Best and Worst of Baby Products

My SIL and one of my very best friends are both pregnant with their firsts, and as excited as I am for them, it has also brought on the realization that I am totally out of the baby stage.  And while I don’t regret that necessarily, it does seem a little odd.  I will never experience this again, at least not with my own flesh and blood.


I was always a source of information for my friends.  One girlfriend once referred to me a product junkie.  I didn’t mind.  I loved to research products (still do, but I’ve moved on to appliances and technical devices) and the latest version of Baby Bargains was always within my arm’s reach.  My friends still occasionally email me for my opinion about a certain baby product, which is what gave me the idea for this post.

First I’ll list products that I believe are worth every penny.  Then I’ll make a list of ones that I wouldn’t waste my money on again — things I rarely used and ended up throwing or giving away.  Take these lists with a grain of salt.  I’m sure things have changed, and everyone’s opinions and needs are different.

Here is MY Best of Baby Products List. I haven’t covered every possible category.  These are simply the products that I am (or was) PASSIONATE about.

Best book on baby gear: Baby Bargains

Best book on pregnancy: Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

Best nursing book: So That’s What They’re For

Best stroller: Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest

Best infant carseat: Graco Snugride

Best convertible carseat: Britax Roundabout

Best booster carseat: Graco Turbobooster


Best skincare for baby: Burt’s Bees

Best potty chair: Baby Bjorn(so simple and easy to clean — and the best pee guard for little boys)

Best bib: Bumpkins


Best chair for nursery: Recliner (thanks Susan for reminding me) — we have a huge La-Z-boy recliner that we inherited from my husband’s grandmother.  We have spent MANY a night in that chair.  It isn’t as pretty as those gliders you see at Babies R Us, but it was a lot more practical.

Nighties: I swear by these for newborns.  Wait on footed sleepers until they’re older (or going out) but around the house, I kept my babies in those little nighties until their feet were popping out the bottom.  I had winter babies, so I layered those fleece “bags” over the nighties. So easy for middle of the night changes — unzip the sleeper, pull up the nightie, change the diaper, and zip ’em back up!  Carters makes both!  They were my favorites.

These are things I wouldn’t waste my money on again:

Babywise — God gave us maternal instincts for a reason.  Use them, and politely disregard anyone who tells you there is one right away to parent your infant.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting — This book will give you a complex.  Eat whatever you want, or whatever doesn’t make you want to hurl.

Bulky travel system — As soon as your baby is out of the carrier, you will wish you had a lightweight, streamlined stroller.  I swear by Maclarens.  They are AWESOME.  They maneuver around the mall like nobody’s business.  I see that Graco now makes a stroller frame to go with their infant carriers — I wish they’d had that when I was having babies!

Over-sized boosters for up to 80 lbs — we had the Britax version, and the thing was mammoth.  So inconvenient for swapping cars and such.  Go with the Turbobooster and be done with it!

Bath seat — What a pain in the arse.  I gave sponge baths when they were infants and put them in the tub as soon as I could.  **NOTE – bath seat, not to be confused with baby bathtub, which I DID use for a long time.  But when they are ready to sit up, I just put them in big tub and held them so they didn’t slide.

Diaper genie — Again, pain in the arse.  I sold mine in a yard sale (I know, EW!) and just used those plastic grocery bags.


Wipes warmer — more trouble than it’s worth.

I’d love to hear your feedback. What are your favorite baby products and the ones you could do without?  Feel free to disagree with some of mine.  I fully expect that!  🙂

Note: I didn’t mention slings b/c I could never get one to work.  However, I think they’re fabulous and highly recommend trying to find one to work for you.  I carried my babies A LOT and had amazing arms.  Wish I still had those guns. 🙂  Also, swings and bouncy seats and exersaucers, I used them all but am not passionate about any one kind.

* * *

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