Caroline Conversations

caroline four - 1

Scene 1:  The Family Room

Caroline: “Mom.”

Me:  “What?”

Caroline: “I didn’t say anything.”

Me: “You said, ‘Mom’ so I said, ‘What?'”

Caroline:  “I didn’t hear me.”

Me:  “Whatever.”

Scene 2: Bathroom/Family Room

Caroline, from the bathroom: “Mommmm!  I need help wiping.”


Me, sitting at the computer: “Coming!”

Caroline: “I don’t hear your feet.  You not comin’.”

Scene 3: Kitchen

Caroline, eating brownies and milk at the kitchen table: “Milk feels good with brownies.”

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  1. Nothing says loving like the sound of mom’s feet after a call of “I’m DOOOONNNEE” from the bathroom.

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