lightweight and cool against the skin.

It’s not lined, but it isn’t see-through either. You could wear a half slip if you wanted to be on the safe side… yes, they still make those!

Very, very cute!

also wearing: Sanctuary sandals and Talbots pearl hoop earrings

And here’s the green. You can see the details much better in this color. I love it, but this is the size 6, and it’s way too big.

Here’s a shot of the back, it definitely needs a strapless bra.

I think this dress would be perfect for a summer wedding or other events.

also wearing: Stuart Weitzman sandals and Talbots pearl hoop earrings

VERDICT: Returning both and re-ordering the green in a size 4 when it goes on sale again.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! It was a doozie, I know.

I hope you found some goodies in here, or at least some outfit ideas for shopping your closet.

Have a very happy Father’s Day!

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What I Wore Lately Vol. 15

Happy Saturday and happy First Day of Summer! Even though I’ve been in summer mode for a while now, it’s nice to make it official.

Today I’m sharing what I wore lately. I was going to combine this with a few try-ons that I have saved up, but then I got a bunch of stuff in from LOFT last night, as well as a Trunk Club delivery.

It’s way too much to combine with what I’ve worn over the past few weeks, plus it will take me a few hours to take pictures and compile the post, so I decided to wait and share the try-on haul in a separate post. I’ll publish it later today.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve actually been wearing over the past couple of weeks!

What I Wore Lately

Two weekends ago, our county and those around us had just moved into the yellow phase of reopening, which means restaurants can have outdoor seating at 50% capacity. I wasted no time making a reservation for lunch at one of our favorite spots in town, and that meant breaking out the white jeans.

(I don’t wear white jeans much around the house, or to the doctor appointments and mundane errands that pretty much comprise my social life at the moment, but they’re my go-to for dining out in the summertime and I was so excited to get to wear them.)

First, I tried my white straight crops with this black floral blouse.

Even though I’ve worn that entire outfit once before (I believe it was Mother’s Day) this time I wasn’t feeling it. The blouse tends to balloon out around the middle, and with the straight jeans, it seemed like too much volume overall.

I swapped out the straight jeans for a crop straight, and I like that a little better, but I was still feeling like the blouse just wasn’t very flattering.

Looking at these pictures, it seems to work, but I wasn’t feeling it.

I tried a front tuck, but it still seemed like it added volume in an area where I definitely don’t need it.

So I decided to tone down the look with a more casual shirt, and I swapped the ruffled blouse for this this floral fitted tee. (I have the small, but you may want to size up for a little more wiggle room.)

I was feeling better about that outfit and had about decided to wear it when my 14-y/o popped into my room looking fresh and pretty in shorts and a t-shirt.

She gave me the once-over and informed me that I would roast sitting outside in the mid-day sun wearing jeans, even white ones.

I decided she was right, so I went back to my closet and pulled out these taupe utility shorts and paired them with my black LOFT linen henley. So much for getting to wear my white jeans!

This top seemed like the perfect pairing because it’s lightweight and breathable, and not as form-fitting as the black Everlane tee I’ve worn with these before.

I added my new snake print thong sandals and a black crossbody, some of my favorite jewelry and I was ready to go. (Size up in these sandals, and size down in the shorts; I have a 4.)

It turned out to be a good decision to wear shorts because it was quite hot, and our table was indeed in the sun.

henley tee // shorts // sandals // bracelet // earrings // necklace

The next day was Sunday, and I don’t have any photo evidence of what I wore. I expect I spent the day in pajamas and a swim suit. (Not at the same time, of course!)

I don’t have any pictures of that Monday either, but I wore my new skort and this simple grey tank around the house on the following Tuesday. My daughter had a friend over, and we had dinner plans that night.

tank // skort // sandals // necklace // bracelet

To go out to dinner that night, I ended up going the shorts route yet again.

Funny, I’ve never been one to wear shorts to go out to dinner, but now that “out to dinner” means dining alfresco, I’m learning that shorts make a lot of sense! At least we were on a shaded patio that time, but it was still a warm night, and I was comfortable in this.

floral tank // shorts // sandals

The next day, I had an early morning PT appt, and I kept this on all day.

This cloudlight stratus tee from Athleta is the softest ever, and I love the cut of it and the drape. (My link is defaulting to the petite sizes, so click on Regular if that’s what you’re looking for.) It’s a small, for size reference.

And you’ve seen these Lululemon joggers a gazillion times before. I’m definitely getting my cost per wear out of them! I have the 6 but sometimes wish I’d sized up to the 8. They’re on the snug side.

t-shirt (Volcanic Violet, size small) // joggers // sneakers

I wore this next look to visit Ozzy last Thursday. 😢

My scoopneck tee is sold out in this color, but there are a few sizes left in the black. It’s such a soft, comfy tee.

And these are probably my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. They’re the ones I reach for first when I’m not sure what else I’m going to wear, but I want to be casual and comfortable.

They’re true to size; and they have a 9″ rise, 27″ inseam, and 10″ leg opening, for those who know the measurements they prefer.

This exact wash is gone, but there are more of this Cate style on the rag & bone website, and they’re all marked down right now. This is the closest wash to the ones I have, and they’re fully stocked. This one at Nordstrom is close too.

tee // similar jeans here and here // Birks // pendant // bracelet

And this was last Friday. We had family in town for the weekend, and we spent most of it in the pool.

This is my favorite swimsuit. I got it last year, and I thought it was gone, but I recently discovered it at Her Room. It’s pricey, even with the sale, but this brand is the best I’ve found for fit and support without the frump. In fact, I just ordered this one because I need a smaller size this year. Plus, I only have two suits, and I could really use a third.

My pareo keeps going in and out of stock. I love this for throwing on over my suit to go to and from the pool.

tankini top // matching bikini bottoms // pareo // sandals

I actually think I wore this outfit that morning to go for a walk, and then switched into my swimsuit for the afternoon. The skort is a size 6, and the tank is a small.

tank // skort // sneakers

Paul and I took some outfit pictures last Saturday morning, and I wore this for the rest of the day… or until I switched into my swimsuit. You can see more of this look in Thursday’s post.

tank // skort // sandals // earrings // necklace // bracelet (option) // sunnies (option)

I believe this was Sunday. If I’m not wearing my pareo over my swimsuit, I wear this dress. I like it when there are other people around.

Also, my sun hat is spendy, but it’s gorgeous, and it’s the only sun hat I own. I expect it to last me a very long time.

I bought it because it has SPF and claims to block 95% of UVA and UVB rays, and I wear it when I’m not in the water to help shade my face and chest. I believe it’s the Peanut color.

dress // hat (option) // sandals // sunnies (option)

This was the day I had allergy testing… I guess that was Monday. It was a little chilly, so I wore jeans and a tee.

I actually pulled out my Athleta Pranayama Wrap to wear to the doctor’s office, and I was so glad I did becasue it was FUH-REEZING in there!

Unfortunately, this tee is sold out, but I love these jeans, and they’re currently on sale.

They have a 26″ inseam, 10″ front rise, and 10″ leg opening, and they run small. I’m still in my usual 28, but they’re very snug. If you tend to run in between sizes, you may want to size up.

tee //  jeans (30% off) // Birks

I wore this to take the girls to Target. I first tried on this linen henley with my black cropped utility pants. I loved these pants last year, and they still fit me okay because they were pretty tight back then, but the 8″ rise feels sooo low to me now.

It’s weird how uncomfortable they felt now that I’m used to the higher rises. I even thought they looked kind of funny, and because they’re cropped, the low rise really shortens the line of the leg.

Isn’t it funny how your eye (and your comfort level) adjusts with the trends?

LOFT henley top // Joie utility crops // similar leather espadrilles (option) // pendant // bracelet (option)

Anywho, I decided to take them off and switch to my white Levi’s, and I was soooo much more comfortable. (And I finally got to wear white jeans!)

I think it looks a little more modern too, but I still like those black cargos. I just wish they had a higher rise.

LOFT henley top // Levi’s straight crops // TB Miller sandals (option) // pendant // bracelet (option)

This next look is what I wore after my photo shoot with Alison on Wednesday.

I really like this tank, and it comes in some other patterns and some solids as well. It’s soft and stretchy and comfortable, but it’s a little long. I hope it shrinks some in the wash.

Also, I would not typically wear these earrings with such a casual outfit. (I still had them in from my photo shoot that morning.) They’re really pretty with dresses and blouses, though!

tank // shorts // Birks // earrings

I had to take Paul to pick up his car at the shop early on Thursday morning, so I threw this on.

It was chilly, so I ended up adding a cardigan.

I still wear this Splendid cardigan a few times a week in the summertime. It’s perfect for throwing on over a tank top and shorts or summer pajamas on mild mornings. My off-white color is no more, but it currently comes in black and white.

tank (old, last year) // shorts // cardigan // Birks // specs

And finally, I wore this yesterday. We were planning to have friends over, but our evening fell apart, and I ended up cancelling. We’re going to try again tonight.

This top is so affordable, and it’s easy to wear with jeans or shorts. I’m considering another color.

The shorts run big. I’m wearing the 4. The top is a size small. Also, size up in these sandals! I have the 8.5, and I’m usually an 8.

linen henley // utility shorts // snake print sandals // earrings // bracelet

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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How to Level Up a Black & White Outfit

Cheers to Friday, friends! Let’s talk about how to level up a black and white outfit.

You really can’t go wrong with a black and white pairing, but it can be boring unless you know a few tricks. As usual, it’s all about the details!

How to Level Up a Black and White Outfit

My first tip is to choose a hero piece with interesting details. This black lace-up tank from White House Black Market is anything but basic.

If I was wearing a plain tank or t-shirt, I would need to do a lot more in the way of accessorizing to keep the look from being boring. Choosing a black top with fun details already built in makes pulling together an interesting outfit much easier.

This tank runs true to size; I’m wearing the small. It also comes in a bunch of colors, and it’s currently on sale for $29!

How to Level Up a Black and White Outfit

I paired this tank with classic white skinny jeans from Ann Taylor.

They’re a full-length style with a 29″ inseam, and they have a comfortable 10 1/4″ rise. They also have sculpting pockets that are designed to smooth, flatter, and hold your shape.

These jeans run true to size, or size down if in between. I’m wearing my usual 6, but if they stretch out at all, I might be better off with the 4.

They’re also on sale today — use SUMMER40 at checkout to get 40% off!

How to Level Up a Black and White Outfit

Accessories are also super important when it comes to elevating a simple black and white outfit. Because there’s a lot going on in the neckline of the top, I decided to skip a necklace and go for a pair of statement earrings instead.

After rifling through my jewelry drawer, I found these double drop earrings, and then I added this mixed metal cuff bracelet. These two Kendra Scott pieces complement each other without being matchy-matchy.

Honestly, this look could probably use a bolder earring, but I don’t have a lot to choose from in that department. I tend to gravitate to smaller earrings on an everyday basis.

It’s important to keep your personal style in mind when putting outfits together, so while some ladies might need bolder accessories to feel finished, I feel like these are just enough to suit my understated style.

How to Level Up a Black and White Outfit

The other crucial element to leveling up a black and white outfit is your choice of footwear.

While a black or white or nude shoe would certainly look fine and blend in with the outfit, I wanted to add another element of interest so I chose snake print sandals.

A bright color shoe would be another good option, but I like how the snake print adds pattern and texture while keeping a monochromatic outfit.

These sandals are also remarkably comfortable. The 2 1/2″ block heel is very walkable, they have a slightly padded footbed, and the straps are soft against the foot and give you plenty of stability.

The square toe is very on trend right now, and the woodgrain heel adds yet another element of interest to the overall look.

Some of these details are very subtle, but that’s how you keep your looks interesting without looking over the top.

You can find these sandals at Zappo’s and Nordstrom, and they’re 30% off at both retailers.

Finally, I carried a taupe quilted crossbody with gold hardware.

Yes, your bag counts too!

The color of this one coordinates nicely with my snake print sandals, and the gold hardware works well with my jewelry and the gold elements in the top.

Unfortunately, my bag is an older style, and they don’t carry this exact one anymore. It’s the Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody, and mine is the regular size.

This one is the same size as mine in black, and the jumbo size comes in a pretty beige, and the small size comes in a blush. I think all three sizes come in black. I also like this color, and this bag is a different style, but that’s a great color and I like the styling a lot.

Anyway, those are some other options for you.

By the way, Rebecca Minkoff is having a Sample Sale, and there are lots of great bags included. I’m drooling over this tote, and this one too, and this satchel. I don’t need any of those at the moment, but if I did, I’d be jumping on them.

I didn’t bother with a layering piece because summer, but you could add a denim jacket or lightweight blazer to this look if you tend to get chilly indoors.

How to Level Up a Black and White Outfit

Outfit Details:

lace-up tank // white jeans // strappy sandals (also at Nordstrom) // similar crossbody // earrings // bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

For the Pinners…

How to Level Up a Black & White Outfit

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photos: Alison Cornell