A Random List

1) I’m up to my eyeballs in birthday party planning.  The good news is, it looks like the weather will be cold but sunny and dry.  I can live with that.  The park is reserved, and we have seven little boys coming.

Husband is planning games to keep the boys busy.  It’s my job to get party favors and the food and all the other crap that’s involved in throwing a party.  Did you know that it’s REALLY HARD to find age appropriate party crap for 8-year-old boys??  Yes, there really is an isle named “party crap” at my local Tar*get.  Well, okay.  But if there isn’t, there should be.  I’m just sayin’.

Any-Who.  Everything is either really babyish or just generic.  I have been running all over ten counties trying to find what I want.  And I’m not even entirely sure what that is.  Which makes the whole endeavor rather frustrating, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Also, ten counties really means two stores, so I probably shouldn’t complain just yet.  Still, I was hoping I could knock out all my errands at Wal*Mart and Party City, but no dice.

My son’s not much help.  Star Wars is good.  (There is NOTHING Star Wars related in the party crap isle.)  Sports is good, but the cake can’t be a baseball.  (Wouldn’t that be fun?  Hmph.  Party pooper.)  We’re trying to keep it simple, but I still want it to be cute, you know?  I want to give water bottles as party favors instead of a bag of junk, but would you believe I can’t find any?  I also can’t find any sports or Star Wars themed cake decorations.  So this morning, that is my mission.  I guess I will try Michaels.  Any other ideas??

2) Fashion Question of the Week.  Do you like this idea?  If so, feel free to email me any fashion question that you want me to ask the Internets.  Because one week and I’m fresh out of questions.  I’m sure more will arise, but at the moment, I’m blanking.

3) Halloween candy.  Any great ideas of what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy?  Besides eat it, that is.  Not that I have any problem eating it.  In fact, I have certainly been doing my fair share.  But if I keep up my current rate of consumption, I will have to go out and purchase an entirely new wardrobe to accommodate my expanding girth.  And while it sounds like fun to go shopping, I’d really rather keep my current wardrobe and my current size, thankyouverymuch.


The candy must go.  But I hate to trash it.  Any ideas???

4) The basement.  We have carpet, and it is finished enough for the kids to play down there, but there is still a punch list of odd jobs.  I’m dying to share pictures, but it isn’t really picture ready yet.  So here is a teaser.

Husband brought this door home one night last week.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love how it opens up the basement and makes it feel more a part of the house.

5) And a while back someone asked me to post a picture of the centerpiece I got at the Pottery Barn outlet.  I finally got around to putting candles in it, so I snapped a photo.  Here you go.  Pretty?  It was 40% off of the outlet price.  SCORE!!!

6) Giveaways.  Today is your last chance to win a sample of Gloves In A Bottle on my review blog.  Comments will close this afternoon.  And also, if you haven’t already signed up to win the Vera Bradley purse for the Fall Ya’ll Giveaway, then you can find that post here.

TGIF, yall!!!