Because Christmas waits for no man (or woman)

It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas around here. I think it all started with my quick jaunt to NYC last week. And then we finally got our tree. The mild weather we were enjoying has finally been replaced with crisp, chilly typical-December temps, and we even saw snow flurries on Saturday. Plus I’ve been putting work on the back burner in lieu of fudge making and Christmas card addressing.

I’m trying to focus on baking and decorating and actually allowing myself to enjoy it, rather than trying to fit it in around everything else I’ve committed to do. I’ve decided that while I can multi-task with the best of them, I tend to get absorbed in one type of activity or another — whether it be writing or working or housework or decorating or cooking . . . and everything else sorta falls by the wayside. Well, this weekend it was readying ourselves for Christmas.

We finally got our tree on Saturday.

In 17 Christmases together, we have NEVER waited this long to get our tree. I don’t know what the deal was this year, but we couldn’t get our acts together. As it turns out, it was the PERFECT day for our Shane Family Christmas Tree Hunt. They sky was gray and the wind was brisk and we even saw a few snow flurries while we were perusing the lot for The Tree.

And guess who we ran into on our way out!??

After dinner Saturday night, we pulled down all the decorations from the attic and got to work.

Behold the masterpiece!

As particular as I can be, I am perfectly happy to let the kids have at it when it comes to their tree. They actually did a pretty good job this year. The ornaments are fairly evenly spaced out, top to bottom, and there are only a few branches holding more than two. That’s progress from years past, I assure you!

The rest of the house is looking pretty festive too, if I do say so myself.

I’ve been slaving away over batches of peanut butter fudge to wrap up for teachers and friends, and last night we enjoyed a lovely Christmas party, complete yummy with eats and carol singing.

And while we’re getting into the Christmas spirit, tomorrow night my husband and I have a date at the mall. I’ve missed the mall this year! Now that I’m working more or less fulltime, I have had almost no time to spend at my favorite haunt. And Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of year to be at the mall. So far this year, I’ve done every iota of my Christmas shopping online, but tomorrow I plan to remedy that. I have a list of last minute things to finish up, and I’m counting on the mall not being too crowded on a weeknight so I can enjoy the Christmas decorations. I know, unlikely, but don’t burst my bubble just yet, m’kay?

So now, let the gift wrapping commence!

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  1. We did a tree in the playroom this year and let the kids have free reign on it!

    i also know what you mean about getting the tree…last year, we didnt even have a tree since we would be travelng and the kids let us have it for that…..but sometimes life’ craziness gets in the way!

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