A Few Random Mentions

If you’re not seeing coffee and a handbag, you may need to clear your cache.  Yep, I’ve changed my bloggy clothes again. 

I was never thrilled with the last outfit I had on.  I’ll keep it over at the design blog, I think.  But Musings just needs to have coffee and a handbag, dontcha think?

A couple questions for ya.  Can you see the coffee cup in the background?  I see it great on my iMac, but on Hubby’s laptop it is barely discernible.  Also.  The colors are pink for me and purple on the laptop.  What do you see?

To answer your questions about ordering from Boden, I had put off ordering from them because I was intimidated by trying to figure out my European size.  But I followed their American-European conversion charts, and it was bang-on.  To give you an idea, I’m usually a size 6 in pants at Banana Republic or the Loft, and a size 6 or an 8 in a skirt or dress.  According to Boden, a larger US size 6 is a European size 12, so that is what I ordered.  It fits perfectly!

Also, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality.  The skirt is fully lined, and the layering tanks are made to lay nicely when put together.  I can’t wait for warm weather so that I can, you know, WEAR my new clothes!!

One more thing.  I’ve been told by the fine folks at BlogHerAds that I am not supposed to blog about sponsored trips, which includes, well, YOU KNOW.  Never fear, I will give a full account of my trip to the world of the mouse over at my poor, neglected review blog while I’m there next month.  Meanwhile, you will be mercifully spared from my incessant yammering about trip preparations, which you probably don’t care a diddly-squat about anyway.  You’re welcome.