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This morning was “one of those mornings”.  We were running late because I spent too much time working on the computer.  But of course I ended up taking it out on my girls.  My 5-year-old daughter has absolutely no sense of urgency.  “Hurry up, we’re late.” means nothing to her.

Of course that could be because I say, “Hurry up, we’re late.” EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

We piled out of the minivan in the school parking lot at 9:15 (school starts promptly at 9:00) and made our way towards her classroom.  At the door to the classroom, she announced that she had to go potty.


This morning was my day to volunteer at my son’s school, and I had to get my 2-year-old to a friend’s house and then myself over to his school by 9:50.  We didn’t have time for a potty detour.  I wanted to snap, “Just hold it.  You’ll be fine.”  But teachers frown on that sort of thing, so I impatiently walked her to the bathroom.

There we found quite a ruckus.  I certainly don’t take pleasure in someone else’s trials, but sometimes
it’s good to know that someone else is having a worse day than you are.  As my daughter went into another stall to do her business, my eyes met the tired eyes of another mom, who was fighting with her pre-school aged daughter to use the potty while she tried to contain her 9-month-old son who was crawling around on the bathroom floor.  There was really nothing I could do to help her, but I sent her a sympathetic glance and tried to get my own herd out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

After dropping my 2-year-old off at my friend’s, I made my way to my son’s school, where, upon arrival, I was informed that he was having another of his stomach attacks.

Is it a full moon tonight?  Is this Monday?  What else could go wrong today?

When I got to his classroom, he seemed to be managing alright, so I encouraged him to try to stick it out, which he did.  After my stint as a teacher’s aid, I made my way back to preschool, picked up my daughter, and stopped at Burger King on the way to my friend’s house.

I meant to order a grilled chicken salad, but what my mouth said was “Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich please”.  I have no idea how that happened, and I take absolutely no responsibility.

After a quick visit and a few bites of my chicken sandwich, the girls and I stopped by the grocery store since I thought it might be nice to have something other than frozen blueberries to serve my family for dinner.  The husband likes that.

We made it through the store uneventfully, and as I unloaded the groceries at home I came across the Family Size Kraft Macaroni and Chemical Cheese I bought to accompany our dinner tonight.  And it occurred to me that EVERYTHING in America is super-sized these days.  Since when does a family of five need a “family size” mac-and-cheese?

When I was growing up, a regular sized box of mac-and-cheese was quite sufficient for our family of four, and I do believe I recall having leftovers on most occasions.  Did my mom make two boxes, or did we survive on one box?  I really think it was just one box.  Are they putting less in the boxes?  Or are Americans just more gluttonous than we used to be?  I’m afraid it’s the latter.

And there you have it, my deep thought for the day.

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  1. Delurking here (yikes! :)) to say how much fun I’m having reading your adventures in blog designing. I’ve been dabbling in it for a while–albeit definitely a few large steps behind you–so it’s great to know that someone else tweaks and re-tweaks as often as I do. Oh, and also spends too much time working on the computer and then has crazy days because of it!

  2. “… Do you like my coffee cup addition down on the right?”

    The answer to every design question is:
    it depends
    And hence, why artsy types are the way they, I mean, WE are. 😉 I actually like the coffee cup in the background, but maybe tweaked a little. In which case, the little one on the right might be redundant. It doesn’t seem cluttered to me at all…it seems more subtle and sophisticated.

    And there you have it, mama.

  3. I like the little coffee cup but I also like the large one in the background. I don’t think it’s too much…I think it’s just right.

    And I luurrve the favicon!

  4. LOVE the new header. It looks kind of purpleish to me. I like both coffee cups. It doesn’t look cluttered at all. And I love the favicon! So cute!

  5. There was a study done, I forget where, where they showed what a “small” Coke at McDonald’s was in the ’60s, and a “small” now. In fact, they may not even have small anymore. Anyway, there was like 16 ounces more today than there was when we were kids. Portion sizes are getting bigger.

    And I can eat a box Mac and Chemicals all by myself. Now I am craving it.

    And I am with the others about your poor kid. I feel horrid for him! He must be so frustrated at this point.

  6. Actually, the “regular” box of mac and cheese is now smaller and doesn’t serve very many at all.

    Today *I* had to drive my husband to the doctor!! What’s with that!? I’m not even sure I’m supposed to drive yet.

  7. I must say I enjoyed reading your blog today. I can so relate to bad days. I have them often and the potty thing is definitely often here as well. Love your heading with the cup.

  8. Great post- only because I can relate so much to those kinds of days.

    I love the header just the way it is. Don’t change a thing.

  9. Love the little coffee cup – love the handle on the left – love the favicon (new word for MY vocab) – love everything! “Simply” Elegant – not cluttered at all.
    PS it was only one box – sorry if I had known then, what I know now – I would have avoided it altogether – but you guys are still alive.

  10. Love the new design!

    We only ate the Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe growing up. I think it tastes better. It’s bigger than a regular box, so my sister & I could never finish it.

    Now that my kids scarf up the stuff, I continue to buy the deluxe (even though Husband perfers the original) just cause it has no yellow #5 dye in it. (which is a whole other personal preference!) They can easily make 2 or 3 meals out of a box. But they are smaller than some of your kids.

  11. Yep, the mac n cheese boxes are smaller, but our eyes tell us portions need to be bigger. I could also eat a whole box by myself!

    Love the flavicon! Love the new coffee cup too!

  12. I’m glad you asked because I have been meaning to tell you, I LOVE the header and the cups of coffee. Keep it.

    And I’d rather lay on the bathroom floor myself than let my 9 month old crawl on it. GROSS!

    Now I’m craving Burger King. Dangit!


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