To NYC and Back Again!

I know!  Two blogger events in one month.  I’m getting spoiled rotten, but it doesn’t get old.

Yesterday, thanks to the generosity of Child’s Play Communications/Team Mom and their fabulous sponsors, I had a delightful lunch, met some of the most amazing women bloggers in the mid-Atlantic region, and discovered loads of cool products just in time for Christmas.  I’ll fill you in more on the products when I get my box (yes, box!) of swag in the mail later this week.

But today I want to focus on the women I met.  My buddy Sarah and I made the trek to Trenton and hopped a train to NYC (we’re getting good at this!) where we made our way down the busy Manhattan streets (I wore flats this time; I’m a quick study) to The Williams Club.

sarah peppel and jolynne shane 2008

We barely made it across the street before the Veterans Day Parade closed off the intersection.  We seem to have a knack for hitting NYC when there is a big event taking place.  Once there, we rode an elevator that is surely a legitimate antique to the 6th floor where we met my long-time contact at Child’s Play Communications/Team Mom — Sarah Fraser.  It was so much fun to put a name with a face after working together for well over a year.  She’s adorable.

After grabbing a mimosa and a plate of delicious food, we sat down to a table with Veronique from Little Elephants, Kim from Jogging In Circles, and Kelli from WorkingMoms.com.  I hope I spelled their names right.  I’m so bad with names.  Here we are.  Let’s just say there was no shortage of conversation.

Blogger Event in NYC circa 2008

We also ate with Candace from Mamanista, but she was off changing her precious baby when we took this picture.  Then I met her partner-in-crime, Deb, who, ironically, lives in the suburbs of Philly!  So we’re going to hook her up with our local email list.

I met another local blogger who lives practically on my back doorstep — Missy from the Celebrity Baby Blog.  And I got to say hello to Kelsey at the mama bird diaries, a NYC blogger I met last summer at the The Closer screening.  She’s just delightful and one of the best writers I know.  There were many others who I don’t remember and/or didn’t get to meet.

We had a lovely time, and it went by far too quickly.  There were some great raffle prizes, not the least of which was a travel package from the Orlando Tourism Bureau.  I didn’t win, in case you were wondering.  But one very lucky mommy is taking her family to Disney World in 2010.

After we ate our fill and said our good-byes, we headed back home where absence clearly makes the heart grow fonder.  My kids were only without me for several hours, but they acted like I’d been gone for a week.  They were thrilled with the $1.50 NYC keychains I’d picked up and promptly attached them to their backpacks.

My 9-year-old son wasted no time beating me soundly in both ping pong AND Uno Attack, and now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet that comes only after 3 sets of teeth brushing, pajama dressing, bedtime stories and good-night prayers.  I have oodles of work awaiting me, but Dancing With the Stars is calling my name.  Which do you think will win?

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7 thoughts on “To NYC and Back Again!

  1. I wish I could just hop on a train and be in NYC in a few minutes. We tried that once, 15 hours later, we arrived. Had a ball. Wish every year I could go back!
    Glad you had a fun trip!

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