Because All I Can Summon This Morning is a List

1. Spring came.  It was lovely.  And then it left.  AGAIN.

2. Friday night I had a date.

It went sort like this.  Friday afternoon, long about 4 o’clock, I was sitting at the computer still unshowered and wearing my favorite sweats (because that would be unexpected), planning to spend the night in front of the TV while my husband podcasted with is best friend, when who else but my husband dinged me on gmail chat.

HIM: Want to get a babysitter and go out tonight?

ME: Would that require a shower and a waistband without elastic?

Radio silence.

ME: How are we going to find a babysitter at this late date?

HIM: Just try and see.  You never know.

As it turned out, he was right, as much as it pains me to say it, so we proceeded to make plans with friends to meet up at a local pub for an impromptu double date.

Yes, I showered and stuffed myself into pants with a button and zipper.  You are welcome.

3. Saturday morning I had a hair appointment and I got bangs.  I was not planning to get bangs.  It suddenly seemed like a good idea at the time.  But as it turned out?  NOT such a good idea.  Because the gray?  That no one seems to notice?  Turns out, it’s all in the bang area.  And now it’s showcased on my forehead for the world to see.  GRAND.

4. After my hair appointment, I took advantage of my time alone and swung by the mall where I found THE most adorable orange flats that I told you about on Saturday.  I’m planning to wear them when I meet my blogging buddy Colleen tonight for dinner if this infernal rain stops.  It’s the little things, you know?

5. Saturday afternoon it was too pretty to sit inside at ye olde computer, so I hung out on the sidewalk with the neighbors while the kids played.

6. Saturday night my husband and son deserted us for the Phillies game, and Shannon took pity on us girls and invited us over for a cookout.  It took me approximately 0.2 seconds to accept.

7. Sunday morning we went to church as per our usual, and Sunday afternoon we spent trying to switch all of our closets over from winter to summer even though we knew that winter would return today in earnest.  I refuse to humor the winter any longer.  I am done.  YOU HEAR THAT, WINTER?  You are dead to me.

8. So here we are.  It’s Monday.  It’s cold and rainy.  I have a list as long as my arm of things to do.  I feel like doing approximately NONE of them.  And how are YOU?