Bye-Bye Clutter!

Yall know that I detest clutter, and although my house doesn’t always reflect that claim, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the truth of the matter.

I may be a Flylady Flunkie, but there is one thing that has always stuck with me, and that is to have certain designated clutter-free zones.  Even if my bathrooms are growing frightening scientific experiments, there will not be clutter on my entertainment unit, for instance.  Another clutter-free zone is the top of the bookcase in my foyer.  My husband and kids know not to set anything on these surfaces for fear of losing a hand.  I would love to say that my kitchen island and counters are another clutter-free zone, although this is a goal that I rarely achieve.

But for each spot that I have designated a clutter-free zone, I seem to have a corresponding spot that is a clutter-magnet.  The laundry room is the biggest clutter magnet in my house, and the next biggest is our computer desk.  Which is ironic, seeing that I spend the greater part of my days sitting right here.  You would think it’s the very first place I clear off, wouldn’t you?  But no, I sit here and do my best work amidst piles of pictures, receipts, grocery store circulars, magazines, used napkins (ew!), school forms, and other assorted papers.  And of course, the whole area is usually blanketed with a thin layer of dust.  And crumbs.  Because who can expect me to dust around all this clutter!?


Well, yesterday I decided enough was enough.  I started pulling out folded-up papers and file folders and pictures and empty granola bar wrappers and crunched-up receipts.  And crumbs.  Lots of crumbs.  (EW!)  I opened the big file drawer and emptied out the stack of folders and papers laying in the bottom, which I have been intending to file for, well, ever.  I enlisted my husband’s help, as half the crap stuff in there was his, and together we cleaned, dusted, sorted, filed, shuffled, tossed, and labeled until we had the place looking like a work of art.


Ahhhhhhh…  sweet relief!  NOW there is no excuse for mediocrity.  My posts should be brimming with brilliant prose now that I have a clean, spacious place to work.  Although I might not be able to handle that sort of pressure.  So don’t set your expectations too high.

But hey, at least there’s a nice open spot for my morning Dandy Blend.

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