Because What Our Kids Really Need is More Self-Esteem

So, funny story. About my daughter, who hates it when I talk about her, incidentally.  The second she overhears her name come up in conversation, this horrid scowl takes over her face and daggers shoot out of her eyes. It’s so truly frightening that I haven’t entirely ruled out the possibility of demon possession. But you see, this is why I blog. I can talk about her all I want, and she’s none the wiser. Until she learns to read, of course, and then all bets are off. But for now, Caroline stories are free game.

So the other day the kids and I were having a conversation about strangers and if there are really bad guys that might take children away from their parents. And of course I was caught in the age-old balancing act of trying to instill in my children the appropriate caution of strangers while not making them afraid of their own shadows.

As I was talking myself into a hole, which I tend to do in such instances, my husband in all his parental wisdom jumped in and said, “Don’t worry.  No one would want you guys anyway.”

You can see that I have my hands full.

Well, Caroline took umbrage at this remark and tossed her blond hair and said with confidence, “They would want to take me because I’m so pretty.”

Clearly the self-esteem movement is gaining ground.