Baby, baby, baby.

rebecca 14 mos - 1

I can’t get over how adorable Rebecca is these days. She’s walking everywhere, for one thing, and she’s so proud of herself. 

This morning she toddled over to me, climbed up in my lap, patted my chest and then my face lovingly with those sweet, baby-soft little hands, and then leaned her head forward to place her forehead on my lips for kisses. When she does that, she makes her own version of the kissing sound. It goes something like, “Mmmmmm-muh!”

A few moments later, I wrapped her in her blankie and rocked her to sleep while I cuddled her close, drinking in her baby sweetness. I wish life were full of moments like those. But then if it were, I guess those moments wouldn’t seem so special, now would they?