Another PR!

I ran another 5K last night. Let me preface that by saying that I spent the day chaperoning a field trip with my daughter’s first grade class — to the Philadelphia Zoo. I’m pretty sure that every school in a 35-mile radius was at the zoon on a field trip yesterday. It was insanity. We had a good time, although I gained quite a few gray hairs, I’m sure. I arrived home feeling thoroughly wiped out and didn’t have much down time before it was time to set out for the race.

It was also the hottest day of the season so far. In other words, not prime racing conditions.

Still, we went for the fun of it. It was a “Taco Run” and ended with margaritas and, yes, tacos. I even convinced my husband to run it with me — his first 5K ever. He hates to run, but he did it to be sociable. (We had friends running it too.)

race complete

He also ran it in under 30 minutes — JERK.

No, really. I am proud of him. He was determined not to be an utter laughing stock so he ran for his life, and look where it got him! A pretty respectable 5K time for anyone, to say nothing of someone who has never run a race in his life.

I, on the other hand, had no goals except to finish and get a margarita! I know I say this every race, and yet every time I cross that starting line, it’s no holds barred, I’m racing for my life. This time was no different. Even though it was a Friday night (I always run in the mornings) and 85 degrees (I’ll take 35 any day of the week!) and I had spent all day traipsing around the zoo, herding cats — I mean, first graders . . . I still set out to match my personal best. Which, I thought was about 28 minutes. The last race I ran wasn’t chip timed and I forgot to turn my Garmin off when I crossed the finish line, so I was guessing my time was around 28 minutes.

Last night I was watching my Garmin, and I knew I was doing pretty well. I started out at a reasonable pace — around 9:30, trying not to go too fast. Then by mile two, I was running a solid 9-minute mile. Throughout the third mile, I was running between 8:30 and 9:00. I knew I had to keep it there to have a chance of making my goal. I stayed strong, even though I honestly wanted to puke for the last half of the third mile.

Once again, I forgot to turn off my Garmin when I crossed the finish line, so I wasn’t sure of my time until they posted the race results.

I was standing in line for a taco when they announced that the race times were published. I quickly navigated on my iPhone until I found them. I wanted SO badly to come in under 28 minutes but figured I hadn’t quite done it.

But then I saw this . . .

race score 5-10-13

I did it with not a second to spare!!!!

The way I was jumping up and down, you’d thought I’d won the whole race. I am so psyched.

I really love the 5K. Yes, I’m going to train for the half marathon, but really, I don’t know that my heart is in it. I am sure I’ll be proud of myself, and you better believe I’ll be putting that 13.1 bumper sticker on my car. But the 5K is where it’s at. What can I say, I like instant gratification.

I hope to continue increasing my times. It’s my dream to place first in my age group some day — even if it’s just in some podunk race without much competition. I would love to win a trophy and say I did it. It might take me five years, and it might never happen, but I’m going to start working towards that goal.

For now? I’m just thrilled to say that I have officially run a 5K in 28 minutes! WOO!!

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7 thoughts on “Another PR!

  1. Yay!!!!!! Good for you! That’s awesome!

    I hate to run at night. I feel full and tired and sluggish. Mornings are definitely the best time to run but I guess a margarita and a taco would be pretty gross at 8:00 am!

    And I hope your husband isn’t being too annoying about his time! 😉

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go! You are crazy fast! When are we going to do a training run together for the half? I’m feeling pretty motivated for it after my Broad Street Run finish. And, because misery lives company, I’ve talked a friend from church and one from work to do the half with us!

  3. It’s fun following a longer-term blogger like yourself :), because I feel like I knew you before you ever ran. So to see this is thrilling, and inspirational for myself. Thank you!


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