So I really thought that taking a week off would help my hand and arm complaints subside.  And it did!!  When I got back from She Speaks, where I had only been using a laptop computer (no mouse and no designing), I was feeling some better, although I was still having some symptoms.  Then I took off again for five days at the beach where, again, I only used a laptop.  I didn’t notice any discomfort all week.

Then I got home last night and sat down in front of my beautiful iMac and started clicking away, catching up on emails and checking out all of your blogs, and within an hour, my right hand was cramping and I was feeling familiar pangs up and down my arm, even though I have switched to an ergonomic mouse (whatever THAT means) and purchased a nice chair with arm rests.  Today the symptoms continue, and I even have mild pains in my back.

Evidently, my arm has a very good memory.  And whatever damage was done needs more than a week of rest to repair.

I have an appointment for an EMG on Monday.  All I know is that means lots of needles.  I don’t do needles.  To say I’m dreading Monday is the understatement of the year.

I was really hoping that by the time this appointment rolled around, I wouldn’t need it.  But at this point, I think we need to start taking more aggressive measures to figure out exactly what is wrong and what I can do to fix it. 

The internist already diagnosed tendinitis of the elbow.  The EMG will determine whether or not I have carpal tunnel. No one mentioned physical therapy.  The only treatments that were suggested were steroid injections, medication, and ultimately surgery.  I would prefer to take less invasive measures, however.  I mean, who wouldn’t??  Why do doctors automatically suggest such drastic options??

So what am I doing right now?  Designing a blog.  There HAS to be a reasonable solution.  I mean, millions of people work on computers all day long all over the world.  Right?  ARGH.