Coffee Talk 11.28.21

Good morning on this first Sunday of Advent! The turkey has been consumed, the fall decor has been put away, and our house is in the process of being thoroughly decked out for Christmas. I guess the holiday season is officially upon us!

To recap, we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever with some of Paul’s family. He did the turkey on the smoker, and it turned out beautifully. I don’t plan to ever try roasting one. C made pies and dinner rolls, so that just left me with the apps and sides, which was perfect. And of course, our guests contributed as well.

We took it easy on Friday, except for a quick trip to Best Buy to replace a lost smartphone… which of course was recovered after we went through moving all the data to the new one. Oy, kids! The old one was pretty banged up and probably ready for a replacement anyway, so we’re keeping it as a backup.

All that to say, that project took up a good bit of our Friday, and then we had friends over that evening for pizza. I gifted this fun trivia game to one of my friends for her birthday, and we broke into it and played for at least an hour. It’s really fun and great for mixed ages.

I had a nail appointment yesterday morning, and then we went to a local tree farm to get our family Christmas tree. I already set up my formal tree in the living room, but we always get a live tree for the family room. It was very cold, but we had a good time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far with the tree trimming. We all petered out once we brought all the Christmas decor upstairs, and we ended up napping in front of Home Alone 2 instead of decorating the tree.

R did manage to get our Dept 56 Christmas villages set up, though. She put the Snow Village on the the console table in the foyer, and Christmas in the City is on the entertainment center in the family room. I lost interest in setting those up quite some time ago, but she has taken it on in recent years and does a really good job with it.

We had dinner reservations last night, so I guess decorating the tree is our project for this afternoon… that and putting all the fall decor away. One of us will also need to drive C to the airport, so it will be a full day.

And then tomorrow, I guess it’s back to life… back to reality! I expect a lot of the Black Friday sales to improve for Cyber Monday. Most stores usually find some way to up the ante, so I’ll be up bright and early to update my Cyber Week Shopping Guide one last time.

Have a restful and blessed Sunday!

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  1. I have ordered the Blondo Dagger boot and you are right, it’s super comfortable and looks sharp. I have not been able to get into the rugged lug sole look, but these are a more refined way to participate in the trend. I have ordered both the Aquatalia boots and the Vince crop pant. I hope I chose the right size for each. Your recommendations are always spot on. We have similar taste and it helps to see something on you first!

  2. to Cynthia, I hear you about things in the attic waiting to be sold! I’m just wondering if there’s a young family in your church or neighborhood to whom you could gift a few pieces?
    I’ve started doing that with my stuff and it has been heartwarming.

  3. I also ordered the black Blondo boots. Love them! Had searched for a lug sole I didn’t feel was too clunky for my short frame. These are great & so comfy.

  4. Good morning, You had a jammed pack weekend. Where do you get the energy. So glad your turkey was delicious and I love smoked turkeys. I planned to do my decorating the tree today, but I m not feeling well so will try to do it tomorrow. My son from Indian is here and he can help me lift things from the basement. My husband is in a sling now recovering from shoulder surgery. I wanted to tell you I ordered the black holiday top from Macy’s that you styled a couple of weeks ago and it came yesterday. And I just love it. Can’t wait to wear it on the 15th. I’m going to a play and out for lunch and I plan to wear that. Have a great Sunday!!

    1. I really do not have that much energy, lol. I make sure to get a good 8 hours every night, but I still crashed for a nap yesterday. I would love one today but I need to take C to the airport soon. I will enjoy that last hour with her tho. 🙂

  5. Day 8 for my husband and I on covid quarentine. He has covid and I’m sick too but have had two negative test so far so not sure what I have…..Acts the same as his. Sooo, that saying nothing is happening around here. I tried to take down my Fall decor as it was driving me crazy, but it’s all sitting on my dining room table, not out away and I hit the couch again and we did online church. Most my Christmas needs to come from the attic and we do a live tree so that won’t be happening for awhile. Good time to focus on Advent and what Christmas is really about. :). You had a very busy long weekend. Sounded fun. I too have a Dept 56 village…. New England one. I love it but I’m like you it takes a lot to set up each year. I still do it and put it on my piano. I love it so much I’ve been known to leave it up in January too. Enjoy your last day with Caroline. Won’t be long and she will be back for Christmas break. 🙂

  6. Had to chuckle about the expectations we all have for the holidays! Then reality sets in! Like those Christmas Village buildings, I thought I needed years ago. Now they take up a huge amount of storage space in my basement and I always feel obligated to get them out. The reality – I’m NOT interested in them anymore!! Or the effort it takes to set up said village!! All I want to do on Sunday afternoon is nap!

  7. I ordered a few new Victoria Emerson bracelets, and an Apple Watch strap on your recommendations! (Part of my husband’s Christmas gift to me 🙂 And today he ordered me the knit dress from Talbots! (I used to work there when we got married 18 years ago and still love the store.) So all that to say, thanks for trying things out for us and giving us all your wonderful insight! Merry Christmas!

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