A Full Day

Today was a full day.  Which was a good thing because it kept me off the ‘puter.  Husband hauled me out of bed this morning, all excited about taking the family to Shady Maple — this mega-smorgasbord of Pennsylvania Dutch delights.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive, and after we feasted on every breakfast item imaginable, we wandered around a furniture outlet where I saw a gorgeous desk that begged me to take him home and make him a fixture in my office.  Unfortunately my bank account protested, so we left empty-handed.  Back to Craigslist I go.

Back at home, the kids played under Husband’s supervision while I ran out to the grocery store by way of the nail salon.  I was way overdue for a pedicure, and what better way to relax, I ask you.

Tonight we said goodbye to dear friends who are moving many miles away, which has left me feeling wistful and melancholy.

And that’s the abbreviated version because I am trying my best to be a good patient.  Night-night.

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  1. I’ve been loving Shady Maple for years now – way before they built the new “big” dining room and store. My parents used to take us there all the time. Now I live in the Lehigh Valley and never get over that way, but it’s probably better for my waistline 🙂

    You should go there on steak night, it’s delish!

  2. um, Shady Maple sounds perfectly lovely.

    We miss some close friends who moved across the country last year. ;( Thank God for email!!!!

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