And the World Didn’t Even Come to an End

Yall.  I didn’t post yesterday.

I’ll pause so that the enormity of that statement can sink in.

Last night I was hanging out with my neighbors, and someone asked where my daily update was, and I realized I hadn’t posted AT ALL.  So much for NaBloYearMo or whatever it was that I joined and committed to a year of posting daily.  I can’t believe I didn’t self-combust.

So let me tell you about my weekend.  And then I’ll tell you about the AWESOME bloggy stuff I have planned for this week.

On Friday night we hung out with our long-time friends.  Oooh!  I feel a story coming on.  I’ll wait while you go refill your coffee cup.  All set?  Okay.

Fourteen years ago, (OMG, I’m SO OLD!) when I was dating my husband (I was in college, and he was in seminary) we decided to take a ski trip with two other couples.  He and his two best guy friends planned it.  One of his friends was married, and I knew them already (his friend was in seminary with him), and the other friend I had never met.  He was engaged to a girl named Sarah.  (Go ahead.  Clicky-clicky, and then come right back.  ‘Kay?)

So.  I met Sarah and her husband on this ski trip.  I wish I could tell you that Sarah and I hit it off and the rest was history, but unfortunately, the ski trip was not such a great weekend.  Put a guy with his best childhood friends, and for some reason, he becomes someone else.  Someone I didn’t know.  And someone I didn’t particularly like.

Add that to a weekend away with a married couple and an engaged couple, while I was a senior in college and in a totally different place in my life, and I kind of wigged out.  Or something.  I dunno, but everything was weird, and I didn’t know how to process it all, and I was not myself.

To sum it up, Sarah told my husband that he should run far, far away from this high maintenance, moody chick he was dating.  SERIOUSLY.  Suffice it to say, I don’t think she liked me very much.  (Hi, Sarah!  Aren’t you glad he didn’t follow your advice??  Heehee.  Although I tease her, based on what she saw that weekend, she probably gave him some sound advice.)

The night we got back from the trip, alone in my college apartment, my husband and I talked through the weekend and sorted out our feelings, and our relationship changed (for the better) and things were pretty much hunky dory between us after that.

The next fall, we got engaged and a few months after that, we attended Sarah’s wedding.  My husband was the best man in their wedding, and the following summer, her husband was the best man in ours.

You still with me?

Long story short, when I got married, I moved to Pennsylvania and started my married life here.  Sarah and her husband had been married almost a year and had started their life about 20 minutes away.  They were our only friends in the area for some time, and we spent many an evening together, playing cards, watching movies, hanging out.  The unfortunate ski trip became a distant memory, and Sarah and I found a friendship apart from the history our husbands shared.

As couples, we each found a different church to belong to, and after they bought their first house, we always lived about 45 minutes apart.  They started having kids long before we did, and we each got involved in our respective church and neighborhood communities, and we saw each other less and less over the years, although we certainly remained friends.

Then, through life’s crazy circumstances, and I’ll spare you the details, a couple of years ago, we both ended up buying houses and moving to the same area and joining the same church.  And after 10 years of living separate lives and growing apart, we finally belonged to the same community.  Now they live less than 10 minutes away.  We go to church together and Bible study together and swap childcare and flit back and forth between our respective houses for impromptu cookouts and pizza nights.

I think it’s so cool how life’s circumstances brought us together like this after so many years.

And typical of me, that rabbit trail ended up being an entire post of its own, when it was going to be a quick anecdote before I went on to tell you about the rest of my weekend.

The rest of the weekend went like this.  Lazy Saturday, out to dinner and the movies with my neighbor Kim on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning, hanging out with the neighbors on Sunday night, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, that’s my weekend recap in a nutshell.

Be sure to check back later today for a cool giveaway right here and a carnival over at Chic Critique.  I’ll let you know when the carnival goes live.  I hope you will all play along.  Yes, you lurking there in the back row, you too!

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  1. I love stories like that, about how friendships can last, even when at times you are at different stages, and when you are living nearby again it is like you were always as close as that. Does that make sense? Hope so!

  2. Fun story.

    And, hey, isn’t it good to know that the world didn’t end when you didn’t post? I know when I missed a day after quite a while of being so on top of it all I wasn’t sure that I myself could handle it! But, alas, I survived. The blogosphere certainly survived. And now I blog daily, if I can, but won’t lose sleep if I can’t!

  3. you’re a hoot. I have loved our friendship and all we have experienced and done together and how the guys have remained such good friends. It is great to be so close in proximity and close as sisters in the Lord!

    You RAWK! hehe.

  4. You are so animated! I love it! Friendships can be twisted in the beginning, but when they work they are super special!

  5. You know I think this might have been the 1st time I had heard how you meet Sarah.. What a great story. Got to love how God works things out.. and I’m soooooooooooooooo LOL about ” high maintenance, moody chick”
    YOU!!!! High maintenance!!!!!! never!!!! SNORT!!!!!!!

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