Back to School: Take Two

I don’t know when I’ll ever learn.  I had this lovely vision of what yesterday would be like.

I would send the big kids off to school in a flurry of hugs and kisses and well wishes.  Then I’d enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the other mommas before hunkering down in front of my computer for a solid chunk of work time while my 4-year-old played quietly at my feet.

When the kids arrived home from school, I’d be waiting in my immaculate kitchen holding a plate of homemade cookies, fresh and warm from the oven, smiling serenely as the kids plopped their backpacks down and chatted happily about their day — taking turns, of course, and responding appropriately to their siblings.

Then I would cook a special First Day of School dinner while the kids played outside with their chums, and we would all enjoy a peaceful family dinner together before herding the kids upstairs for baths and bedtimes.

And then I woke up, and yesterday REALLY happened.

Perhaps today will go a little more smoothly.  There’s always a chance, right?

Today is my 4-year-old’s first day of pre-kindergarten.  She is delighted because she already knows her teacher — she was her Lunch Bunch teacher last year, and also her sister’s former preschool teacher.  So yay for familiar teachers!

This will be the first time, with three kids, and a total of 17 years of school among the three of them, that I have ever had a repeat teacher, and I’m looking forward to it.

Today is already off to a better start than yesterday, so I’m feeling positive.  The bus send-off and preschool drop-off went smoothly, and here I sit, in a quiet house, debating what to do with myself.

I SHOULD work.  But I COULD go to the grocery store, or get a pedicure, or even take a nap.

And then there’s that pesky shard of glass I somehow got wedged into my foot.  I probably should get that taken care of first.

I tell ya, there’s never a dull moment.

Oh but hey.  Look how cute!