Another One Bites The Dust

I was sad to see that one of my long-time readers and commenters, Kim over at Pressing on Toward the Goal is calling it quits on the blog.  Earlier this summer, my dear friend Clemntine of What’s Up Buttercup did the same.  Whenever I see someone making this decision, I can’t help but re-evaluate my own priorities. 

I applaud Kim for making a responsible decision for her and her family.  From time to time I think about calling it quits on the blogging, myself.  I often wonder how much more I would accomplish around the house if I wasn’t blogging and reading blogs.  But then I remember that before I discovered blogging, I would waste just as much time on the computer or in other frivolous pursuits.  My house wasn’t any cleaner or my kids any better cared for.  I don’t feel convicted that blogging is a problem for me.  I do, however, feel convicted that wasting time is a problem for me.

With school starting and our family falling into a fairly predictable routine, it’s pretty easy to see where I have time to squander and where I need to tighten up on my self-control.  I want to be sure to be available to my family and my responsibilities around the house.

All this reminds me of a post I saw this week over at Cheeky Lotus.  Read it.  I think you will relate.  And hopefully the poem at the end will inspire you to spend a little extra time with your kids this week, doing things THEY want to do.  It certainly inspired me.