A Rare Moment of Peace and Harmony


Theirs is the typical love-hate relationship shared by siblings, born out of familiarity and close living quarters. It’s moments such as these that every mother treasures, when the squabbles are temporarily forgotten and love abounds, if only for a few precious minutes.

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  1. these pictures are amazing. you are convincing my husband that we need an slr digital camera.

  2. Well, the Pentax *ist just came down to $399 after a mail-in rebate. (Hubby noticed this yesterday, yes, he’s obsessed with SLRs now.) Although I can’t recommend my Nikon D50 enough, I don’t know if it’s worth the extra $300. When we got it, it was just $100 more than the Pentax, and we felt the Nikon name was worth that. Either way, they are the two lowest-priced SLRs at the moment, although I’m sure N already knows that. 😉

  3. oh wow, how did you ever manage to have your camera ready for a moment like that. How precious!

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