Another One Bites The Dust

I was sad to see that one of my long-time readers and commenters, Kim over at Pressing on Toward the Goal is calling it quits on the blog.  Earlier this summer, my dear friend Clemntine of What’s Up Buttercup did the same.  Whenever I see someone making this decision, I can’t help but re-evaluate my own priorities. 

I applaud Kim for making a responsible decision for her and her family.  From time to time I think about calling it quits on the blogging, myself.  I often wonder how much more I would accomplish around the house if I wasn’t blogging and reading blogs.  But then I remember that before I discovered blogging, I would waste just as much time on the computer or in other frivolous pursuits.  My house wasn’t any cleaner or my kids any better cared for.  I don’t feel convicted that blogging is a problem for me.  I do, however, feel convicted that wasting time is a problem for me.

With school starting and our family falling into a fairly predictable routine, it’s pretty easy to see where I have time to squander and where I need to tighten up on my self-control.  I want to be sure to be available to my family and my responsibilities around the house.

All this reminds me of a post I saw this week over at Cheeky Lotus.  Read it.  I think you will relate.  And hopefully the poem at the end will inspire you to spend a little extra time with your kids this week, doing things THEY want to do.  It certainly inspired me.

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8 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. I debate the same thing every once and a while. But now that we have gotten so busy, I generally blog in the mornings while the kids are making their beds and such, and at night after they are asleep…

  2. Same here. I do a fairly decent job at balancing/juggling most days, but there are days when I KNOW I should, as Neighbor Nicki says, back AWAY from the computer and do something (just about anything would do!) ELSE. When I AM able strike the right balance, though, the blogging actually helps motivate me in other areas of life. In a way, I feel a sense of accountability to other mothers/wives AND get such inspiration from y’all that I think overall I’m a better wife/mother for the exchanges.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head about “blogging” or “wasting time.”

    Since all my kids are in school this year (first time ever for me!) I am trying to use my time more wisely….so I’m working on shaping a “during the day” routine for myself that allows for Coffee & Computer Breaks but means that the bulk of the housework & errands take place during the school day. This way, when they get home, I can give them more attention.

    But I have learned so much from other blogs–I have been inspired, I have laughed and cried and reflected and even argued. And reflecting on my own experiences helps me to do MY job better.

    It’s all about making a balance.

  4. Blogging is my therapy….

    If I didn’t blog, I would do other things that were unproductive, but to me, it’s no different than scrapbooking or something else like that… I’m preserving memories and it’s a hobby… some times I’m out of control with it and other times, I’m not…

    I don’t feel that it’s become out of control yet… or an obsession… but it might… that’s when I know that my friends will step in and say YO… and check me… 🙂

  5. When you think of quitting, remember the friendships that have come from it. Remember how this is your little “escape” from the everyday world. We all need something to “just let go and relax with” and for me, blogging is that. It’s getting to “conversate” with other like-minded women and moms. Nothing to feel guilty about.

  6. My husband and I talk about this sometimes. Sometimes I think he has a point, but then other times, I realize that I don’t get to go hop on the riding lawn mower for an hour, or go to work and accomplish intellectual things.

    I’ve explored emotional and intellectual things since I’ve been blogging that I never would have taken time to work through, so it kind of hurts my feelings when he wants to take that away. KWIM?

  7. I haven’t read all the links yet…I’m w/the other commenters—blogging is a hobby to me. I don’t scrapbook, I don’t watch TV (during the day…hello, LOST!), I don’t *cough* exercise, etc. When I discovered blogging, I fell in love. I’m a natural born time waster…I’m sure I’d find ANYTHING to do over doing the dishes. BUT…I admire people that give something big up for their families.

    Sorry for the rambly comment…

  8. As with anything in life it’s all about balance…as much as you can get anyways. Like you said, if you weren’t blogging you’d be doing something else.

    I’ve thought about quitting before, too. But not because I feel like it’s a time waster, but sometimes I just feel like I’m giving away too much of myself.

    Sometimes I feel uneasy about blogging about my personal life.

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