Bye-bye, Brooke

See, now I feel bad for saying I was ready for her to go.  I mean, I do think she was the right choice to go at this point, but she was so emotional, and even her hubby looked like a kid who just had his dessert taken away.  I have to admit, she really pulled at my heart strings.

And on a separate note.  What was the deal about the Paula rumors?  What rumors?  Does anyone know?  I mean, besides the usual comments about her being on something, which are nothing new since last night.  I guess I could google it, but it’s so much easier just to ask you.

I didn’t see much of the show.  I fast forwarded through all the performances.  I’ll never understand why they take an hour for the results shows.  It should be a half-hour show, and that’s only because they don’t make ’em any shorter than that these days.

I’m glad to know all my voting Tuesday night was not in vain.  I’m sure my measly 50 calls didn’t make a hill of beans difference in the results, but I am satisfied that D Cook is still going strong.

Alright then.  That’s a wrap.  Until next week!

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16 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Brooke

  1. The rumors were that Paula had a martini with lunch. So sad too see Brooke go. It should have been Jason Castro!

  2. I followed a link here from Darla’s blog. I saw that you grew up in Roanoke and wanted to say hi. We don’t live far from there. You have a great blog. I enjoyed visiting with you.

  3. I’m not sure what the rumors are. I just assumed Ryan was talking about Paula being fired for all of her crazy comments and odd behavior this season.

  4. We were sorry to see Brooke go. 🙁 My husband LOVES her. She didn’t get voted off for his lack of calling her 866 number, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. Sad to see Brooke go and very emotional as she always did wear her heart on her sleeve. I’ll miss her unique style.

    There were lots of calls to fire Paula immediately flying around the main idol blogs yesterday. And lots of speculation about whether Fox’s hands are now tied to do just that because of the firestorm she ignited amongst those who have always thought the show was rigged and judges comments pre-scripted. Maybe that’s what he was refering to. I thought they should have addressed it way better than that on the show. The way it was done is going to do nothing more than stir up more things. But maybe that’s what they want, it certainly causes people to talk about the show. Any publicity at all is better than no publicity?

  6. I think Brooke is one of the most genuine contestants on the show so even though I knew she wouldn’t win (and I didn’t vote for her) I actually was sad with her last night.

    But I was seriously stressing until they announced Jason and David C. were safe. 🙂

  7. Please for all that is good in the world, WHY don’t they get rid of dreadlock guy??????? Who is voting for this kid? This week was a disaster for him but yet he made it through. Should have been him not Brooke.

  8. Oh I love brooke! I think she’s really talented, but she kept choosing the wrong songs over and over and over, and obviously couldn’t handle the strain of that sort of platform. I think she’d do a lot better on her own terms and sticking to what she does well.

    I totally agree about dreads boy(what in the world is his name, anyway?). I do think he has some charm, once in a great while, and he certainly serves as some comic relief as my husband and I make fun of what a stoner he is every week lol..but eeek. He’s not good. He shouldn’t be there.

    I can’t say I really like ANY of the contestants this season! Syesha is just soo fake fake fake, DavidA is really awkward and young and I’m just not feeling it, David cook is pretty talented, but I can’t stand the kind of music he does…They really tried to go with people who were unique this time, and it’s just not panned out imho. Don’t get me wrong, I adore originality and things off-beat, but not at the expense of talent.

  9. Midlife Mom, I’m right there with you. I enjoyed watching Jason – he was interesting. But there’s only so far a weakish voice and a cute-boy I’m-so-sincere-and-earnest-it-hurts grimace can take you, and he was at the end of the road. He should have gone before Carly (Brooke should have gone before Carly) and definitely before Brooke. There’s the thought that it doesn’t really matter what order they go in, as long as the right person wins, but I kinda think the most talented should have the most time to show off their stuff, and maybe sway voting another way. Ooops I’ve hit rambling mode. Jason should have gone. I will miss Brooke but I think she’ll do well anyway.

  10. I was sad to see Brooke go. She is better than some of the ones I heard the previous night.

    Apparently Paula was mixed up (or had a mixer) and commented on something from the rehearsals not remembering that was a rehearsal not the real performance.

  11. I felt bad for Brooke. She’s been a favorite all along, but surely even she knew that the farther she went, the more nervous she seemed to be getting. I was surprised that she got so emotional, but still you couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

    If David Cook doesn’t win, there’s just something wrong with this whole thing. David and Sayesha both belong on Broadway and I love Jason, but he’s no match for David Cook.

  12. Ok, did anyone else notice when Natasha Bedingfield said she wanted to say hi to David and David Cook stood up and she went and hugged David Archeleta? Oh I feel bad but it was funny.

    I have decided (and blogged) that AI has finally jumped my shark. I’m sorry, but the most talented people they had are already gone. I will still watch, but I’m not voting and I don’t care at all who wins, they’ve lost me.

    I heard the “rehearsal” story about Paula as well, but Paula seriously is not right. I don’t think their comments are scripted because Simon is just too acerbic in general to have someone tell him what to say…but I think Paula really is not right lately. She was really good about things all season but BAM, not rightness has slammed into play.

  13. I know, I felt bad for her too. Jason was first on my list but she was next. I was SOOOOOO tired of her and her “happy” attitude. Bleh. But then I felt bad when I saw her cry.

  14. Yes, Sari, I saw when that happened with the whole David thing! I thought it was HYSTERICAL! He so thought she wanted to touch HIM! HA!
    Poor Brooke. She represented all that was pure and bright in the world of AI. I was sad to see her leave even thought I knew she wouldn’t make it to the end.
    I will not be happy if Syesha goes before DREADLOCK BOY, OHHHH, I will, well I will, SCREAM at the TV in disbelief!

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