A Whole Lotta Nothing

Between car hunting (for my husband, not me), cooking, and designing blogs, I’m plum wore out.

Growing up in southern Virginia, I heard that a lot.  For some reason people get wore out down there, not worn out like us edjikated yankees.  And you really have to be careful when you’re typing it because you might accidentally throw a superfluous h in there and get a totally different meaning.

So I’m feeling a little punchy today.  This is one of those weeks where I can’t seem to figure out what day it is.  It’s felt like Friday for days.

And you know what else?  I think I’m actually ready for school to start.  Not to be confused with being ready for summer to be over, mind you.  I wish it would stay warm until November, but I’m ready to have some time to myself.  It’s not that I don’t adore my kids, but my to-do list of errands is piling up, and it will be SO much easier to accomplish without an entourage.

They are even excited to go back.  I asked them yesterday what they were most excited about.  My 9-year-old is going into 4th grade, and he said the subjects sound interesting.  Alright then!  We’ll see if he’s still singing that tune when he has 45 minutes of homework to complete each night.  Have I ever mentioned how I loathe homework?  And worse than homework?  Projects.  *shudder*

My 6-year-old daughter is going into 1st grade, and this will be her first year of “full day” school.  She is most excited about eating lunch in the cafeteria.  That’s my girl!  Lunch was always my favorite part of the school day as well.  Not only do you get to eat, but you get to talk without it being held against your grade.  It’s a two-fer.

My 3-year-old is just excited.  She doesn’t know why.  But she does love school, probably because they let her do all manner of messy art projects that her mother is too uptight to let her do at home.

Yesterday we had what was probably our last day at the pool for the year.  It wasn’t really warm enough to swim for very long, and there was almost no one there.  We ended up spending more time at the playground than at the pool.  I really can not believe summer is winding down.  I feel like it should be the middle of July.  I think I need to move south, what do you think?

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17 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Nothing

  1. The South (or Southwest) would love to have you. We swim well into October here in Dallas and my children wear capri pants to school until Christmas! We started school on August 24th so we are already exhausted from the new school schedule. Question, is everyone in PA freaking out about the speech that President Obama is giving to school students on Tuesday? People in Texas have lost their minds over it.

  2. the south is great in January, and Febuary,
    but I am really anxious for some cooler weather and a chance to wear a “long sleeve” shirt. although we always think the grass is better on the other side.
    Enjoy your day’s of getting all your errands run and stop for a cup of coffee!!!!

  3. Yes. Move south. You’ll be warmer all year. A few years back, I actually got sunburned picking out a Christmas tree. But the downside is you have to send your kids back to school several weeks sooner.

  4. We are in our second full week of school. I am LOVING it! The routine that school brings to our household makes our lives so much easier. It’s easier to get the kids to bed at night because there’s school tomorrow. It’s easier to get up in the morning. Even with sports practices, it’s easier to eat dinner as a family.

    I refuse to complain about the weather in No. Illinois. We have had such a beautiful summer. We’ve been able to get outside without dying in the heat and humidity. Maybe you should move west!

  5. My husband is a trucker and is gone during the week but home on weekends. He didn’t get to come home last weekend and it’s thrown my ‘mental calendar’ off all week! Tuesday morning I got up and fixed the kids french toast instead of pancakes, like my meal plan for the week said. French toast was Thursday’s breakfast and the kids threw a fit as they’d been looking forward to ‘Tuesday pancakes’, lol. Yesterday felt like Monday and this morning I thought it was Wednesday.

    Ugh. I’m all wore out, too.

  6. I am ready for school, but not the cold. I never look forward to that.

    The talking thing…Boo’s least favorite thing about Kindergarten two years ago…quiet time. Why? Because you can’t talk. That’s my girl!

  7. Ugh. Talk about being worn out. We went on vacation, came home, and two days later my parents arrived. Then my kids started school. And my parents are still here. That’s right, two weeks. (They go home on Saturday, and I think I’ll be ready.)

    I don’t know if you need to move south, but I sure know I do!!

  8. Sign me up with the “hate homework and projects” crowd! I’m afraid I’d also be a member of the “uptight moms who don’t allow messy art” club! Woe is me (or my kids!!)

  9. Hey, the house next door to me is for sale! You could move back to Virginia. We would welcome you with open arms.

    Alas, I’m wore out too. It’s always crazy busy around this time of year. Truth is, it will only get busier as we head towards the holidays.

  10. Back to school has been a success for everyone in our house (except me – I turned up ONE WEEK early for my jewelery course at the college!).

    In fact, after his first week, my 4 yo son has just declared “Mum, I love my new teacher lots and lots….as much as a cheese sandwich”….believe me, that is a lot of love!!

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