A Day In The Life

This post is a little different… but I get asked from time to time what my typical day looks like, and I thought it would be fun to write a post about “a day in the life.”

Now, don’t go expecting anything exciting or glamorous.

My job has some cool perks, but at the end of the day, it’s a just job. There are parts I love and parts I hate, there is stress and there are deadlines, but I also get to shop and call it research, and sometimes I get to hang out with Alison and shoot pictures of my daily activities!

Which brings us to today’s post…

Alison was here on Monday to shoot for a brand collab I have coming up, so we decided to take pictures for this post.

Every day is a little bit different, so there is no “typical day” really, but they all start out the same way.

I always get up before the rest of the family — between 5 and 6AM. After I wash up, I go right downstairs and make my first cup of coffee. (Love my Nespresso!)

Then I usually go into the living room and have my devotions. I don’t know why I go to the living room, but I always do. I did at my last house too. I guess it feels set apart from the rest of the house. There is no TV, no computer — no distractions.

After that, I go into my office and start working.

Of course, I’m still in my pajamas at that time of day, but I grabbed this picture from last year. (My office isn’t nearly as big as it looks here!)

I take a break to get my daughter on the bus around 6:45, and then I’m back at work until I need to go somewhere.

There are days that I hardly leave my desk to eat, and others when I’m out of the house for most of the day, but I always put in a few hours of work before I go anywhere.

I’d love to say that exercise is part of my daily routine, but it’s more like 3 or 4 days a week right now. Hopefully when the weather warms up, it will be more than that.

Running is my favorite activity, but these days I’ve switched to walking until I can get this hip issue figured out. I also work out with a trainer 2X a week, so on those days, I go to her house.

After I exercise, I get ready for the day.

I try to get dressed in street clothes every day, even if I’m not going anywhere.

I’m laughing at this picture of me picking out what to wear… since I’m already dressed. OOOPS! We should have shot this while I was in my robe or pajamas. 😂

Once I’m dressed, I always take a mirror selfie before I go downstairs.

I had no idea I put my one foot so far in front of the other… seeing my rear view taking this shot is rather enlightening!

Here’s an outtake for you… haha!

On photo shoot days, I’m usually up and out early. If we’re shooting on location, I load everything into my car.

This picture only shows a fraction of the amount of stuff I usually bring to a shoot. I rarely make it to the car in one trip.

I try to have everything steamed and grouped on my hanging rack ahead of time, but that rarely happens. I’m usually scrambling to put outfits together at the last minute.

It was waaaay too cold to shoot on location on Monday, so we did what we could inside my house, and then stepped outside for a few outdoor shots.

Truth be told, photo shoots are my least favorite part of my job.

It’s super awkward to be taking fashion shots in public locations, and I’m either freezing or roasting.

Plus, all the clothes and shoes and accessories to pack up and then put away when I get back… ugh!!!

But every job has its upsides and its downsides, and happily, I only have to do a few photo shoots each month.

On the positive side, working with Alison has made photo shoots a lot more fun, and easier too. She scouts out the best locations and backdrops for my outfits and has a lot of ideas as far as posing and staging the pictures.

She usually gets the proofs back to me the day of our shoot, and I pick the ones I want her to retouch. She retouches and sends them back to me, usually within 24 hours, or even sooner if I have a deadline. She’s been a life saver as my job has gotten more demanding over the past few years, and she has never once canceled for being sick or having a sick kid. She’s amazingly dependable, and I can’t imagine doing this job without her.

Paul is still a great backup cameraman when I need him, though. God bless Instagram husbands everywhere!

If I don’t have an appointment or a photo shoot or a reason to run to the mall during the day, I’m at home working at the computer.

Writing blog posts and responding to comments is by far and away my favorite part of my job. I love the days when I can just sit here and write all day long. I spend way more time than I probably should editing and tweaking my writing, but that’s what I enjoy most. And of course, interacting with you all!

Besides writing blog posts, there are contracts to negotiate, emails to answer, comments to respond to, my newsletter to produce each day, technical issues to troubleshoot, images to design, photos to edit (I edit all my mirror selfies in Lightroom), analytics to ponder, blog posts to plan, topics to research, and products to select for sponsored campaigns. (Believe it or not, that task can take several hours!)

Actually, the steps that go into a sponsored campaign could be a post in and of itself!

And of course, there are all the tasks involved in being self-employed. I finally hired an accountant and a bookkeeper because I couldn’t keep up, and our taxes were getting more and more complex.

Then there’s Pinterest, my Facebook Page (which I neglect horribly), my Facebook Group (which is so much fun!), and of course Instagram and Instagram Stories…

If I’m not at my desk, I’m usually on my phone. For every Instagram post, I have to generate the ShopStyle widgets and link up all the clothes I’m wearing, and half the time I forget to check the box to link it to my Shop My Feed page.

When I want to share an outfit or try-on to my Story, I have to look up all the links to plug in for the swipe-ups, and if it’s for a brand collab, I have to type out the appropriate hashtags on each post. If I make a typo on anything sponsored, or if I post the wrong link, I have to delete and redo.

It may sound silly, but it’s very time consuming. Instagram is probably my least favorite part of the job — aside from the photo shoots.

And then there are all the boxes… I come home almost every day to find a stack of boxes by my back door. Of course, I have to open them all and try everything on.

Trying on clothes is a huge time suck, and it makes a gigantic mess. That’s another part of my job that I’m not fond of, but I’ve gotten better about having a system and keeping things organized.

Rather than trying things on as they come in, I try to save them up and do them all in one afternoon. Then I take all the returns back downstairs to my office, and stack them neatly in one of those foldable bins on my bookshelf until I have time to get to that task.

Anything I’m going to use for a photoshoot and items I’m not sure I’m keeping go on the hanging rack in my bedroom. And I put away anything I’m keeping, along with all the things I drug out of my closet to create various outfits.

I finally hired a college-age girl to come in and help with returns, and that’s taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I was letting things pile up for far too long because I dreaded the task.

Now, Kate comes in three or four times a month, and we bang it out in a couple of hours. She also takes all the boxes to the post office, which allows me more time to take care of the tasks that only I can do.

Some days I do live chats, and I set up my phone inside this ring light.

Speaking of which, I love interacting with you guys in various ways, and I’m excited to bring back my Facebook Lives for 2020!

I did one on Tuesday, as a matter of fact. I just hopped on spontaneously because I saw it on my calendar, and I happened to be home at that time and wanted to share about my microblading appointment. (You can watch the replay HERE.)

I’m going to do my best to go live every Tuesday at 1PM EST. Sometimes I have appointments that get in the way, but I put my Lives on my calendar, and I’ll try to protect that time slot.

If you want to join me, be sure you’re following my Facebook Page. I do them on my Page, rather than in my Group, because it’s more public and more people can see it there. I do try to remember to give a quick heads-up in the group before going live, though.

In the afternoons, I often have to chauffeur kids around to appointments and lessons, but otherwise, I pretty much work every weekday from the time I wake up until it’s time to make dinner.

That’s when I shut it down. I pretty much never come back to my office after dinner.

I will check my phone, but mostly just scrolling social media without the pressure of work, and I enjoy that.

Most nights, we have dinner as a family, and we usually hang out in the family room and watch TV afterwards. This is, hands-down, my favorite part of the day.

My 14-year-old and I like to watch Survivor, American Idol, and DWTS during their seasons. We also like This Is Us. Paul and I like The Crown, and we were watching Victoria. I hope it comes back! When David’s around, we always watch Jeopardy, and if there’s a Philly sports game on, that trumps all.

If there’s nothing on TV, I read something on my Kindle. The dog usually ends up curled up next to me, which is pretty much the best thing ever, now that my kids are too big to ever want to be this close to me.

Around 8:30 or 9:00, I head upstairs to get ready for bed. I know, I’m a grannie!

If I haven’t done it already, I take off my makeup and apply all the lotions and potions. I have quite an extensive nighttime routine these days. #thisis47

Once that’s all taken care of, I lay in bed and read or look at my phone for a little while before falling asleep. Then I wake up the next morning and start all over again!

Or, more likely, I wake up a few times in the night, check the time on my phone, get a sip of water, and wait for 5AM to roll around so I can justify getting up. Haha!

I don’t know if it’s due to perimenopause or my newfound IF lifestyle, but I need to remedy this situation ASAP. I’ve always been a great sleeper, and I can’t stand waking up all night long.

I’ve actually been trying to cut out the phone usage right before bed because I’m sure that doesn’t help, and I just bought a canister of this magnesium powder. I’m trying to remember to drink a glass every night before I close my eating window.

I don’t love the flavor, though, so I’m having a hard time being consistent. Maybe I should give up and try a pill.

Anyway, if you have any other helpful tips, feel free to let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m sure I forgot something, but it pretty much covers it. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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147 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Great post! The sleep issues are definitely a peri-menopause thing I am noticing (I’m 52) and it’s awful. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found taking 1/2 a Unisom around 8pm a few times a week has helped a lot. Not every night, but when I knew I had a busy day coming. I never tried the magnesium thing though, mostly I was trying different essential oils. To be honest, since I started IF I haven’t had nearly as many nights like that and haven’t used the Unisom in awhile. But it got me over a rough patch, with no side effects.

    1. Nancy, unisom saved me when I hit meno….I was on It for around 4 years or so…I couldn’t sleep with out it.  luckily I came out of that and rarely need it now, but I’ve been in meno for almost 5 years.

  2. Thanks for this post!  I had asked on your Instagram the other week!  I just started working from home/my own business (after being a SAHM) and I was definitely curious about how you make it work!  I feel like something is always undone these days…laundry, workout, work, time with kids…thanks for answering!  Oh and my husband was doing IF for about a year and one of the reasons he stopped was sleep!  But, he didn’t try other things, perhaps shifting your fasting times?  

    1. Yes, my best tip is delegate and outsource everything you can. It is necessary if you’re going to have any sort of life with an at home/work for yourself kind of job.

      I hire out my house cleaning, yard work, bookkeeping… anything I can, really. I’ve wanted to have Kate do things like the bank and drycleaner, but then she has to take my credit card, but I really would love for her to be more of a personal assistant. I need to figure out how to make that happen. Of course, now with Caroline driving, she can do some of that. Unlike her brother, she’s actually willing to run errands for me, so that is going to be a big help.

      Sorry for the novel… haha! You just got me to thinking.

  3. Fun post!

    I have the same sleep issues a lot of nights, and I’m blaming hormonal changes. I’m 51 and have had difficulty sleeping for at least a couple years now. I started taking 5mg of Melatonin at bedtime, and that really helps me without making me have that hungover feeling in the morning. If I know I can sleep in later in the morning, I’ve been known to take one Benadryl at bedtime, but that leaves me with a groggy feeling if I have to be up at 5:00am. Ain’t getting older a blast?!?

  4. I’m 58 and have definite sleep issues. Sometimes lying awake for 2 to 3 hours during the middle of the night. I’ve started taking melatonin about 2 hours before bedtime and drinking chamomile tea about an hour before bed. It’s making a difference.

  5. Very interesting post! It’s so nice you have someone to help with returns. I usually only have one or two things to return (when I get an order which is obviously not daily, ha!), and I always put it off. It’s so nice that Amazon credits you almost immediately though! I love that!

    I also have that same pair of pajamas (ordered them when you first posted about them), and I loved them so much I bought three other pairs in different patterns. I also thought they were a very reasonable price for PJ Salvage.

    And I don’t blame you for being excited about your appliances! I really want a new fridge (french door with the extra drawer underneath), but can’t justify buying one since our side by side is in great condition.

      1. I have those coffee Pjs too and they are my fave❤️❤️.  I also started IF this week and have been so hungry every morning.   Hoping it gets better….good luck with the sleeping issue… Let us know if the magnesium helps.   Thanks for all of your awesome tips! 

  6. Try Melatonin for sleep. It helps boost the natural melatonin in your body which aids with sleeping. You will find it with all other vitamins. Start with a low dose and you can always work your way up. My daughter is a pharmacist and she recommended this to my husband. Works great for him. 

  7. I hear you on the sleep thing. It’s always worse for me when I have a lot of stress going on (selling a home last year was miserable!) I tried time release melatonin which helped me a bit. It is supposed to help you stay asleep. There are  few things worse than being awake and laying there! Hope you find something that works! If you do, please share! 

  8. This may sound crazy but I am in menopause and have been having such a difficult time sleeping through the night. I stumbled upon Benadryl I take it an hour before bed and honestly I have been sleeping through the night! I’ve been doing it on and off for the past 2 months. My doctor doesn’t see any problem taking it so I’ll use it as needed.

  9. Loved reading about your day. I do take a magnesium tablet every night. I’m not certain if it helps but it was recommended. I had a bit of a laugh at the beginning of your post where your sweaters are stacked instead of lined up like books recommended in one of your previous posts. I have mine that way now and I like it! You are busy!!!

    1. I don’t think I ever lined my sweaters up like books. I can see them just as well stacked on shelves. But I do like to Marie Kondo my drawers – makes it so much easier to see what’s in there. Sometimes I get lazy and those get messed up, but I try to keep them that way. 🙂

      1. So sorry. I don’t really follow any other fashion blogger but it obviously was another post somewhere on how to fold and store sweaters on a shelf- maybe Pinterest. Thanks for your ever-present inspiration.

        1. I remembered reading something recently about this, too. Thinking I may have been  hallucinating (LOL), I went in search of where the heck I’d seen it. It was in an article on bestlifeonline.com that Jo-Lynne shared in her January 14 Q&A in the “Home” section. That article suggested folding sweaters and aligning vertically and storing (like books). 

  10. Such a fun post to read and well done! My favorite part of the day would be unpacking all the boxes with new items but I’m sure even that becomes a chore if you have to do it daily. So glad you have a helper now because returns can be very time consuming, believe me I know 😉. What’s most important is that you’re  doing something you enjoy and love and that you don’t go back in your office after dinner!(My husband works from home and I hate when he does that, it’s like he can never turn work off his mind) but he’s trying to get better and work less this year. 

    1. I tend to be very much an all or nothing kind of person, which can be good and bad. But once a walk away, it’s like out of sight, out of mind. I’m done and in no mood to come back to it. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise I might be working 24/7. 😂

  11. Hi. Great post. A few years ago I found Whoke Foods AM / PM herbal supplements, and I sleep like a lot again! The night time one has valerian, black cohan which help to fall asleep and avoid night sweats, respectively. I’m a big fan of this product.

  12. Great post. It’s fun seeing what others do.

    I’m concerned about your hip issues – I’m the person who broke my hip not once but twice since June. My breaks have been inside the ball joint & this afternoon I’m having surgery to “beef up” the socket. They will line it with a Liquid product that hardens & creates stability in that ball joint. Crazy, huh??  Sooo I say all that to encourage you to stay on top of this situation. It took an MRI to see these breaks – my pain told me something was wrong for sure. Keep talking to your doctor. Remember he works for you. 

    I am not a good sleeper either. I seldom have a problem falling asleep, it’s staying asleep for me. I’ve started using essential oils to assist with this. They’re helping. I may wake up, but I most often fall back asleep. So you might want to check them out. I also use them for body pain. 

    Have a great day. Stay warm. 

  13. JoLynne, I take Nature Made magnesium capsules (order from Amazon).  Magnesium helps with headache prevention for me and also sleep.  This was such a fun post!  

  14. I have a terrible time with insomnia. It started with menopause and continues. Over the counter and natural herbals have never helped me. I was taking a prescription medication, but stopped that as I was becoming concerned about side effects. I recently bought a pair of blue light blocking reading glasses and wear them after 6:00 whenever I am reading on my phone or laptop. I also make sure not to work or work out after 6:00 and am trying meditation. I think that each thing has helped a little. but many nights still find it hard to sleep.

  15. Thank you for demystifying the process of blogging – it sure sounds like a lot of work! I think the clutter would drive me crazy. I’m a SAHM and between the work outs, errands, housework, chauffeuring, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, organizing, etc I feel there’s NO time left for anything else – so huge kudos to you for running a full-time business on top of all that! I’m impressed. 

  16. I really enjoyed your post and do understand the misery of sleep issues. When I was in the throws of insomnia, I was desperate to remedy the situation w/o drugs and acupuncture (2 sessions) worked great for me. Sure hope you find a solution too!

  17. Okay, I’m tired now!  But this was a fun and informative post.  I suspect that most of the ladies are like me, in that I had no idea what all is involved in being a blogger.  There definitely is a lot more work that goes into it than I ever imagined.  You look so natural in your pictures from the photo shoots, so you hide your true feelings quite well.  Caroline also is a natural in front of the camera.  Have a great day!

  18. Your days sound very busy, but in a good way. I think it’s like most things in life, not as glamorous as it looks LOL because we don’t see all the shipping and trying on and returning. That would get old! Thank you for sharing. I would like some info on your ring light. What brand and size is it? Would you recommend it? Is it easy to use? Can’t wait to see your updated kitchen and your new appliances! I’m wanting to put in a dual fuel range but keep dragging my feet due to cost. Always enjoy your posts and your style. Love the ideas you share for clothing for women of a “certain age” like me! Blessings from Missouri!

  19. I loved hearing about your day. I don’t work from home, but there are definitely days I would like to, corporate contracts are so stressful sometimes. I always wake up in the middle of the night, always have, even after my kids are grown. Then I lay there and think about what I have to do, what I did and maybe should have handled better, where I am going to have lunch that day, what is for dinner, it is endless. Then it is 4:30 and my alarm goes off at 5. Argh! My problem is getting up in the mornings! I have been doing IF for about 3 years now and I have seen definite results. Have you tried reading paperback/hard back books instead of Kindle or your phone when you go to bed? I have switched to that and seem to sleep a little bit better, something I read with the screen activity stimulates the brain. My husband takes magnesium every night before he goes to bed. His doctor told him to take it because he pulled a muscle in his back that had him in bed for 3 days, and he gets AWFUL leg cramps while sleeping. His doctor recommended Dr. Best High Absorption 100% Chelated Magnesium tablets (I get them on Amazon, about $16 for 120 tablets). He has been doing that for about 6 years now and only has problems when he doesn’t take them for a couple of days. 🙂 Enjoy your posts and keep wishing I could buy everything you show us. Have a good day!

  20. It’s fun to see how you pull this all together (and quite wonderfully too I might add!) It does sound very demanding but I like how you make sure to turn it off at night and have family time. It’s scary how much we have in common some times! I’m turning 46 this weekend and am dealing with the sleepless nights along with night sweats:( NOT enjoying the start of peri-menopause. I wish I had some useful tips on how to get some sleep. I know working out daily helps to get me tired at night and I try really hard to not watch TV or look at my phone past 9:00 but sometimes it seems nothing helps. Feels like I just lay in bed with my eyes clothes pretending I’m sleeping lol. I hope it gets better for you! Know you are not alone!

  21. You definitely have a busy routine, but a good one. Family is so important and I love when my gang can all be together for a scheduled dinner or something fun. I completely understand what you mean when you say the photo shoots are perhaps the least fun part of being a blogger. My daughter is my photographer, so I love that it allows us time together, but I often have six to eight outfits that I am trying to haul somewhere and then change into in some public restroom. That is one reason, we often end up at her house or mine. The pictures aren’t as interesting or fun, but it works, especially if the weather is bad or we are extra tired and busy. Thanks for sharing your day. – Amy

    1. Yes, that is why so many of my pix recently have been at the house. SO much easier to change, I always have all the pieces I need, and I can double check myself in the mirror before shooting. But it does get boring, esp inside.

  22. I love this post! I work from home, too, as a writer/editor, so I was speculating about what your routine was like. I don’t get up as early as you do, but I sit down at my desk as soon as I get my younger son the school bus in the morning. That’s usually when I get some of my best work done. No interruptions!

    Thanks for giving us this peek behind the curtain.

  23. Really, really great post!   And what a busy job!   There are so many behind the scenes  components to it.  Great idea to have a helper with returns, as I always dread that job as well. It’s so easy to press add to cart and place order, only wish it was as easy in reverse!!  Re the sleep issues.  I’ve always been a good sleeper as well but these last few months, I’ve been waking up around 1:30 or 3. I‘ll be 65, so the menopause thing is in my past, not sure what’s going on. This morning I woke up at 4, wishing it was 5 so I could get up!  My daughter uses melatonin, seems to work for her sleep issues. Can’t wait to see how the cabinet painting turns out!  Have a great day!  

  24. I am 59 and have battled hip issues for the last 10 years.  I am sure hip surgery is in my future. I finally gave up outdoor running.  😐.I still run/walk on indoor track and the treadmill at Orange Theory fitness.  For sleep issues, I find no wine in the evenings and no screens works best.  😐. I also sleep better on the days I exercise a good 60 minutes.   I used to go in a panic when I could not sleep at night. Now I tell myself I will sleep all the better the next night and I always do.  This year I want to try meditation before bed to settle my mind. Of course that will probably require an app and more screen time !  😔 

  25. I’v had sleep issues for years but then I’m much older than you. It did improve when my husband went on a cpap so his snoring didn’t keep me awake! Some of the pillow sprays are quite nice and work for some people. On another note – your eyebrows look fabulous! I know you’re in the Philly area as am I, is there someone you could recommend for the microblading? My daughter had it done in Paoli but that salon has since closed.

    1. The snoring is an issue too, b/c when I wake up, that keeps me awake. He’s actually been in the guest room lately, for other reasons (not marital issues…just to be clear!!) It’s been nice b/c I can at least rest when I wake up. It’s not a longterm solution, tho, so I hope to get sleeping better soon.

  26. Great post. Wow, seems like a very very busy day/job. I didn’t realize how much you do. Of course you think being a blogger is just blogging and taking pics. This post really allowed me to see what it entails being a blogger , it’s not all fun and games. LOL. I always wanted to be a fashion blogger, just didn’t know where to begin or how to get the blog, started. Well, maybe in my second life. haha. 

    1. It’s fun, and it doesn’t start out this busy. But it can get this way fast if you start working with brands. But it’s also a lot of fun! You could always try it on the side. A lot of bloggers do it that way, and don’t put out as many posts as I do, and most are nowhere near as lengthy, haha!

      1. How do you get brands to work with you? Do you have to contact them ? Maybe I’ll think about doing it on the side. I don’t even know how to set up a blog. LOL. I’ll research it.

  27. Oh my goodness, you’re a busy lady!! I love that you are so dedicated to your job. I do So enjoy your blog. You have helped me, in many ways, put me and my outfits together. And, also helped me to know what looks good on me. Thanks a million! Have a Great Day!!
    ……..Linda W.❤😊

  28. Love this post! I do have something for sleep that has been life changing for me! (Or should I say “Sleep Changing”….haha!) It is from a company called Organifi…It’s called Gold. It’s a Turmeric and Reishi infused superfood tea. I drink it every night just before I go to sleep (I do have to get up and brush my teeth then but that’s not a bad deal for a good night’s sleep!). It tastes so yummy! I really look forward to it each night. I was taking a quarter of an Ambien generic before and just hated doing that! This works for me..hope it might help you!

  29. Hi. I’m sorry that you are not sleeping well. That’s no good! My integrative rheumatologist has my take magnesium malate four times a day; I started at 625 mg. each time and am now up to 1,250 mg. four times a day. It really helps with restless legs and all kinds of issues. Dr. Carol Dean has some great YouTube videos about the importance of magnesium. I also like Mercola’s Sleep Aid product. Good luck! I hope you find what works for you! 💕

    1. Yes, I’ve been reading more and more about how important it is and how most of us don’t get enough. I ordered the magnesium glycinate – I wonder how it is different from the malate. It’s so confusing that there are so many!

  30. Thank you for another great post! You do such a good job of mixing up the content to cover a wide range of topics and I appreciate it. Can you tell us more about your devotional with She Reads Truth? Did you sign up for the monthly subscription, and if so, do the books provide questions about the daily reading plan? How much of a time commitment is it each day? I ask because I’m involved in two studies right now and would like to know if I could fit this in also. BYW, L-Theanine has been a tremendous help for me with sleep issues since I entered menopause. One capsule about half an hour before bed 🙂

  31. Thanks for the very interesting post!  Since you have so many returns and stores seem to flag people who have excessive returns, do you have to tell the store of your occupation so they don’t black ball you?  Thanks again for giving us the sneak peek!

  32. BTW I made the Bacon and White Bean Soup you posted recently- delicious! It’s definitely a keeper and I passed it on to several people as well.

  33. Hi Jo-Lynne, I enjoyed hearing about your day. Very similar to mine! Hahaha! I just wanted to leave a little suggestion for the sleeping. I have trouble staying asleep a lot of nights, too. And some nights I even have a hard time falling asleep, but less frequently. Anyhow I found an app a few months ago that really helps me. It’s called Abide and it’s really a Christian meditation app. But it also has loads of adult (Christian) bedtime stories on it. Most of them are about scripture passages, but some are about other things like C.S. Lewis, for instance. You can turn on the bedtime story and set it for how long you want it to play – 15,30,60 or 90 minutes. I always set mine for 30 I think, but honestly I don’t think I ever make it past 5 minutes! It’s just so soothing; I fall right asleep. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard much of the actual “story.” I usually just hear the preamble where they’re telling you to relax, yada, yada.

    But here’s the thing. I actually sleep better on the nights I use this app. So it doesn’t just help me get to sleep. It helps me have better dreams (I dream EVERY NIGHT of my life!) and it helps me rest better and usually all night long.

    So I just thought I’d share. I have the paid version because you get more access. Let me know if you try it!

  34. Now I know why your blog is the most detailed and informative one I have come across. Plus you always reply:). You really put a lot of effort into this business and it sure isn’t just all the glam that comes out in the photos. Thank You!!! I am currently dealing with the sleep issue and have been for a few years. I will be 52 this month. I don’t have any problem falling asleep its just to stay asleep. Any disruptions at all seem to wake me and than I am awake… as of late ( last 3 weeks) I am experiencing some night sweats( Not really bad) but feel like my forehead is sweaty and I feel clammy.. Its blankets off and blankets on.. Then I am freezing… I just went off the pill ( I know very late) so not sure if this is part of the withdrawal or YUP most likely pre-menopause which the doctor feels is where I am at… If it continues I am going to the health store for something naturopathic. I would like to be waking up more refreshed, plus I seem to dream all night long, which does not help. ( I heard Melatonin can cause dreams) so I don’t think ill be taking that… Sounds like there are quite a few of us all in the same boat…

  35. Thanks for giving us a little peek into your daily life. It’s always interesting and fun to see how different people do things, and so nice to get to “know” you a little more. As for the sleep thing, I’m on the other side at 56, and yeah, it’s probably hormones starting to fluctuate for you. Sometimes just the littlest things can tip the balance to better (or worse) sleep, so I’d recommend not looking at phone/computer (blue light waves) for a couple hours before bed, make sure your room is plenty dark and there’s not some little bit of light that used to not bother you but now it does, and be sure you’re not sleeping too warm. If I ate something very sugary or super carby with supper, it made my sleep worse. Overall it wasn’t too terrible, but I quickly learned I had to be very careful to make sure I was comfortable at night—like too danged bad if my husband was cold, and too danged bad if he needed a little light careful! He survived! Quality sleep is priceless, and I hope you’ll find what works for you.

  36. So sorry about the sleep problems. When I started menopause (10 y/o ago) I used Benadryl. (Don’t think it’s an ideal solution) If I have trouble now I use Melatonin, nothing stronger than 3 mg! Costco sells it in a chewy form. Other ideas that are part of “life style” solutions that I’ve incorporated are black out curtains /blinds in the bedroom, if that isn’t possible I use a sleep mask. Also, if I’m trying to avoid a pill, I’ve found listening to a gentle voice & topic pod cast through ear buds is helpful.

  37. Sorry you’re struggling with sleep…#IFeelYourPain. I find that looking at the time when I wake up is a big DON’T as my brain starts churning, so not looking at the time does help me fall back asleep most of the time. Hope this helps!

  38. Sorry about the sleep issues! I experience them too with menopause.
    This isn’t really related specifically to this post but I remember from a while ago that you were a Rodan and Fields rep. Do you still use their products?  I don’t hear much about them lately and do hear about several other products you use. Why the switch? I have used the Lash boost and love it but not sure about the other products. 

    1. I don’t use them anymore, not b/c they’re not good products, but I tried some others and ended up moving on to those, and then to other new ones. I’m always trying new things, so it didn’t make sense to rep one brand. 🙂

  39. Very fun learning about your day and  how much is involved in your job.  I have taken magnesium glycinate at night for many years which seems to help me with sleep.    Some other forms of  magnesium can be stimulating or laxative to me so I have stuck with Magnesium Glycinate. 
    Magnesium Glycinate Chelate from Nested Naturals 2 or 3 capsules at night is what I use currently.  It doesn’t have a lot of fillers and 2 or 3 capsules wouldn’t be over the RDA for magnesium.  
    Also, if you take a separate vitamin d try to take it earlier in the day because it may interfere with sleep from what I was told.  

  40. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg in what you do, but boy….what an eye opener!! SO much WORK goes into your business. Thanks for giving us a peak under the covers. I really enjoyed it.

  41. Fun post! Definitely a hormonal issue as far as the sleep thing goes. I started having sleep issues about 5 years ago & although I know some people are not in agreement with this – I am on a hormonal plan. I go to a great hormonal specialist & when I was tested, I was basically empty on everything! My stats were alarming – just because we get older, we shouldn’t have to put up with itchiness, mood swings, sleeplessness, etc. We had a certain level of hormones in our 20’s & 30’s & I felt great! After extensive (about 2 years worth!) research, I decided a hormonal specialist was for me. Now that I am on a plan, along with vitamins & minerals I sleep great. Now & again I will take some benedryl a couple of times a week if I had a busy, stressful day at work – just enough to relax me. But whether you go the natural route or see a specialist, I really feel from experience that there is no need to suffer any of the issues our mothers had to deal with when they were our age. So, good luck with your sleep issues – whatever you decide to do, I suggest a lot of research & I’m sure you’ll find the answer! And thank you for all the fun posts – I look forward to reading your posts every morning (at work…shh!)! Have a great rest of your week!

  42. Oh. My. Gosh!! I had no idea what was involved in your day. I always just see that you’ve sent an email with new content and I pop over to check out your blog with all of the goodies that you’ve posted. Wow! I would just like to Thank You for going to all of this work. I wouldn’t know half the things I do about fashion, and I’m sure I’d still be wearing those ‘Mom jeans’ if not for you!!

  43. This won’t be a welcome suggestion, but try cutting caffeine out and see if that helps your insomnia. I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine and if I have more than two cups of coffee in any given week I can’t sleep.

  44. I have trouble sleeping too. I take 500 mg magnesium pills every night an hour before bed. I don’t know if it helps with my sleep as I still wake up often but it sure helps keep me regular.  I changed my IF time to 4:00 -10:00.  That way I can have a yogurt cup or glass of milk before bed. I believe a little something helps me sleep. 

  45. What a great post! I suspected being a blogger took a lot of time and work, but never did imagine all the tasks involved. Know that your work is valued and appreciated. 
    I struggled with sleep during peri-menopause. Most nights I got 3-4 hours of sleep. It was exhausting. I followed the sleep hygiene recommendations with no improvement.  
    Eventually, I took magnesium tabs. The nutritionalist I saw said I could take up to 4 capsules a night. I’d say they helped. I also do IF and if anything it really has helped my sleep. For me, staying away from sugar and processed foods also seemed to help me sleep better. I hope your sleep issue gets resolved soon. Little to no sleep can make for a long day. 

  46. Love this post! You are a busy lady keeping us all in the know : ) I am a photographer myself and one of the reasons I love your blog is that you have Alison photograph you. So many other bloggers’ photos are blurry or have terrible lighting. I think it makes a huge difference and makes you the consummate professional. I occasionally take a ZZZquil pill as a sleep aid….it’s the same antihistamine med that’s in Advil/Tylenol PM minus the pain reliever. I probably take two or three a week, depending upon how noisy of a sleeper my husband has been : ) I don’t have any caffeine after noon either : (

  47. Thank you for this look behind the scenes as it is very interesting. As for sleep, I wish I knew the answer. I have had sleep problems for well over a decade and have tried everything imaginable, including stints at a sleep disorder clinic. At least twice a week you will find me in the guest room reading between the hours of 2 and 5! Then I can sleep for an hour or two. (I move to the guest room so I don’t keep my husband up. Two sleep-deprived people are worse than one!)

  48. Thank you Jolynne for the enjoyable post . I have been an avid  follower  for years now and always appreciate your positive ness and grace . Keep up your amazing work !

  49. This was such a fun post to read! Thank you so much for sharing. I always love reading “Day in the Life” posts. You do such a great job being real and I definitely think you’re a gifted writer – you have an engaging, genuine and upbeat vibe to your blog. Hugs-S

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