And So It Goes

It seems that a virus has taken hold of my two older kids and won’t let go.  I feel like I’m living Ground Hogs Day.

It all started about two weeks ago, when I got home from a Friday night event to discover that my middle child had come down with a fever.  It was mild, and by Sunday morning she was better.

Then on Thursday I got a call from school, and my son had a mild fever.  By the next day he was much better, and he went out Trick-or-Treating on Saturday and all was well.

Then on Tuesday of this week I was at the mall, perusing Gymboree and putting a few items on hold for their Friends and Family event which starts today (FYI, for those Gymboree fans out there — that’s 30% off!!) when I got a call on my cell phone.  It was the school nurse.  My middle child once again succumbed to a fever.  I brought her home, and this time it’s been accompanied head and chest congestion.

On Wednesday I got another call.  This time I recognized the number as the school nurse’s private line.  It’s a little too early in the year to have the number to the school nurse memorized, dontcha think?  Process of elimination indicated it would be my son who was keeping her company.  Sure enough, he didn’t have a fever, but he was feeling under the weather.  He has the congestion going on as well.

Amazingly enough, my youngest child has escaped unscathed, at least so far.

My kids aren’t sick enough to worry about, and they aren’t even sick enough to make them crabby.  They’re just sick enough to be quarantined and to require extra rest.  You can imagine how well THAT’S going over.

My biggest concern?  Not the swine flu or the bird flu or whatever animal flu is going around this year.  We leave for Disney World in 10 days.  We HAVE to kick this virus out the door for good.

Plus, there are those clothes on hold at Gymboree.  I only have till Sunday to get my 30% discount.  So they need to get better FAST.

Yeah, I’m that kind of mom.

Oh, and also.  My husband arrived home at 6:30 this morning after working for 22 hours straight.  (At least, that’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.)  So he’s also home today, catching up on sleep.

So I have a houseful.  Fortunately I have design work to keep me busy while I’m confined to the house.  WHICH.  I should really get started on.

What are you up to today?