Blush Jeans + Denim Jacket

Good morning, friends, and TGIF!!! It’s Day 16 of 27 Days of Spring Fashion, and I’m styling blush jeans. Pay no nevermind to the weather forecast this weekend. (We are supposed to get a snowstorm on Sunday.) I simply have no words.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Blush Jeans with Denim Jacket

Outfit Details:
similar striped tee HERE $25 and HERE $79
similar denim jacket HERE $59 and HERE $74 or HERE $34
AEO Sateen X Jegging $49 (premium denim options HERE and HERE)
Superga Linu Linen Sneaker $88
my Stella & Dot Signature Engravable Disk Necklace $69
Gold Hoops $28 // bangles c/o Alex and Ani
Kate Spade Gramercy Bracelet Watch $225

Any-WHO. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been on the lookout for blush jeans, and I found these at American Eagle Outfitters. I absolutely love the color, and they feel fabulous on. These jeans are super soft. They are actually jeggings, and they’re the closest thing I’ve found to premium denim in a non-premium price range — at least in how they feel.

Unfortunately, when I uploaded these pictures to my computer, I didn’t love how they look on. I am hoping it is just because they’re a size too large. My size was sold out online when I was ordering, and not being familiar with their sizing, I took a chance and ordered a size up. You can see that they are too long through the front rise, and they are rather unflattering from behind as well.

I have too much pride to post a rear view, but here’s a side view. Not terrible, but definitely not as flattering as the jeans I normally wear.

Blush Jeans with Denim Jacket

I am hoping when I get the right size they will look better. I’ll keep you posted! I was hoping to find a more affordable jean that I can recommend to you all, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. AEO jeans are all my teen daughter wears, and they always look fabulous on her, but then again, she doesn’t have as much to disguise as I do. Ha!

Meanwhile, I do love how this outfit came together, so I’m posting it as outfit inspiration, even though the fit of the pants is a little off.

Spring Outfit Inspo: Denim, Stripes, and Blush Jeans

I love blush jeans with denim on top. I plan to wear them with my chambray shirt at some point, but for these pictures, I styled them with a grey and white striped tee and a denim jacket. This top is from LOFT last year, but they have the same tee again, just in different colors HERE.

My denim jacket is old, but I linked to some similar ones above. Forever21 has a zippered denim jacket, if you prefer that to buttons.

It is perfectly okay to let your t-shirt hang below your jean jacket. I get asked that question occasionally. Here’s how it looks from behind.

Denim Jacket

I accessorized with gold hoops and my engraved disk necklace.

Spring Fashion Over 40
I wore my Superga Linen sneakers because I like how the light grey tones look with the rest of the outfit. My white Converse would have been fine too, but they’d be more stark.

I can’t wait to see how the smaller jeans look, and if they’re a bust, I think I’m going to go ahead and splurge on the Paige Verdugo that I’ve had my eye on all season. I’ve been hoping to find them on sale, but next week Nordstrom has Triple Points days (March 22-26) and that’s the next best thing! Ha!

Spring Outfit Inspo: Blush Jeans with Denim Jacket & Striped Tee

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25 Responses

  1. If I weren’t already dressed, I’d totally put that outfit together! Will plan on packing it for this weekend’s swim meet instead.

  2. Simply said, you are stunning! And what you are wearing is a perfect compliment to your figure. We are all blessed with special gifts, and yup, you got the modeling gene gift! As always, thank you for the great fashion ideas. I’m still trying ever so hard to shop my closet in copying some of your outfits. BUT I don’t have blush jeans……I’m telling myself, my plain white ones will work just as well!! Have a great weekend! And yah, about that snow…….interesting to see what we get up here in the Pocono’s! Actually you got more snow than what we got the past few years, what’s going on here?

  3. Ha ….I must be channeling you Jo-Lynne. I just bought some blush jeans at Goodwill (they’re Simply Vera’s) and a little too big also. I figured for $4 I’ll try to shrink them….otherwise I can use them for the bloated days!! The other funny thing is mom bought a shirt like this at the same time, but it’s too small for her, so I get it—-thus I’ll have to recreate this outfit!! jodie
    thanks for hosting

  4. Nice job sporting the “color of the year” blush/rose quart! I haven’t seen a denim jacket with a zipper before-that’s fun. My husband has been hinting, no asking, me to get a denim jacket for years. When we were dating I had one that I gave away while on a mission trip in Burma. The sweet Burmese girl was admiring it and I just couldn’t resist letting her keep it. Anyhow, I never got around to replacing it with one he likes, but am hitting the outlets today so I might come back with one. LOL. Thanks for hosting the link up. I’m enjoying meeting new bloggers! Looking forward to our collab on Mon!!!!

  5. I think I tried that exact pair of jeans on. I loved the way they felt…they were so soft. I didn’t buy them though. I already have so much colored denim I rarely wear.

  6. Love the outfit. As you say, the pants look a little off, but hopefully the smaller size will make the adjustment. I really like the blush color, especially with denim. I am a denim girl and just love my jeans and jean jackets, but this is a great way to be casual, but chic. You’ve inspired me to see what sort of outfit I can come up with using my denim jacket. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  7. I think the size jeans you have on look great!! Personally, I like the way the rise looks in comparison to how your other jeans fit you.

  8. Sorry I’m a day late with this post but I really appreciate you posting pants that aren’t just right. It gives your readers a chance to see how a fit shouldn’t look. I often think I am doing it right then I think, wait are these jeans too big or too tight?!. Sometimes your flops are more helpful than you think. So thanks!

    1. Thanks, Jeri. That’s so good to hear. It’s awkward putting those out here, but I agree that they’re necessary to truly illustrate the point of how crucial proper fit is to good style. 🙂

  9. Just wondering when do you think a belt is needed with jeans? I always feel like it looks like I forgot to put on a belt if I go out without one. But sometimes it draws attention to my waist. So I noticed you don’t have on a belt with this outfit. Can you comment on that?

    1. Hey Ann. I actually prefer a belt, as you say, it finishes the outfit. I probably would have put one on with this if I’d realized the button was showing. That said, I notice a lot of fashion bloggers not wearing them when they do the front tuck, so I think it’s a matter of preference these days.

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