Call in the Vote!

Tomorrow when I go to the polls, I will CALL IN my Vote over at, and then I’ll embed the voice recording here on my blog.  Why don’t you do it too?  You do NOT have to tell who you are voting for or why.  (Although you can if you want.)  It’s more about the experience, if you bring your kids, what the lines are like, what the mood is like, that kind of thing.  Consider yourself a reporter for a day!  Or for two minutes, anyway.

Tomorrow morning I’ll put up a post with a Mr. Linky so you can link up your Moms CALL IN the Vote post. 

It’s easy.  I
promise!  Basically, you call from your phone while
at your voting place (directions below) and record for posterity your
voting experience.

Here’s how you do it. These directions to follow are from Cooper, one of the owners and founders of

Since we have phone-in technology on, we’ve created a Moms Call In the Vote circle. Our DREAM is for moms (kids, families, grandmas, dads) to call into TheMotherhood and report on their voting experience.  And the bonus is that anything you record, or others record, is embed-able on any blog or website (think You-Tube for voice).

Here’s how it works – very simple, easy and fun:

1) Join (if you’re not already in there) and be sure to put your cell phone number in when prompted during sign-up.

2) Join the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle, and make it your Mobile Circle.

3) Go to your polling place to vote.

4) Pick up your cell phone and call 412-282-1182 (tip: add that number to your phone’s contacts ahead of time.)

5) Give us a live, on the ground report. Tell us about voting, how you feel, what the experience is like and any other election day coverage!  What did the kids think?  Find your inner Couric and maybe even interview some others who are voting for more great coverage of the day. The recordings will show up immediately on in the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle

6) Take the embed code from (it will appear directly underneath your recording) and embed your voice — and other recordings you hear there too if you like — on your own blog.

7) Listen to (and save for posterity) grassroots, citizen mom/dad coverage at its finest on this most historic day.

How awesome would it be if moms everywhere used this tool to create a real-time record of the day.

I hope you’ll join me!!!!  If you do, be sure to add your post to Mr. Linky so I can come check it out!