Breakfast Woes

This post is for all of you who hate me when I tell you what my kids eat for dinner.

Mushrooms, check! Spinach, check! Brussels sprouts, check! Kale, check! Onions, check! Meat, veggies, soup, potatoes, rice… you name it, they eat it. Not to say that all 3 kids eat everything, but they all have a pretty good repertoire of dinner foods they’ll eat, and they’re always willing to try new things.

Dinner time is fun in our house. I enjoy cooking, and they enjoy eating. Yes, I do know how fortunate I am.

Lunches are kind of a wash. I pack sandwiches on homemade bread almost every day – usually lunchmeat or PB&J – and an apple and maybe one other filler like a granola bar or cut up veggies. I don’t love that they eat so much bread, but they’re not so much into taking dinner leftovers in a thermos (they all complain that they don’t stay hot enough) and I find that to be more of a hassle than throwing a sandwich together. But at least they’re not buying school lunches very often, and they don’t complain {too much} about having to bring a packed lunch.

But then there’s breakfast.

delicious paleo breakfast plate

Breakfast is killing me. For one thing, my son has reached the “I’m not hungry” stage. My kids have always had good appetites in the mornings, but this summer we got in the bad habit of putting off breakfast until like 9 or 10 AM, and I think they’re just not hungry at 7:30 anymore. Add to that, my one daughter will not touch an egg. She also won’t eat yogurt or smoothies. Or oatmeal. Oh, and lately she doesn’t care for pancakes either.

I could make waffles or French Toast every day, but they already get bread every day for lunch. Call me crazy, but I do not think that a grain-based diet is optimal. (USDA Food Pyramid – or whatever it’s called nowadays – notwithstanding.) I don’t mind making waffles or French Toast a couple times a week, but these kids need to eat more veggies and proteins – not more grains.

Lately even my son, who used to always eat my eggs, has been picking at his plate. I often throw in broccoli or swiss chard or cheese. He used to eat them that way, but now he’s not eating them, no matter what I do or don’t put in them. He just picks at it. All he wants is cinnamon toast. UM. NO. He also used to eat oatmeal and lately has been turning that down too.

My youngest is the only one who pretty much eats anything I put in front of her at breakfast time (or any meal, really. Can I clone her?)

If smoothies and eggs are out, and I don’t want to fill them up on more grains (cereal is obviously out, for more reasons than one) . . . what else is there? They do like breakfast meats, and I try to buy the healthy kind, but that gets expensive, and sausage does not a meal make.

Got any ideas for me?