Gray Away for Root Touchups

I’ve never been one to experiment with my hair. I went natural until I started noticing those tell-tale gray hairs popping up in my crown, and then I went to my hairdresser and asked her to make them disappear.

Gray Away: temporary root concealer that REALLY WORKS!

I have been coloring my hair ever since with an all-over color as close to my natural tone as possible. I don’t mess around with at-home coloring treatments or any of that nonsense. I’m all about keeping my hair as natural looking as possible, and I’m actually quite terrified of deviating from the tried and true.

But anyone with dark hair can tell you, once you get to a certain age, those pesky grays can start to appear as soon as three weeks after a color treatment. I’m pretty consistent about visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks . . . but three??? Forget it! I need something to tide me over in the meantime.

I’ve been sent products to try in the past that claim to cover your gray roots easily and naturally between salon visits, but I’ve never liked any enough to write about them until I tried Gray Away

Gray Away by EVERPRO

My Gray Away arrived the same week I had my hair colored so I had to wait a while to try it. Finally this week I started noticing those little grays popping up again so I decided it was time to give Gray Away a test drive.

I notice the gray hairs the most when I pull my hair back into a ponytail, which is pretty much every other day (at least.) They start showing at the temples and in the top/front of my hair where bangs would be. I tried to get a before picture, and if you look REEEEALLY close, you can see them. They are more noticeable in person.

pesky grays

Gray Away is a spray, and I love that it does not contain dyes. Instead, it uses mineral derived pigments that are safe for everyone — even pregnant women.

I will tell you, I was VERRRY AFRAID to try this at first. I mean, spray bottles have a way of doing their own thing, if you know what I mean. I intentionally tried it on a morning when I wasn’t going anywhere, in case I ended up looking like I’d battled a bottle of brown spray paint.

But I needn’t have worried. The spray is strong enough to do the job, but it doesn’t cover your hair like paint. Instead, it coats the hair gently, and I actually found myself going back and using more. As I got braver, I sprayed the whole top of my head. It looks VERRRY natural.

I did get some on my face, because my gray hairs are so close to my temples, but it wiped off easily. Here is the after picture. Sorry, it’s a little blurry. I was taking these myself in the mirror.

Gray Away: temporary root concealer that REALLY WORKS!

See how natural? I love it. Really, this is good stuff.

The best part is, it washes right out. It’s only meant to be temporary, so you just cover the grays you can see, and don’t worry about the rest.

Gray Away retails for $12.99, and it’s available in drugstores nationwide and online. I was provided with a review sample with no strings attached, but this stuff is too good NOT to share!

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11 thoughts on “Gray Away for Root Touchups

  1. Yeah I’m one of those people that 3 weeks post salon the grays start popping up. I’ve tried some over the counter products and I’m always scared to mess with my hair, I’m going to look for this one next time I’m out.

  2. Soo Cool! I’m gonna run to the store later today and look for this! I was looking in the mirror this morning thinking I have 2 MORE weeks to go before my 5 week hair color~I’m never gonna make it!! As I was opening your post I looked at the clock and thought my hairdresser isn’t in yet I”ll call her in an hour… Hey… now I’m running to Walgreen instead! Thanks for sharing this money saving and awesome item with us !

  3. Why keep coloring? I’m embracing my grey and no longer a slave to the 6 week chair. Too, redding a good book by Anne Kreamer on the very subject! I’m 49,and have been dye free for 6 months-lovin it!

  4. I Bought a box of Light Brown tonight at Walgreen. I absolutely LOVE IT ! Its like “No Risk” ! I spritzed some on my roots and It blended in beautifully. I’ve just made a “bridge” to my 6 week appointment !! Did I say Easy to use???!!! I was very comfortable spritzing it around and it just blends right in. There’s no mess and I got INSTANT Gratification!! SO So Happy you told us about this product !

  5. I bought this last year, and have used it a few times when the color appointment has to get pushed back because the kids get sick or something. I think it works well! I noticed there’s a new loreal root cover up product…have you seen or tried that one?

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