An All Black Outfit for Fall

Greetings, and welcome back to 22 Days of Fall Fashion! I wanted to style an all black outfit for fall as part of this series, and this is what I came up with.

It’s definitely more of an edgy look, but I tried to keep it casual with a t-shirt and snake print mules.

This hooded leather moto jacket was an #NSale purchase, and I’m really impressed with the quality and fit. I was hoping might get restocked eventually, but alas. No such luck.

If you like it, keep an eye on it, because I have seen a few random sizes pop up as they process returns. It runs true to size; I’m wearing the small.

Any black leather or faux leather jacket would work with this look, but I do really like how the knit hood gives the edgy jacket a more casual, sporty vibe. Plus, I love how you get that cool layered look without the bulk.

To keep the look casual and comfortable for daily wear, I wore a ribbed t-shirt and faded black jeans. These are the Good American Good Legs high waist crop skinnies, also from the #NSale.

Happily, they’ve been fully stocked, but currently are full-price. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep these or not, but recently, I’ve found myself reaching for them a few times, and I’m so happy I decided to give them a try.

They felt really tight through the legs at first, but once I wore them for a few hours, they loosened up just enough to be comfortable, but they don’t slide down at all. I wore them all day on Monday, and they stay put and feel really nice all day long.

This t-shirt is the Everlane micro-rib cap sleeve tee. I’ve worn it a lot this summer on its own, but it makes a particularly good layering piece for fall because of the body-con styling.

I always feel like a fitted top is more flattering under a jacket or cardigan than one that blouses out and adds extra volume in the mid-section.

This one is super soft and stretchy, and it has a flattering open neckline. I recommend sizing up, though. I have the medium.

There are so many footwear options for this outfit, but I decided on these snake print mules for two reasons.

For one, they keep it casual, since we aren’t going anywhere that requires dressing up these days. I would wear this to meet a friend for lunch, or to run to the mall, or even for general errands if I felt like being super chic at the grocery store. Ha!

But I also really like how they give a nod to the season. The rust and brown tones look very fall, while also adding some color and texture to the otherwise monochromatic outfit.

I carried a black bag to keep the monochromatic look cohesive, and beyond that, I only added one accessory. I felt like this look needed a statement piece, and I like the clean look of the outfit without a necklace, so I went for bold earrings.

These gold metal feather and chain drop earrings are lightweight, but they pack a punch. I love how they elevate the look, although I would be more likely to wear these out in the evening than for my daily errands. Any big earring would work with this, though.

What do you think? Would you wear it?

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hooded leather jacket (size S; option) // Everlane ribbed tee (size M) // Good American jeans (size 28; option) // Madewell snake print mules // Gucci crossbody (option / option) // statement earrings

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photos: Alison Cornell

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12 Responses

  1. Love this look – casual get with an edge! The Stella Dot earrings are a nice touch. I can commiserate and sympathize with you about the neck tension and teeth grinding. I have found taking magnesium supplements helpful. Magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxant. Another option is to put 2 cups of Epsom salts in your bath; another source of magnesium and very relaxing.

  2. I love all black outfits! It’s an easy way to dress and depending on the pieces it can look smart or edgy. I would wear this outfit with black booties to elongate the leg. 

  3. I think the mules are too “light” compared to the “weight” of the upper part of the outfit. Not in color, but in heft.  With the above ankle length of jeans and the open back mules, it looks like your very bottom doesn’t match the upper part.

  4. Great outfit! I think an all black outfit can be sophisticated even when casual!  I like the mule shoes! However, on me I always think they look like bedroom slippers. Ha! I would have to wear a flat or boot.  

  5. You always look beautiful! I also have the jaw clinching problem. I found some jaw exercises online that are really helpful. Just email me if you would like the link (You may already do this, but thought I would mention it). Have a great day!

  6. I like this outfit and think the earrings are perfect, as well as the shoes.  I imagine that this look could be done with dark blue also.  While I have some black in my closet that I enjoy wearing, it can really emphasize my pale skin, so wearing all black would not do me justice.  I actually read this post this morning, but I just sat down at 3:15 after cleaning all of the furniture on our wrap around front porch, sweeping it, and taking my shower because I was so nasty.  I hope that you’ve had a good day!

  7. You are so adorable, JoLynne.  Here’s a pro tip (you didn’t ask  for…lol..) when you make your DIY bite Guard, cut the back molar portion off and make the guard for cuspids (eye teeth) forward, including incisors of course.  If you include the whole upper arch, you’re likely to still bite and clench and grind on the Guard.   Good luck! 😬

  8. Yes I would definitely wear this.  My husband and I love to go to concerts and other outdoor music venues where this would fit right in (back in the day lo0.. The shoes do control the tempo of this outfit.  I would wear this for a girls night out or to meet a friend for lunch.  I would definitely change to a black boot for a concert.  You look like you are going out to have fun in this outfit!

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