Another Random List

1) Try explaining the concept of helium to a 2-year-old.  And then
listen to her verbally process the experience of letting go of her
precious balloon and watching it go "up, up into the ‘ky" for the next
fifteen minutes.  If THAT doesn’t make you cuckoo, then you’re a better
mother than I.

2) Want to know how to wear red in a modern way?  Today on Chic Critique, Luanne is our guest blogger, and she tells us how to do exactly that.

3) Who are you voting for tonight on DWTS?  I am afraid I’ve found myself in Kristi’s camp.  I just don’t see how they can give that trophy to anyone else, even though I have enjoyed watching Cristian and Jason QUITE a bit this season.  Ahem.

4) Tomorrow I’m hosting a really cool giveaway.  I’m SO excited.  Be sure to come by and enter to win!!

5) I don’t think I’m cut out for Twitter.  I can’t contain myself from responding to everyone’s tweets.  I don’t think anyone else replies nearly as much as I do.

6) It’s 55 and rainy here today.  I can’t believe it’s May.  It feels like March.  Does this mean it will feel like August in October?  One can always hope.

7) My 2-year-old is already trying to wear her 5-year-old sister’s clothes and shoes.  What’s it going to be like when they’re 14 and 17?

8) I got the reusable grocery bags at my grocery store.  Aren’t they nice?  They do hold A LOT.  I was quite proud of myself for remembering to take them with me to Trader Joe’s this morning.

9) That’s all I have at the moment. TTFN.

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  1. Well, it was blue skies and 99 here yesterday. And Summer is still a month away. I have a feeling we are in for a hot one this year.

    Sorry about your daughter’s balloon… : )

  2. I ALWAYS congratulate myself when I remember to use my grocery bags. I try to keep them in the car all the time, but often they don’t make it back out there after being unloaded.

    And I’m afraid to even try Twitter . . .

  3. I had to put a sticky note in my car that says, REMEMBER YOUR BAGS!
    I forget all the time.

    Good for you for remembering. Maybe you will win something at TJ!

  4. I totally need to do a randomness list 🙂 I don’t think I’m cut out for Twitter either — not quite sure of the point of it all. Do I really need to know when people eat their breakfast, lunch, dinner? Or what they eat? It’s a bit too much like the beginnings of blogs no one reads — or maybe I’ll just be pickier about who I follow 🙂

  5. I don’t know if your Trader Joe’s does this, but when we take our own bags we can enter to win a $25 gift card for groceries.

  6. I am totally over this weather…where is my spring going into summer weather? I’m all over the August in October though! I did the same thing when I starteg twitter and would even go all the way back to the last conversation that happened after I got off. Now I just go as far back as Twirhl takes me and am choosier over who I talk to. Not totally sure I still buy into it. I like my blog posts.

  7. I got to spend some time this weekend in the company of a family with seven girls, who range in age from 24 (married) to 4 (twins). In between are 21, 18, 15, 15 (not twins – combined family, the girls are two weeks apart and have grown up as sisters since the age of 3). The girls get along SO beautifully. I know there are arguments, but they generally, now that the older ones are all the same size and are in adult size clothes, share clothes, are friendly about it and get along. They’re so sweet.

    So I guess I say all that to encourage you that raising your daughters to be sisters and friends, which it sounds like you do beautifully, will make the teenage years smooth when it comes to the clothes thing. Just let your little one have her own “cool” stuff too, and they’ll trade.

    I wanted a sister…

  8. About Twitter…I keep forgetting to post. Too much “life” happening between blog posts. Sorry to those who have been “following” me. I’ll try to get better…

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