By Popular Demand

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my kids’ rooms.  Here is a "before" shot of R’s room.

Bye-bye, crib.

And after:

I’m just loving this dresser.  R is the only one of my kids who has a dresser with enough room for all her clothes.

This is C’s room, all moved around with her dresser tucked away in her closet.

And D’s room sans top bunk.  Before:

And after:

It almost feels like a new house!

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24 thoughts on “By Popular Demand

  1. I love the new dresser and the bed too. The dresse looks very roomy! I LOVE moving furniture around and I do it very often. It makes me feel refreshed!

  2. I love the new bed! I have always wanted a sleigh bed for myself, but they are so expensive the larger they get.

    New room designs are so much fun for kids

  3. We have those same Pottery Barn curtains (sheers) and the same lavender wall in my daughter’s room. Her curtains are all the way to the floor because our windows go to the floor. Your rooms look great.

  4. Cool rooms!

    I did something a little different with our closets. I had the closet people come and put in a whole system in each one. LOVE them. I would never ever have a closet again without them. In fact, I got rid of dressers because of it (in the kids room, hubs still likes a dresser in the master…..LOL). It’s like putting three closets into one!

  5. Hi.
    Just checking to confirm our appointment, tomorrow @ noon!

    I have three children’s rooms to be OVERHAULED!

    Thanks! See you tomorrow – wine in hand!

  6. It is just downright scarey sometimes how alike we are….we just finished a major room remodel for my DD. Paint, etc. The best part of the whole thing is I organized her closet so she does not need a dresser! The room is huge now!

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