Be It Ever So Humble…

After 12-1/2 hours, 7 states, 580 miles, 5 potty stops, 4 coffees, 1 traffic delay, 6 podcasts, 2 playlists, and countless books, we’re HOME!!!!!!!

The car is unpacked, the kids are already playing with their neighborhood friends, and I am in hog heaven with my high speed Internet connection.   Life is good.

I do have one rant question, though.  WHY would ANY one take a trip up the east coast without EZPass?  WHY?  Stop the madness!  The only traffic delays we had on either end of our trip were at the toll plazas.  The EZPass-Only lanes were always open, and the other lanes were a glut of confused, frustrated drivers trying to avoid the EZPass-Only lanes and keeping those of us with EZPasses from getting to the EZPass-Only lanes. 

SO unnecessary.  SO maddening.

And one more thing.  If the EZPass-Only lanes were all placed on the far left and right, it would make everything SO much simpler.  Okay, rant over.

I think there’s a pepperoni pizza calling my name.  After two weeks without my favorite comfort food, I do believe I’m starting to twitch.