Body Image

I just received an email informing me that Marilyn Monroe’s birthday is on June 1st and it included this picture.


The email was a pitch wanting me to share about a contest to win a set of body shapers from Kymaro, but that isn’t what I’ve got on my mind.  I’ve never been one to idolize Marylin Monroe.  I’ve never given her much thought, really.  But when I got that email this morning and I looked at this photo of this iconic woman who is perhaps the ultimate American sex symbol, and I thought to myself:

If she lived in 2010, she would be a plus sized model and the Hollywood tabloids would be a buzz with stories of the shame of her weight.

But this photo shows a REAL woman — not today’s Hollywood icon who exists on leaves and twigs and works out with a trainer until she’s got less than 10% body fat.

What has happened to us in the last 50 years?  How have we allowed our beauty ideal to become so skewed from what is normal and healthy?  Are we too far gone to get it back?