Checking In

I’m sitting up in my motel room after a LONG, FULL day.  I left home at 6:30AM and I made it through the airport with coffee cup in hand (and none on my outfit, which was in and of itself a miracle), a laptop, a purse, and a carry-on suitcase on wheels, which periodically tipped, making me quite the spectacle.  I’m such a seasoned traveler.  And so graceful.  When I finally found my gate, in the bowels of the airport, I was able to secure a stand-by ticket on the 8:30 flight from Phillly to Charlotte.  All that DRAMA for nuttin’.  Story of my life.

I am, however, thankful for the uneventful day.  Well, it wasn’t exactly uneventful.  Just uneventful in a GOOD WAY.  In that there were no plane delays, no turbulence, and no unfortunate incidents of any sort.

I landed in Charlotte at 10AM and met up with my friend Sarah (Genesis Moments).  We made our way to the nearest mall where I managed to do some retail damage before we stopped for lunch — where we unexpectedly found Emily (Chatting at the Sky), Nester (Nesting Place), Bonita (Streams of Living Water), and Karla (Looking Towards Heaven).   We shared gobs of gab over salads before we headed over to the conference center for the Blogger’s Reception where I met Melanie (Big Mama), Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer), Dawn (In His Image), Lisa B (Simply His), Alyssa (Beauty By Design Ministries), Dawn (Barefoot Blog Design), and many more.

Sarah and I also met up with our roommate for the weekend, Robin(Pensieve), and let’s just say there has been no shortage of conversation (or cackling) since we formed our bloggy threesome.

This evening was full of challenging and inspiring speakers — Lysa TerKeurst, Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer), Sophie, (BooMama), and Melanie (Big Mama).  Afterwards, we three amigos returned to our hotel room for some WiFi and chit-chat.  And there might have been some wine involved. Tomorrow promises to be another full day, so it’s off to bed I go!  (Pictures to come at a later date.)