Buh-Bye, D Hernandez!

Despite their rather harsh delivery, I have to agree with the judges’ opinions.  America got it right last night.  The bottom three were the right three, and D Hernandez was the right one to go home.

Do I hear an amen?

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15 thoughts on “Buh-Bye, D Hernandez!

  1. Bottom three were right, but I think Christy should have gone. David H. has had some really great performances, while hers, to me, have been mediocre at best. I’d like to have seen David get another week or so to recover. Was that Danny with Ramiele’s parents? I caught a glimpse and thought I saw him listed as “and Best Friend” but wasn’t sure. And we never did get that DVR or Tivo. Serves me right for going against your sage advice!

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