Breaking My Promise

Well, I had my brief moment of introspection this morning, and now it’s back to frivolity as usual here on The Blob.

I know I promised no more hair talk.  But it just would not be right not to share with you my newfound haircare information. 

Did you know, for instance, that there is such a thing as a deep conditioner?  I’ve always made use of regular conditioner when I wash my hair.  But I never knew I was supposed to be doing something called deep conditioning.  Evidently this is a heavy cream that you apply and usually leave in your hair for several hours or even overnight.  You should do this every week or two, depending on the health of your hair.

I did not know this.

And then.  There is something else called a restructuring treatment.  Did you know about this?

Now this is not the same thing, evidently, as a deep conditioning treatment.  The deep conditioning improves hair structure.  The restructuring treatment can actually repair the hair.

Who knew!?  You can actually repair hair!  Did you know this?

Of course you did.  Evidently I’m the last person on the face of the earth to learn about such miraculous beauty treatments.

And wait.  There’s more!

When your hair starts to get weighed down by all the goop you’re putting on it, there is something called a clarifying shampoo that should get rid of all the residue and buildup left from all your newfound hair products.  This should be used about once a month.

I’ve also discovered the existence of a thermal hair protector.  This you should use before you style your hair with any heat appliance, such as a hair dryer or curling iron.

Aren’t I just brimming with helpful information this afternoon?

And why, you might ask, am I all of the sudden so interested in haircare?  Well, I’ve always had pretty healthy hair.  I haven’t had a permanent since 1989, and I’ve only used color once or twice.  So basically I’ve had healthy hair that I haven’t had to think too much about.

But now I’m 35.  And evidently, not only does your waistline begin to helplessly expand when you turn 35, but your once vibrant, sleek, and healthy hair suddenly turns dry and fuzzy.  For no apparent reason.  Or possibly due to the overuse of certain heated hair appliances.


After several people mentioned that it looks like I’ve fried my hair, I began searching for answers.  Is it diet?  Is it my beloved ceramic flat iron?  Is it age? 

And most importantly, what can I do about it???

With the help of some good friends, we have identified my hair issues and I have been properly educated about all sorts of lovely treatments with which to repair my stressed-out hair.

I started by applying olive oil the other night and sleeping with it in my hair.  Greasy pillow, anyone?  The next day it looked and felt much nicer.  But today it’s back to it’s original frizzy state, although it still doesn’t feel as dry as it did before. 

I’m about to try the restructuring treatment next.  I also purchased new shampoo and conditioner that I’m hoping will help, as well as a thermal hair protector.  AND I’ve been laying off my ceramic styling iron, as instructed by, well, anyone who has been forced to listen to my sob story about my freaked-out hair.  Instead, I’m getting to know my big round brush a little bit better. 

Does anyone else find the big round brush intimidating?  I’m such an idiot when I get a big round brush in my hand.  There should be college courses offered on proper technique.  I’d attend.

So there.  All you ever wanted to know about haircare.  And then some.