Because True Blue Friends Are One In A Million


Do you have one of those friends who just GETS you? Someone who loves you no matter what and has been by your side through puberty and braces, schoolgirl crushes, joys and triumphs, your biggest failures, pregnancies and miscarriages, weddings and funerals and everything in between?

To have one such friend in a lifetime is a blessing so I know I am fortunate to be able to say I have two of these true blue friends. My longest friendship dates back to 1985, when we were both in the 8th grade.

Our friendship was born in a noisy middle school lunchroom where we bonded over our love of reading . . . usually some type of teenage fiction with twins named Jessica and Elizabeth. We also shared a common faith, a love of singing, and a bit of a flair for the dramatic.

We survived the indignities of adolescence together and went on to be the best of friends throughout our high school years. Our friendship had its ups and downs as most relationships do, but we stuck together through thick and thin. We shared everything from clothes to shoes to makeup and hairspray… lots and lots of hairspray. It was the 80s, after all.

We spent many afternoons after school and most weekends together. In the summertime, it was hard to determine when one sleepover ended and the next began. Laughs were plentiful, even if sleep was not. Many hours were frittered away at the mall, after which we would return to my house and make brownies and stay up half the night, whispering secrets and giggling until my mother pulled rank and told us to put a lid on it.

After high school, we went to separate colleges where we both majored in elementary education and wrote prolific letters back and forth for four years. I still have some of those letters in a box in the attic.

We got married within six months of each other, and even though we’ve lived three states apart ever since, we get together at least once a year and pick up right where we left off like we saw each other just the other day.

Friendships like that are few and far between. No matter how many miles apart we are or how many months go by without seeing each other, the comfort of having a friend like that to turn to is priceless.

As always, Hallmark has a card for that! They sent me an assortment of cards to get the New Year started off right — by celebrating friendship and connecting with those who have been here for me through thick and thin. I adore this cheerful little journal with an Emerson quote on the front.

Hallmark: Write It On Your Heart

The first page shares this sentiment, and the rest of the pages are blank… just waiting to be filled with a record of memories and blessings throughout the upcoming year.


I dropped it in the mail this morning, and I can just picture the smile on my dear friend’s face when she receives it. I hope it’s a blessing and an encouragement to hear this year.

Do you have a friend like that? Tell me about her in the comments, and maybe take a few minutes to jot her a note or even give her a call today and let her know how much her friendship means to you.

This post is part of a year-long collaboration with Hallmark, my go-to source for greeting cards and thoughtful gift ideas.

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16 thoughts on “Because True Blue Friends Are One In A Million

  1. Gotta love the Sweet Valley High series. I think I owned every single one of them at some point. This is a great post, and I know exactly what you mean about those couple of friends. Thanks for the reminder that I should be staying in touch more! I love Hallmark cards!

  2. My three YaYas are those friends for me. While we haven’t known each other quite as long (we became friends in college), our friendship has survived the loss of parents, marriages, children being born, and living far away from each other. We get together as a group at least twice each year, once with just us girls and once with our families. We have THE BEST time when we’re together!

  3. Great article! I grew up in the 80s myself, an avid reader of the SVH series. You’re so right about true friends being one in a million. It would be wonderful if I could relate to that! I’m a stay at home wife who has tried so many things to make friends as an adult – I’ve hosted events on Meetup and Girlfriend Circles, volunteered, joined a style challenge group on Facebook, and somehow wasn’t able to make any real or lasting friends. It is infinitely harder to accomplish as an adult. Still, it is heartwarming to know there still is true friendship out there!

    1. Aw, thanks. I love you too. And I MEANT to have this sent to you BEFORE I posted about it. But I ran out of stamps…. I’m sure you’re not surprised. 🙂 Was I always this much of a flake?

  4. Just finished a chat on FB with my dearest friend. That’s the majority of our communication lately as she lives in SC and I live in Australia. We’ve known each other for 25 years+ now. And actually only lived in the same town for 2 of those years. But I’ve never found another friend like her and we always pick up where we left off when we do get a chance to see each other. She is the BEST at picking out cards and sending them. They are always perfect. And tend to be hallmark. haha

  5. I love that you dropped Sweet Valley High in this 🙂 I have a few friends like this and I treasure them. So blessed to have stayed connected with them after all these years… it is such a treasure, isn’t it? It’s little things like dropping a card in the mail that keep our relationships so special… xoxo

  6. Ramona remembers when we met; I do not. She was 4 and I was 9 mos. old. We grew up next door to one another, both without siblings, in a neighborhood devoid of other children. Today she is 60 and I am 56. She is the sister I never had, and my best friend. We’ve seen each other through so many happy & sad times, and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is one of my most treasured blessings!

  7. I have two best friends as well. The three of us have vacationed together along with our spouses and kids. They are “Aunts” to my boys. As an only child, I think I picked my boys Aunts well! We have been through divorces (one is divorced but is still friends with her ex-spouse), funerals (two fathers, a grandmother and a dear aunt all in four months), births, good times and bad. When my father-in-law passed after a long illness, I was with my two best friends. One drove me to the hospital and stayed with my boys. My other best friend’s husband (she had a small baby at the time that was ill so she stayed with him), went in the ER with me. When my best friend’s step-daughter passed away at the age of 21 of cancer it was right before New Year’s. For several years we had a standing agreement that we would spend New Year’s night at one of our houses for a sleepover, kids and all. I asked if they still wanted us to come and they said of course. Later they told us it was especially wonderful to have us there. They could talk about her struggles and about her when she was young and we understood and let them talk. This is true friendship. In good times and bad, you help each other and are there for each other to comfort and help heal. Love my Bek and Kris!

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