And He’s OFF!!!!!

D is riding a two-wheeler! Without training wheels!  And he learned almost instantly.

He’s been using training wheels for, well, ever.   He didn’t ride his bike much in our old neighborhood.  The streets and sidewalks just weren’t conducive for bike-riding, and he didn’t have any friends who were so inclined to apply some needed peer pressure, so he didn’t have much interest in his bike.  But since we moved to this neighborhood, almost a year ago, he has been doing a ton of bike riding along with many of the neighborhood boys.

Last Saturday evening, Paul and I were outside watching him ride up and down the street like a demon, and I said, “It’s time to get rid of those things.” Paul looked at me and nodded and immediately called the D over.  He took the bike into the garage and before D had time to realize what was happening, the training wheels were off.

Oh, you wouldn’t believe the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that ensued! D is very resistant to change, you see, and not exactly what you might call a risk taker. In fact, he is known to melt into a puddle when you ask him to do something he thinks he cannot do.

Such was the case on Saturday night. But Paul persisted. And they started up and down the street with Paul holding on tight to the back of D’s bike.

And we were right. He was more than ready. It was only a matter of minutes before he was riding by himself! Of course he wouldn’t let Daddy leave his side, which resulted in a great workout for the ole hubby.

When he got tired of practicing, he requested that we return the trainers to the bike. I was like, “Huh-uh.  No way.” I think Paul might have actually agreed to such an act of sabotage! But I stood firm, and he agreed that there should be no turning back. So the bike went into the garage without its trainers.

I wondered if D would throw a fit the next time he wanted to ride and ask for the trainers again.  But lo and behold, yesterday D asked Paul to help him practice his bike riding, and out they went. After another 10-minute workout for Paul, D only needed a little assistance to get started before he was whizzing up and down the street totally on his own!

The neighbors who were all outside enjoying the warm, sunny September Sunday afternoon were all cheering for him. And of course we ran to get the video camera. A little while later, his favorite bike riding buddy who lives across the street arrived at home, and D wasted no time dashing over to show off his newly acquired skill. His friend grabbed his helmet, hopped on his own bike, and they took off. They raced up and down the street until we called them in for dinner.

And that’s that! D has yet another milestone under his belt. Now if he’d just start losing some of those stubborn baby teeth, I think he would feel his first-grade experience is complete.

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7 thoughts on “And He’s OFF!!!!!

  1. Woo hoo!!!! It’s always fun, bike riding, I mean, not teaching it 😉 Yay for hubby too, who got a nice workout!

  2. My 6 year old could do it but it was too hot this summer. Maybe we will try again now.It is a fun thing to learn!

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