Bye-bye, Brooke

See, now I feel bad for saying I was ready for her to go.  I mean, I do think she was the right choice to go at this point, but she was so emotional, and even her hubby looked like a kid who just had his dessert taken away.  I have to admit, she really pulled at my heart strings.

And on a separate note.  What was the deal about the Paula rumors?  What rumors?  Does anyone know?  I mean, besides the usual comments about her being on something, which are nothing new since last night.  I guess I could google it, but it’s so much easier just to ask you.

I didn’t see much of the show.  I fast forwarded through all the performances.  I’ll never understand why they take an hour for the results shows.  It should be a half-hour show, and that’s only because they don’t make ’em any shorter than that these days.

I’m glad to know all my voting Tuesday night was not in vain.  I’m sure my measly 50 calls didn’t make a hill of beans difference in the results, but I am satisfied that David Cook is still going strong.

Alright then.  That’s a wrap.  Until next week!