Can you hear David Bowie?  Unfortunately I can.  I never much cared for that song.

Well, I’ve been debating this issue since I started blogging.  And it’s finally come to this.  After reading this post by Jeanna at Days To Come, which I found from this post of Shannon’s, I have decided to revert to my habit of using initials for my kids’ first names AND also to delete pictures of my kids from my blog.

I really can’t believe I’ve done it.  I’m really, really bummed about not posting pictures anymore.  I feel
like that’s about half the fun of blogging.  And my favorite blogs
are the ones that are prolific with picture posting.  I just love putting a face to a name.

But some points in this post, to which both
Jeanna and Shannon linked, have really hit home with me.  My reasons are basically identical to Jeanna’s, so I won’t reiterate what she said so well.

As far as my pictures are concerned, I can’t say that I’ll never post any from here on out, but at the very least, I have gone through and removed what is there.  If I do occasionally post something, I will remove it after a day or so.  That may seem like it defeats the purpose, but I feel like it adds some measure of protection.

I am already pretty selective about what I post, i.e. no n3kkid pictures or swimsuit shots, but the thought of someone "using Photoshop to put your kids face onto n6ked bodies performing s3x
acts and then sharing those pictures with other p3dophiles online" just makes me sick at my stomach. 

As my great-grandmother would have said, "It’s just t’ain’t right."

The other thing that got me is, as I was going through my archives to remove pictures, I came across a picture that gave away my location.  It was so obvious, and yet I never clued in.  I feel like a moron.  I do try to be careful about the information I give out, but I’m sure I’ve made other mistakes in the past.  Evidently I needed wake-up call to pay better attention to what I say.

I know that probably 99% of the people who are reading my blog are wholesome people with honorable intentions, but the fact is, you just never know.

I totally agree with Jeanna, that this is a personal decision, and I am in no way standing in judgment of those who do not feel convicted to do the same.  But for me, and for my conscience, this is what I need to do.