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Rhen at Yes, They Are All Mine has tagged me for this meme.  I’m supposed to name five of my clothing pet peeves.

1) Pants with pleats.  No one needs extra volume in that area.  No. One.

2) White shoes after Labor Day.  Color me old-fashioned.  I just can’t shake it.  No matter what Stacy and Clinton may say.

3) Pantyhose in open-toed shoes.  It’s just not a good look.

4) When the color scheme in the handbag clashes with the color scheme in the clothing ensemble.  I can understand not necessarily matching your bag to every outfit.  I’m willing to accept that not everyone shares my neurosis.  But what I don’t get is carrying a multi-colored patterned bag with multi-colored clothes that clearly clash.  It’s painful, really.  Choose one or the other.  Pleeease.

5) Visible panty lines.  I know YOU don’t have to look at them.  But the rest of us do.  Please be kind.  Wear a th-ng.  Or if that offends your delicate sensibilities, buy looser pants.

Okay, so now that you all know what a clothing snob I really am, it’s your turn.  Share.  What are your clothing pet peeves???  I tag Megan, June, girlymama, and Stie.  And anyone else who wants to play!

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  1. I agree with all of yours… Went to a class with Bean today and ended up taking the valuables out of my purse and putting them in my pockets bcs I did NOT want to carry the purse itself. It didn’t go with my outfit. I actually HID it inside the car under Bean’s stuffed dog. I laughed at myself, then I came home and read this. 🙂 Sometimes you’re the only person who can make me feel sane again. Tee hee. (I know what you’re thinking!) I’ll do this sometime this week I hope. Just know that this is one of those faucets that, once turned on, I have a hard time turning back off again. The things people wear. Shew.

  2. I agree 100% on all these. I carry a solid colored handbag always. Hate panty lines – especially on myself. Don’t own a pair of white shoes (except the tennis shoes I wear to the gym. And I think the person who invented pleated pants should be shot. I have to add a vote to SingForHim’s addition of shoulder pads. Mine would be wearing long sleeved shirts under short sleeved shirts and the same goes for mini skirts with leggings underneath. I think that looks so stupid!

  3. OK, as a fat broad, I need to chime in. Who decided every fat top needs to be “hip skimming” or come with a jacket that covers my parts so my curvaceous self will not offend the masses. Not only does it look shapeless and ridiculous, but I’m big enough without flapping around in something that looks like a polyester cape over the cute top and skirt set. Um, rant over.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try Spanx!

    I agree about shoulder pads, but I do like the layered t’s and the minis with leggins. On kids, that is. You won’t be seeing me in a mini and leggins on this side of glory, I can tell you that right now!

  5. Spanx are fantastic. I have 3 pairs. All good. Worth the money. I personally don’t like mock turtlenecks. Either go with a full turtle or no turtle at all.

  6. How about a turtleneck with short sleeves? Gap has a cute sweater out this fall — but it has a turtleneck and short sleeves. I think it’s cute, and yet I can’t get past the odd neck and sleeve combination.

  7. Interesting. And strange. I guess I feel like pantyhose are an all or nothing sort of thing. But that’s easy to say when I feel comfortable going bare-legged. I know not everyone does.

  8. I’m on board with you on all of these. But, I discovered something interesting about the panty hose, sandles one.

    Sunday morning I was getting ready for choir when I noticed a group of ladies that were singing on praise team that morning. They always color coordinate (which fasinates me for some reason), so I always check out what they are wearing. First of all, everyone of them had on open toed shoes. There was a time when you wouldn’t even wear open toed shoes after Labor Day. But, then I notice this one women with hose on, but when I look down, her toes are pretty, painted and bare. Now, I had to examine this for some time. I’m sure if she had noticed, she would have thought I was a pervert, but I could not get over that she had on hose, but the toes were cut out. Now, since I don’t wear pantyhose in any shape, form or fashion and haven’t for more than 10 years, I didn’t know such a thing existed. So, I ask you this… what’s your opinion on that fashion?

    Georgia Mom

  9. I’m with ya on the purse thing. In fact, I’m still in mourning for the cute patterned purse I passed up (like my alliteration?) at the Fossil Outlet, because it clashed with too many of my clothes.

    I am also totally stealing this meme. I need some inspiration.

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