Do you play Bunco?  Are you saying, "What the heck is Bunco?"  If you’re one of the last three people on earth to hear about Bunco, I’ll tell you that Bunco is basically our generation’s version of Bridge.  It’s really just an excuse to get together and socialize.  And eat.  And drink, if you’re one to imbibe.  Except instead of playing cards, you’re rolling dice.  The game itself is simple, but it’s pretty ingenious the way it gets everyone moving around the room so that by the end of the night you have had a chance to visit with everyone.  And it’s always more fun after a glass of wine.  Or three.

Bunco in our neighborhood has had a rather rocky existence.  See, you HAVE to have 12 to play.  16 is better.  (There are tables of 4.)  So if you don’t get enough people to play, the night’s a flop.  We have had as many as 18 sign up some months and as few as 9 other months.  The most successful Bunco groups are the ones who have 12 committed people that play every month.  But for some reason, we can’t seem to find our faithful 12 in my neighborhood.

Tonight is Bunco night, and I’m hoping I’m well enough to attend.  We’re struggling to get our 12, but I roped a friend into coming over from her neighborhood, so I think we might have a Bunco game!

If you like to Bunco, you might be interested in this.  On March 7-9th, Prilosec OTC is sponsoring the third annual Bunco Championship
at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  Naomi Judd, along with over 2,000 Bunco
loving women, will be on site to crown the next Prilosec OTC Bunco Champion. 
You can sign up for this year’s championship at the site below.


The Web site features a few tips from Naomi Judd on how to host your own
“girl’s-night-in” Bunco Party. 

Prilosec OTC has also teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
to raise money for breast cancer through a Charity Challenge. Players can
register online at Buncocentral.com, and the group that raises the most
cash will win a trip to Vegas to compete in the Prilosec OTC Bunco Championship
and meet with country singer Naomi Judd.

Now I ask you.  Where else but Las Vegas can you find Naomi Judd, Bunco, and Prilosec OTC teaming up together to fight breast cancer?  Only in America, folks.  Only in America.

*  *  *

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