Coffee Talk 12.06.20

Well, I blinked and suddenly it’s December! I tell you, for a year that has brought one trial after another on personal, national and global levels, 2020 sure has flown. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

So, let’s see. Where did we leave off last week? I was in a lot of pain, as I recall. Last Sunday was one of my worse days with this shoulder/back pain. I was thankful to be able to get into my chiropractor on Monday, and he worked it pretty good.

I felt some better after that, but by the time I went back on Wednesday, I had pain and numbness moving down my right arm. I was getting worried that I’d done some real damage, but he knew exactly what was going on and was able to apply his active release techniques to the nerves in that arm, and he got things loosened up quite a bit.

Since then, I’d say my pain and discomfort is about 50% of what it was last weekend, but I’m still uncomfortable. I’m really looking forward to going back tomorrow and Thursday this week, and hopefully after those two sessions, I will be on the road to recovery.

I’ve been working on adjusting my work space and moving around a lot more during the day. I’m also doing a lot of my work on my laptop, which is not a longterm solution, as it’s really not good for your neck and back either. But for now, I’m hoping it’s giving me the break from my desk that I need to allow my back and shoulder to heal.

And I’m sure that’s more than you wanted to know about all that!

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot else to talk about. I feel like life has sort of come to a standstill. With the weather turning cold, having social gatherings outside isn’t really feasible, so we haven’t been seeing friends or going out to eat — things that were helping to break up the monotony of the summer and fall.

I feel like with the vaccine on the horizon, we are in the home stretch, and if we can just lay low and stay well, we may be able to escape this nasty Covid altogether. Wouldn’t that be nice!

So we’re all trying to tow the line, and keep our risk levels minimal, but that means a LOT of time at home without much to do, and to be honest, I’m getting bored and a bit stir crazy.

We have a long winter ahead of us, and once the “magic” of the holidays is over — what little there even is this year — I’ve got a feeling it’s going to get very dark and depressing if we don’t find a way to keep busy.

Up till now, my work has provided a great means of escape, but honestly, who cares what they wear if they are literally are going nowhere and seeing no one for the next 3 months?

But I’ll be okay. I know there’s an end in sight, and I can see the bigger picture. I’m more worried about my kids — especially the one who is at home all the time with no job or extracurricular activity as an impetus to get out of bed.

It’s hard with older kids, as there’s only so much you can do for them. Beyond that, all I know to do is pray, and cling to the knowledge that this too shall pass. I just hope we all manage to make it out relatively unscathed.

Well, that really took a turn, didn’t it? Maybe I should just ditch this post and start over.

Can you tell I’m PMSing? I always get introspective and emotional around this time. I keep hoping the change everyone talks about is on the horizon, but so far, no dice.

Of course, when that happens, I may find myself introspective and emotional all the time, so I guess I should be thankful for the time I have left when it’s only one week out of the month.

So, let’s lighten this up a bit, and then I’m going to bundle up and go for a run.

Do you have any good TV shows we can watch? We finished the most recent season of The Crown and wiped out The Queen’s Gambit in about 3 days. I highly recommend both.

We just started watching Happy Valley, which is kind of dark, but entertaining nonetheless.

Then in a moment of nostalgia… and needing a light diversion from Happy Valley… I watched Love Actually this weekend.

Good grief, I forgot how raunchy it is in parts — I was thankful the kids weren’t around — but it is also so good. I had a few good laughs, and I might have even teared up a couple of times. It was much needed. (See prior comment about the time of the month.)

I’m thinking of starting Virgin River, but I can tell Paul probably won’t be into it. It looks a little cheesy, but I’m hoping it’s still good enough to keep my interest.

Anyway, let me know if you have anything else we should try. I like to keep my shows fairly clean, but otherwise, we are open to pretty much any type of storyline. We like everything from documentaries to dramas to comedies.

On that note, I need to close this out and get myself outside for a run before church. It’s only 34 degrees, so I have to allot extra time to get bundled up. I swear, half the workout this time of year is getting in and out of my running clothes.

I hope you guys are hanging in there, keeping positive, and staying safe! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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145 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 12.06.20

  1. JoLynne,

    Your posts are a bright spot in my day and help me keep a sense of normalcy! I’m still buying some clothes and have been using my extra time to take advantage of the great sales and update my wardrobe a bit. Someday we’ll have more places to go and I’ll be fashion ready 🙂 I have 3 teenagers myself, including one in college who’s online and at home now too, and I do think it’s harder on them. I’m thankful they’ve been doing so well through this emotionally & spiritually. I’ve been thinking that the next few months are going to be a little harder to get through too. Thankfully God is in control, and as you say this too shall pass. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I love your fashion posts AND the raw honesty in posts like this. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable – it’s so comforting and refreshing. I love Virgin River, cheesy or not, but I am a nurse practitioner so it would kind of like if the were a show about a fashion blogger. 🙂 Try it and let us know what you think! Thank you for all you do for us….i just went to a Christmas parade in an outfit you styled!

  3. Here’s one more vote for Virgin River. My husband really enjoyed it too, and as some others have said, we finished the whole second season in about 3 evenings. I think you’ll enjoy it. 

  4. If you haven’t watched it yet, try the “Outlander” series.  They are also books, think there are 8 of them and she is working on number 9.  Lots of history, love stories, drama and suspense. Think you can get it on Netflix or for sure on the Starz channel. 

    1. Oh, boy. I read the books! At least the first 5 or 6. I didn’t know she was still writing them! I’m not sure I want the visuals in my head – some of it was pretty rough. But it was a really good read. She’s an excellent writer.

  5. Hi Jolynne-I know fashion and blogging is your job but have you thought about taking a week or so off? I want you to get better! Maybe chiropractor care and some rest would be healing.

    1. Thanks, Debbie. This time of year, there are a lot of contracts to fulfill and gift guides to compile. I think with the chiro and changes to my workstation, I’ll be okay. But I could take some time off in January. The problem is, I love my job, and I don’t really know what to do with myself when I’m not working, haha! I’ll probably want the diversion of blogging during that cold, dark month. But I won’t have to put in the hours I have been lately.

  6. We just finished Virgin River. I would say it definitely is on the Hallmark side, but we still liked it. Have you ever watched The Good Wife? Definitely lots of very quirky characters, and although it is technically a legal drama, there are a lot of very funny moments. For your shoulder pain, do you ever try pain patches? A company in Japan makes one called Salonpas. Walmart carries them. I need hip surgery and find them very helpful.

  7. I enjoyed Virgin River, but don’t think my husband would like it.  Since you liked The Crown, you will probably also like Victoria.  Call the Midwives and Poldark are both good!  Also, you should watch Unorthodox.  It’s just a short, one season show (I think it’s even fewer episodes than The Queen’s Gambit which was excellent as well) and it’s so interesting and binge worthy!  My 22 year old daughter loved it too and I actually think my husband would like it.    Oldies but goodies:  Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Office, Parks & Rec, and The Middle (a totally clean, family friendly show that’s very funny).  Also, Life in Pieces is hilarious!  It’s on Amazon Prime and is just 20 minute episodes (Tom Hanks’ son is in it).  Not sure you’d want to watch it as a family because it has a lot of innuendos.  Knives Out is a fun movie that your whole family will really enjoy!!  For a great Christmas movie, watch Klaus.  It’s an animated movie that came out last year.  It is such a heartwarming, feel good family Christmas movie.  My whole family enjoyed it (including my husband, teenage son and young adult son and daughter).  It starts off a bit slow, but it really is good.

  8. I have shoulder issues too. I sleep with a bottle of aspercreem next to my bed. Can’t live without it. If you take pain meds, be sure it’s Tylenol and not Advil, as that may cause stomach bleed

    1. Thanks, trying not to take pain meds but I did take a couple Aleve at one point. I already live on Aleve for the week around my cycle, so I try not to take NAISDs at other times unless I have to.

  9. Also Hell on Wheels (historical) my husband loved it…. The Americans and Turn ( first spy’s in America), are all good shows. We are AVID quality TV watchers and have seen everything that others have mentioned. 

  10. Every one of us out here knows EXACTLY what you are feeling. Truly.
    I’ve been in since March, and told myself to expect all these feelings…and realize I won’t be with the kids for the holidays, but honestly there are times after a Zoom meeting w/family that I can’t stop crying. Then I give myself another good talking to and “carry on”. Thank goodness my husband is here with me.
    We are actually planning New Year’s Eve for 2. I always wanted to host a party of all Hors D’oeuvres we love or want to try..so that will be it for us this year. And look forward to 2021.
    How about turn back the clock, old school “Game night” or “Movie Night” with your kids(they feel the same things we are feeling-hard for them too)
    I look forward to your blog, and especially Coffee Talk it helps me get through my week, so thanks. Virgin River is pretty good too. (sorry about the extensive chatter here) be well.
    We will get through this!

  11. Thrillers

    Girl/haji Half in Japanese half in English. Japanese detective goes to the United Kingdom to hunt down his gangster brother. Excellent characters that you will find compelling. Amazing story line 

    The Tunnel A body is left halfway between England and France in the middle of the Chunnel. Warm friendly male Brit detective  has to work with cold probably autistic  beautiful female French detective. Tense drama with occasional laugh out loud moments. 

    Bodyguard.  Political drama starring Richard Madden who is believed to be the actor who will play the next James Bond. A tense drama centering on terrorist threats. Madden plays a damaged agent assigned to protect a politician

    Lighter stuff  ( probably more for you then Paul) 

    Being Erica. Time travel elements but NOT  science fiction. What happens if you could go back and relive your greatest regrets. 

    Schitt’s Creek
     Watch the first episode and the last few of season one. Then skip,to the stellar season 2 and beyond. Once you get past the early silly episodes this becomes the warmest, sweetest and best show ever. 

    I have tons more. 

  12. Looks like you’ve gotten many wonderful suggestions for further binging, I’ve written down some to check into myself. I have to add one to the mix, that I always suggest to people. It’s called Offspring and is on Netflix I believe. It’s 7 seasons. It’s a little like Parenthood, but in Australia and is a bit more quirky, but also romantic, funny, sad, all the feels. Love, love, loved it! Glad to hear you’re getting somewhere with your shoulder. I have a sore one too, probably as a result of moving my mother twice this year (March to independent living, June to memory care). It’s getting better slowly and I have some exercises I need to start doing but I know the stress of my job has not helped. We have 1/2 staff in due to those out with Covid and it’s been quite a strain on the workplace. I just have to remind myself to take breaks and try to relax. Good luck!

  13. Have you watched the Monk series? It is really good as well as death in paradise and they are both pretty clean.  (I’m not crazy about the character of Monk’s first assistant in the first 2 1/2 series though). Prayer is powerful.  Here is what one of the leaders of my church recently shared: “Prayer will lift us and draw us together as individuals, as families, as a church, and as a world. Prayer will influence scientists and help them toward discoveries of vaccines and medications that will end this pandemic. Prayer will comfort those who have lost a loved one. It will guide us in knowing what to do for our own personal protection.“ 

  14. It’s older and you may have already seen it, but my husband and I are watching Poldark on Prime and it’s sooooo good!! My husband likes it as much as I do. Virgin River is a huge disappointment to me – I’ve read the entire books series and the Netflix show is terrible imo. Read the books! There are 20.

  15. I’m glad you can be honest and your blog isn’t always like reading someone’s Christmas letter where they never share the hard feelings etc. I sure hope your shoulder heals soon for you. I think everyone is bored with how long this has lasted. I just have to remain thankful I still have remained covid free, but still I go through the lows of this way we have to live right now. It is going to be a long Winter.  I have to stay in the Word and pray. Enjoy your new week to come. 

  16. I just got a whole bunch of new ideas on what to watch. I have been sent home remote for the 3rd time this year the week before Thanksgiving, thus the house is quiet with my son at school and my husband working. So to break up the quietness, I have my iPad next to me watching shows I know he won’t watch. My faves you may like: Poldark, Call the Midwife, Unorthodox (very informative), Heartland, and I always watch The Great British Baking Show – which my husband hates. Others I watch which you may find iffy are Dead to Me (with Christina Applegate), Cable Girls, Grand Hotel, Ozark (has a good bit of cussing), Sneaky Pete (has a good bit of cussing), and Victoria. I also started watching Jamestown on PBS and even my husband watches bits of it. Looking forward to All Creatures Great and Small starting on PBS in January.

    I am glad the chiropractor is helping. I was just telling my husband the other day I needed to make an appointment, my back feels like it needs a good snap, crackle, and pop.

  17. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    Which sweater is that you’re wearing in the image for this post? Might be older but I really like it. Thanks!

  18. I honestly love this post.  So happy to actually hear a blogger say who cares what they wear when you won’t be going out or seeing anyone for three months.  Cheers to you for the best blog post of 2020.  It is not easy to get out of my pj’s when the starts going down at noon here in Indiana.  

  19. Paul won’t like Virgin River.  It is only one step up from a Hallmark movie, BUT I liked it. I like the people in it.   Watch it when you are bored and alone.  My 16 yr old complains when I have it on.  The Undoing on HBO was good.  It was good to watch Hugh Grant in a serious role for a change.  Other than that, I ask myself why my Comcast bill is so high, because there isn’t anything ever on tv.

    1. Okay, yeah. I tried to watch it last night and I couldn’t even get through the first episode. Way too contrived. Also, the doctor is the same guy from Hart of Dixie, playing the almost exact same role, and that really sealed the deal for me. But I do like that main actress – wasn’t she in This Is Us?

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