Christmas Has Come And The Goose Is Getting Fat!

Or something like that.

All I know is, the goose is in good company.  Over the past week I have consumed almost a gallon of eggnog, at least two dozen cookies, over a pound of fudge, and a quarter of a pumpkin pie.  And we haven’t even discussed the "real" food yet.

I need to go to the gym.

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18 thoughts on “Christmas Has Come And The Goose Is Getting Fat!

  1. it’s me too!! i usually work out four times a week on the treadmill, but i’m cutting myself a little slack this week. come January, i am back on track (pardon the pun!)

  2. Yummy! But I know what you mean. If only the fun foods could somehow not count in our bodies! Like a junk food vacation.

    I just wanted to whine to someone who I know can commiserate with me. I had a filling fall out yesterday. I’ve been having trouble with some filling since my last dentist, who basically was bad. 🙁

    So I had to call around and first find someone who was open and would take me sometime in this century. 🙁
    And next I had to live through the experience! I have to go back tomorrow to fix another bad filling and get a deep cleaning. Ughhhh. This sucks out loud. 🙁

  3. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday and you know what that means. A digital scale. To let me know to the ounce how much more I weigh than I did a month ago. So I guess I’ll be fasting over the weekend. (I know that’s cheating but if it offers peace of mind then so be it!) Hey, maybe it’s time to drag out the tunics….no, then some kind person will ask when my baby is due and I will have to hurt them. Which probably wouldn’t reflect the glory of Christ. So fasting it is.

  4. We actually had goose for Christmas dinner! It was my husband’s dream for several years to have Christmas Goose, so we did it. I’m glad he liked it, but I hope he is over it now.

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