Christmas Traditions Part V

christmas village - 1

The first Christmas that  we were married, I started collecting those little lighted Christmas houses by Department56, and over the years my collection has grown exponentially. I have collections from  both the Snow  Village and Christmas in the City.

Last year we were too overwhelmed with a new house and a new  baby to be bothered with my villages, so I was looking forward to getting them  out again this year and deciding which pieces to display.

I usually like to make several displays in different rooms in the house, but many of those surfaces are within reach of curious little fingers.  So this year we (meaning Hubby) just made one big display of the Christmas in the City collection on top of my entertainment center, which is high enough to prevent a certain one-year-old from getting into mischief.

With the Christmas tree relegated to the living room this year (another concession we have made this year with a toddler in the house), the village is our focal point of Christmas decorations in the family room, and I find I am enjoying it all the more without anything else to compete.

I love to sit on the couch in the evening with the lights in the room turned off, all except the village.  It’s such a peaceful winter scene, reminiscent of Christmases past.

I’ll have pictures to post in the Christmas Tour of Homes!

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  1. Wow, I thought my mom and my grandmother (and eventually me) were the only people crazy enough to put up a village.I’m with you with the turning the lights off and just looking at the lit village. It’s so peaceful.My favorite is my grandmother’s collection which literally takes up her entire den including her bookshelves and the shelf that wraps around her entire den. It’s definitely a treasure. Not that I’m rushing this or anything, but since none of her daughters want it, I’ll be inheriting that when she goes! 😉 Like I said though, no rush!

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