Clothing Pet Peeve Tag

Rhen at Yes, They Are All Mine has tagged me for this meme.  I’m supposed to name five of my clothing pet peeves.

1) Pants with pleats.  No one needs extra volume in that area.  No. One.

2) White shoes after Labor Day.  Color me old-fashioned.  I just can’t shake it.  No matter what Stacy and Clinton may say.

3) Pantyhose in open-toed shoes.  It’s just not a good look.

4) When the color scheme in the handbag clashes with the color scheme in the clothing ensemble.  I can understand not necessarily matching your bag to every outfit.  I’m willing to accept that not everyone shares my neurosis.  But what I don’t get is carrying a multi-colored patterned bag with multi-colored clothes that clearly clash.  It’s painful, really.  Choose one or the other.  Pleeease.

5) Visible panty lines.  I know YOU don’t have to look at them.  But the rest of us do.  Please be kind.  Wear a th-ng.  Or if that offends your delicate sensibilities, buy looser pants.

Okay, so now that you all know what a clothing snob I really am, it’s your turn.  Share.  What are your clothing pet peeves???  I tag Megan, June, girlymama, and Stie.  And anyone else who wants to play!