And the Deluge of Paperwork Begins

I would know it’s time for school to resume from the proliferation of papers alone.  On Tuesday I got 4, yes that’s FOUR envelopes from the school district in my mailbox.  That’s in addition to the packet of papers I was handed the same day at the new student orientation.  Add that to the three envelopes we had waiting for us in the mail when we got home from vacation, and I could compile a book.

I am already on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the oodles of papers that will come home in my children’s backpacks during the first week of school.  It’s a full-time job just to organize and complete the myriad of forms and handbooks that come home during that first week.

Like any other government-run institution, the concept of efficiency seems to elude the school district.  They are hell-bent on sending everything to our home in duplicate because this year I have two children enrolled in the public school system.  I can’t wait till all three are attending.