Are You A Survivor Fan?

Did you watch tonight?  I am officially speechless.  And I’ve never laughed so hard at Survivor.  EVER.  Poor Eric.

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15 thoughts on “Are You A Survivor Fan?

  1. I love survivor, actually i love most reality tv (i really need to get out more often!) any who, Erik is a idiot what the heck was he thinking and oh that Nat, cant stand her. see i really need to get a life!
    oh btw GO AMANDA!!!

  2. I have NO IDEA what is going on this season, as I sit up in the computer room blogging while my husband and his brother watch Survivor.

    So, being that it is on rightthissecond, I am waiting for laughter any moment…


  3. Big time Survivor fan family here.

    My goodness. I felt bad for Erik momentarily but then, c’mon. Really?

    Yeah. Speechless. Jaw on the floor.

  4. I have not watched it in several weeks, but I was folding clothes and it was on, so I watched it. That was pretty funny! So sad that he could be dumb. But, I liked what he said at the end of the show about being on that Island with all those sexy smart women, he knew he was in over his head.

  5. I cannot believe that he did that. I thought not using the immunity idol and being voted out was a bone head move, but to actually take the immunity necklace off and give it to someone else? What was he thinking?

  6. How could he not see that coming? He deserved what he got, and I enjoyed the laughter it provided in my house.

  7. I am a HUGE Survivor fan and this season HAS to be the most entertaining EVER. Oh my. I really liked Eric but he didn’t deserve to win if he’s going to be fooled like that! Gosh! The jury on this one is going to be the BEST! Season finale this Sunday! Woo!


  8. I’ve watched all the seasons and this is my favorite. My favorite part was when James’ made the comment about no longer being the dumbest survivor.

  9. We watched Survivor, my husband being an Erik fan goes “No, he wouldn’t be that stupid”, I looked over and said “Yes he would”. LOL I just laughed, and the jury knew what was happening, yet he was clueless. But he watched Survivor so much that you would think he would know these things. I mean he rocked the previous Survivors challenges. I feel bad cause he was gullable, but at the same time, you know he’ll be back on All Stars. 🙂

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